You are herecontent / Hundreds of Organizations from 13 Arab Countries Sign Statement Against Any Attack on Syria

Hundreds of Organizations from 13 Arab Countries Sign Statement Against Any Attack on Syria


Civil society organizations from 13 Arab countries call upon the U.S. Congress and the French Parliament not to approve the aggression against Syria that violates international law, and invite all to listen to the call of His Holiness Pope Francis II and statement of Sheikh of Al-Azhar

The undersigned human rights organizations expresses deep concern about the threat of military aggression on Syria by the senior executive departments in the United States and France, which are permanent members of the Security Council and which violate the Charter of the United Nations in advocacy and preparation of an act of aggression contrary to international law even if the national legislative authorities authorized it.

The undersigned organizations condemnation the use of chemical weapons in Syria, whoever used it, in Khan Al Assal (March 2013), in the East Gouta (August 2013) or any other place, and calls for the team of investigators of the United Nations to investigate further to reveal who used the chemical weapons and not let escape impunity.

It is striking that the U.S. government announced the results of the investigation in the use of chemical weapons before the start of the International Commission of Inquiry work, the undersigned organizations are more concerned of the continuous use of slander and fabrication to cover military aggression against independent states, similar to what happened before the invasion of North Vietnam in 1964, and the scandal of the Bay of Pigs in 1961 to launch aggression against Cuba, or the scandal of weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for military invasion of Iraq in 2003.We recall in this regard the decision of the International Court of Justice in 1986, which considered the support of the United States Administration to the armed anti-government opposition in Nicaragua a breach of international law.

The undersigned organizations demand United Nations and the international community to disarm all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, to make it a weapons-free zone, whether nuclear, biological, or chemical.

These organizations demand all parties concerned to expedite the convening of the Geneva Conference 2 according to the agreements of Geneva 1, and encourage facilitating the Syrian-Syrian solution through dialogue and away from killing civilians, armed violence and terrorism, to avoid any attempt to draft the division of Syria, leaving the Syrian people, without any foreign intervention, choose their democratic governments and civil state through free and fair elections.

In the end, it is imperative that the undersigned organizations appreciates the position of the British House of Commons, which did not permit Britain's involvement in aggression against Syria , similar to their participation in the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, which is a position consistent with international law. They also appreciate the position of the 77 members of the Jordanian House of Representatives who called upon the Jordanian government not to use Jordanian territory as a springboard for acts of aggression on Syria, and all Arab and Western similar moves opposing military intervention in this country.

Finally, we call upon the senior executive departments of the ten states willing to launch an aggression on Syria to listen well to the call of reason and wisdom of His Holiness Pope Francis for prayer and fasting to prevent war on Syria and work towards a peaceful solution , as well as listening to the position of Sheikh Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, who considered military action against Syria pursuant hostile action on the Arab nation that disregards the international community and endangers international peace and security.

The name of human rights organizations signed

  1. 1-  A group of Egyptian free/ Egypt

  2. 2-  A group of women against the war on Syria / Jordan.

  3. 3-  A new beginning for the development Foundation/ Egypt

  4. 4-  Abu Bakr for community development and environmental protection/ Egypt

  5. 5-  Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies / Jordan

  6. 6-  Adam Foundation for Human Development/ Egypt

  7. 7-  Ahmed Abdullah Rezeh Foundation for Development/ Egypt

  8. 8-  AL Badeel Center for Studies and Research / Jordan

  9. 9-  Al Hadaf Association for Human Rights in Tanta/ Egypt

  10. 10-  Al -Hoda lamps Association - Alexandria/ Egypt

  11. 11-  Al- Sanhoori Center for the freedoms and constitutional rights/ Egypt

  12. 12-  Al Sawaqi Association for the development of society and the environment/


  13. 13-  Al-Amal Association for Comprehensive Development/ Egypt

  14. 14-  Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights / Algeria

  15. 15-  Al-Kalemah Center for Human Rights/ Egypt

  16. 16-  All people Association for the overall development in Assiut/ Egypt

  17. 17-  Almahrousa Radio/ Egypt

  18. 18-  Almasar of social and human rights/ Yemen

  19. 19-  AlMontazah Association for Cultural Development - Alexandria/ Egypt

  20. 20-  AlMontazah Association for Cultural Development and Human Rights/


  21. 21-  Alsaeed Land Society for Development and Human Rights / Egypt

  22. 22-  Alsharqyeh Youth for Development/ Egypt

  23. 23-  Al-Shehab Foundation for expansion and overall development/ Egypt

  24. 24-  Alternative Development Studies Center/ Egypt

  25. 25-  Aman Network for the rehabilitation and defense of human rights in the

    Middle East and North Africa / Lebanon.

  26. 26-  Amman Center for Human Rights Studies [ACHRS]

  27. 27-  Amman Forum Society for Human Rights/ Jordan

  28. 28-  Amoun Foundation for Rights and Freedoms / Egypt

  29. 29-  Amwaj Association - Alexandria/ Egypt

  1. 30-  Arab Bureau of Law/ Egypt

  2. 31-  Arab Center for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  3. 32-  Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession/


  4. 33-  Arab Commission for Human Rights / France

  5. 34-  Arab Consciousness center/ Egypt

  6. 35-  Arab Council for Ethics and Citizenship/ Egypt

  7. 36-  Arab Defense Association/ Egypt

  8. 37-  Arab Foundation for the support of civil society and human rights/ Egypt

  9. 38-  Arab Mediterranean network for local development / Jordan

  10. 39-  Arab Organization for human rights in Syria

  11. 40-  Arab Organization for Penal Reform/ Egypt

  12. 41-  Arab Spring Institute for the Study of democratization in the Middle East

    and North Africa / Egypt

  13. 42-  Arab Women Media Center / Jordan

  14. 43-  Arab Women Organization (AWO

  15. 44-  Arab Women's Union/ Egypt

  16. 45-  Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law / Norway

  17. 46-  Article 57 Association for the Defense of Human Rights/ Egypt

  18. 47-  Ashraqah Association for Community Development - Alexandria/ Egypt

  19. 48-  Assembly of the Arab Center for Human Rights/ Egypt/ Egypt

  20. 49-  Assembly of the nation and the people for sustainable development/ Egypt

  21. 50-  Assembly Women's Health Improvement - Kafr shaker/ Egypt

  22. 51-  Association Center Development and Population/ Egypt

  23. 52-  Association economist Third World / Jordan

  24. 53-  Association for Health and Environmental Development/ Egypt

  25. 54-  Association of comprehensive development in Qena/ Egypt

  26. 55-  Association of hard work/ Egypt

  27. 56-  Association of human communication/ Egypt

  28. 57-  Association of Teachers of Quran/ Egypt

  29. 58-  Association of the way to support anti-corruption and legal/ Egypt

  30. 59-  Awakening/ Egypt

  31. 60-  Awlad Artana Foundation for Culture , Development and the arts/ Egypt

  32. 61-  Baader Development & Services/ Egypt

  33. 62-  Bader Society for Development and Human Rights in Qena/ Egypt

  34. 63-  Badia researcher for Human Development/ Egypt

  35. 64-  Bahrain Observatory for Human Rights/Bahrain.

  36. 65-  Bahrain Society for Human Rights/Bahrain.

  37. 66-  Bahrain Society for Transparency/Bahrain.

  38. 67-  Bank Association of new ideas/ Egypt

  39. 68-  Bent Alreef Association for the development of rural women Qena/ Egypt

  40. 69-  Better Life Association for Development and Training in Beni Suef/ Egypt

  41. 70-  Bokra Foundation for rights and media studies/ Egypt

  42. 71-  Bokrah for media production and media studies and human rights/ Egypt

  43. 72-  Breezes Association/ Egypt

  44. 73-  Business Women future - Fouh/ Egypt

  45. 74-  Cairo Center for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  46. 75-  Candles Association for the care of the human rights/ Egypt

  47. 76-  Care and Development apprentice boys Association/ Egypt

  48. 77-  CEDAW Center for Democracy and Human Rights/ Egypt

  1. 78-  Center January 25 for human rights – Banha/ Egypt

  2. 79-  charitable Vrciss for the Community Development/ Egypt

  3. 80-  Christianity Youth Association/ Egypt

  4. 81-  Civil Egypt Movement/ Egypt

  5. 82-  civil society organizations for the defense of the Palestinian people and the

    issues of freedom and liberty in the world (which includes 25 organizations )

    / Palestine

  6. 83-  Collective for Research and Training on Development Action / Lebanon

  7. 84-  Come to participate for Community Development / Egypt

  8. 85-  Commission for Public Freedoms and Human Rights in the Bar / Jordan

  9. 86-  Community Development Association – Alhai Aljadeed – Morsi matrouh/


  10. 87-  Community Development Association – Al-Ikri/ Egypt

  11. 88-  Community Development Association - Alshalateen/ Egypt

  12. 89-  Community Development Association - Naga Al-Gassb/ Egypt

  13. 90-  Community Development Association -AlJora/ Egypt

  14. 91-  Community Development, environment, and family Association -

    Shakshouk/ Egypt

  15. 92-  Coordinating Commission for NGO in Lebanon (include 18 society)

  16. 93-  Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights / Syria

  17. 94-  Delta Center for Human Rights/ Egypt

  18. 95-  Democratic Society for Moroccan Women/ Morocco

  19. 96-  Determination of development/ Egypt

  20. 97-  Development and Enhancement of Women/ Egypt

  21. 98-  Dialogue Center / Yemen

  22. 99-  Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  23. 100-  Dreams of the future Association- -Alexandria/ Egypt

  24. 101-  East Center for Human Rights/Saudi Arabia.

  25. 102-  East-West Center for Human Resources Development / Jordan

  26. 103-  Egypt Association for Human Rights/ Egypt

  27. 104-  Egypt Youth Foundation for Development/ Egypt

  28. 105-  Egypt Youth Society for Dialogue and Development/ Egypt

  29. 106-  Egyptian Academy of Sport/ Egypt

  30. 107-  Egyptian Association against medical negligence and human rights/ Egypt

  31. 108-  Egyptian Association for Community Service/ Egypt

  32. 109-  Egyptian Coalition against death penalty/ Egypt

  33. 110-  Egyptian coalition hands/ Egypt

  34. 111-  Egyptian Democratic Institute/ Egypt

  35. 112-  Egyptian Family Development Foundation - Aswan/ Egypt

  36. 113-  Egyptian Foundation for the Development level/ Egypt

  37. 114-  Egyptian Foundation for Training and Human Rights/ Egypt

  38. 115-  Egyptian Rights Centre for Development and Human Rights - Port Said/


  39. 116-  Egyptian sons foundation for Community Development and training in

    Sohag/ Egypt

  40. 117-  Egyptian Women's Legal Foundation/ Egypt

  41. 118-  Egyptian Workers Association for Development and Human Rights -

    Mahalla al-Kubra/ Egypt

  42. 119-  El-Karama Organization/ Egypt

  43. 120-  enlighten Association ( independent culture ) / Egypt

  1. 121-  Enlightenment forum / Yemen

  2. 122-  Eve future Association/ Egypt

  3. 123-  Faith Association for Comprehensive Development in Minya/ Egypt

  4. 124-  Faith Vanguards Association charity - Alqbabat Atfih Center/ Egypt

  5. 125-  Family Association/ Egypt

  6. 126-  Fares Foundation for Social Welfare/ Egypt

  7. 127-  Federation of Independent Trade Unions / Jordan

  8. 128-  Fida international development cooperation/ Jordan.

  9. 129-  Forum of independent civil society organizations (120 organizations and

    institutions) / Yemen.

  10. 130-  Foundation Yemen and proud of the development and the defense of rights

    and freedoms

  11. 131-  Fowa Heritage tourist Foundation/ Egypt

  12. 132-  Free Egypt Association/ Egypt

  13. 133-  Freedom Association for Development and Environment/ Egypt

  14. 134-  Freedom Association for Development and Environment/ Egypt

  15. 135-  Future Builders Association for Comprehensive Development/ Egypt

  16. 136-  Future Society for Development and consumer and environmental protection

    - Aswan/ Egypt

  17. 137-  Global Movement for the Defense of Children– Palestine

  18. 138-  Harran Youth Forum / Yemen

  19. 139-  homeland Without Borders Center for Human Development and Human

    Rights and the Refugees/ Egypt

  20. 140-  Hope Village Society Alexandria/ Egypt

  21. 141-  Hope Village Society for Social Development and Rehabilitation for

    Disabled/ Egypt

  22. 142-  House dialogue/ Egypt

  23. 143-  House livelihood/ Egypt

  24. 144-  human communication/ Egypt

  25. 145-  Human Rights Association for the Assistance of Prisoners/ Egypt

  26. 146-  Human Rights Organization in Iraq ( 1982 ) / London

  27. 147-  Humanitarian Forum for Women's Rights / Jordan

  28. 148-  Humans Association for Comprehensive Development/ Egypt

  29. 149-  Iben Misr for Development and human rights awareness/ Egypt

  30. 150-  Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, "Sun" / Palestine

  31. 151-  Intellectual system of the law firm/ Egypt

  32. 152-  International Justice Center- Tanta/ Egypt

  33. 153-  International Center for Human Rights/ Egypt

  34. 154-  International Center to support the rights and freedoms/ Egypt

  35. 155-  Iraqi human rights organizations Network(including 54 human rights organizations)

    / Iraq

  36. 156-  Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center / Palestine

  37. 157-  Jordan network of civil society organizations (which includes 16


  38. 158-  Jordanian Association for Child Rights/Jordan

  39. 159-  Jordanian Authority for the culture of democracy / Jordan

  40. 160-  Jordanian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

  41. 161-  Jordanian Democratic Youth league/ Rashad

  42. 162-  Jordanian Jurists Association

  43. 163-  Jordanian labor Observatory

  1. 164-  Jordanian league of Democratic Women / Rand

  2. 165-  Jordanian Network for Human Rights coaches / Jordan

  3. 166-  Jordanian Professional Association

  4. 167-  Jordanian teachers Democratic league

  5. 168-  Jothor - for Cultural Development/ Egypt

  6. 169-  Justice company for Human Development , Consultation and Training/


  7. 170-  Justice Organization for freedoms and human rights / Yemen

  8. 171-  Justice organization for Development and human Rights/ Egypt

  9. 172-  Kaar Massoud Association for community service and development/ Egypt

  10. 173-  Khadija Association in Fayoum/ Egypt

  11. 174-  Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture / Lebanon

  12. 175-  Land and human Foundation to support the development / Jordan

  13. 176-  Land Center for Human Rights/ Egypt

  14. 177-  Legal Forum/ Egypt

  15. 178-  Legend of public work/ Egypt

  16. 179-  Liberal Forum for Strategic Studies/ Morocco

  17. 180-  Life Association for Community Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  18. 181-  Life Candle Association for the care of disabled/ Egypt

  19. 182-  Life Flowers Association -Alexandria/ Egypt

  20. 183-  Local community Development Association – Al-Mofti/ Egypt

  21. 184-  Local Community Development Association –Kafr Rabee/ Egypt

  22. 185-  Long Association for the Welfare of Disabled Persons - Sharqia/ Egypt

  23. 186-  Maakom Association for development and social assistance/ Egypt

  24. 187-  Maat Center for Peace, Development and Human Rights / Egypt

  25. 188-  Maat Center for Peace, Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  26. 189-  Madaba Foundation to support the development / Jordan

  27. 190-  Martyr Mohamed Othman Moharram charity Association for the overall

    development of society and the protection of human rights and the

    environment - registered number 92 for the year 1967/ Egypt

  28. 191-  Masr Al-Khair Society

  29. 192-  Mauritania network for election monitoring/Mauritania

  30. 193-  Mauritanian Assembly to upgrade rights / Mauritania

  31. 194-  Mauritanian Association for Human Rights /Mauritania

  32. 195-  Mohamed Abdel Salam Foundation for Development, Training and Human

    Rights/ Egypt

  33. 196-  Mom Association for Rights and Development/ Egypt

  34. 197-  Moroccan Center for Human Rights ( Morocco)

  35. 198-  Mosawat(Equality) Network including 87 Society and organization)/Jordan

  36. 199-  Muslim Youth Association in Algelaalh – Ibrahimeya Center/ Egypt

  37. 200-  National Association for Defending Rights and Freedoms/ Egypt

  38. 201-  National belonging Foundation for Human Rights/ Egypt

  39. 202-  National Center for Human Rights/ Egypt

  40. 203-  National Civil Forum in Sudan (include more than 50 organizations)/Sudan.

  41. 204-  National Foundation for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings / Yemen

  42. 205-  National Foundation for Transitional Justice/ Egypt

  43. 206-  National Observatory for Human voter / Morocco

  44. 207-  National Society for Human Rights - Al sharqieha/ Egypt

  45. 208-  National Union for the Total Independence lawyer/ Egypt

  46. 209-  National University of Civil Society Organizations / Morocco

  1. 210-  New dream Association - Alexandria/ Egypt

  2. 211-  News Foundation for Press and Media/ Egypt

  3. 212-  Omar Hanoune Organization/ Freedom Organization/ Egypt

  4. 213-  One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society Care – Egypt

  5. 214-  Osvon for Training and Information Technology/ Egypt

  6. 215-  Our dreams Foundation for expansion and overall development/ Egypt

  7. 216-  Our Voice Association for NGOs/ Egypt

  8. 217-  Our word Association for Dialogue and Development/ Egypt

  9. 218-  Palestinian Institute for Human Rights / Palestine

  10. 219-  Participatory Development Association/ Egypt

  11. 220-  Peace and the Renaissance Society/ Egypt

  12. 221-  People of management control/ Egypt

  13. 222-  Phoenix Center for Economic Studies and Informatics / Jordan

  14. 223-  Por Fouad Association for Family and Child Welfare/ Egypt

  15. 224-  prayer paradise Association for Philanthropy and Development/ Egypt

  16. 225-  Preeminence Amal Association for Community Development in Fayoum

  17. 226-  protection center to support the defenders of human rights/ Egypt

  18. 227-  Pulse homeland Association for Human Rights/ Egypt

  19. 228-  Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies / Palestine

  20. 229-  Refaa Tahtawy Forum for Democratic Studies / Egypt

  21. 230-  RegionalCenter for Information and Development Studies/ Egypt

  22. 231-  Rehab Mohamed Gharib Hassan/ Egypt

  23. 232-  Reload small industries/ Egypt

  24. 233-  Renaissance Egypt Youth Association-Tanta/ Egypt

  25. 234-  Rimas Association/ Egypt

  26. 235-  Roots Association for Civil Rights / Jordan

  27. 236-  Roots Association for Comprehensive Development/ Egypt

  28. 237-  Rural Friendship Association - Kaliobeya/ Egypt

  29. 238-  Saedah for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  30. 239-  Set the colors of life group for the rights of persons with disabilities/ Egypt

  31. 240-  seven million disabled people Association/ Egypt

  32. 241-  shares of confidence Foundation - Ismailia/ Egypt

  33. 242-  Sinai Foundation for Economic Development - North Sinai/ Egypt

  34. 243-  Sincerity and piety Association for community development/ Egypt

  35. 244-  Siza Nabrawi Center for Law/ Egypt

  36. 245-  Social community development Association Jazeret Bba- Beni Suef/ Egypt

  37. 246-  Socialist Forum / Jordan

  38. 247-  Solidarity Association for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  39. 248-  South Centre for Human Rights/ Egypt

  40. 249-  step Society for the Care of Persons with Disabilities/ Egypt

  41. 250-  Sudan Organization for Social Development (SODO)

  42. 251-  Syrian network for human rights monitoring/ Syria

  43. 252-  Taha Hussein Foundation for Civic Education/ Egypt

  44. 253-  Tawasoul center for empower women/ Egypt

  45. 254-  Teba Center for Human Rights and Development/ Egypt

  46. 255-  The Arab Coalition Against the Death Penalty(including 11 national coalitions


  47. 256-  The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists/ Egypt

  48. 257-  The Arabic Network for Human Rights coaches / Jordan

  49. 258-  The Association of democracy and solidarity in Syria – France

  1. 259-  The Association of economic and social empowerment of women / Jordan

  2. 260-  The Association of hard work / Egypt

  3. 261-  The Association of women heads of households /

  4. 262-  The Development and Enhancement of Women Association/ Egypt

  5. 263-  The Egyptian Association for Civic Education and Human Rights/ Egypt

  6. 264-  The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement/ Egypt

  7. 265-  The Egyptian Association for Development in Fayoum/ Egypt

  8. 266-  The Egyptian Association for Economic and Social Rights/ Egypt

  9. 267-  The Egyptian Association for Human Rights/ Egypt

  10. 268-  The Egyptian Association for on A'erah and Technological Development/


  11. 269-  The Egyptian Association for Political Science/ Egypt

  12. 270-  The Egyptian Association for the Advancement and Development/ Egypt

  13. 271-  The Egyptian Association for the deployment and development of legal

    awareness / Egypt

  14. 272-  The Egyptian Association for the development of children and youth/ Egypt

  15. 273-  The Egyptian Center for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  16. 274-  The Egyptian lawyers initiative and steps in front/ Egypt

  17. 275-  The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights/ Egypt

  18. 276-  The Egyptians without Borders Foundation / Egypt

  19. 277-  The Graduates Youth Association - Sohag/ Egypt

  20. 278-  The Land Children Foundation for Human Rights/ Egypt

  21. 279-  The Middle East Foundation for Development / Yemen

  22. 280-  the National Assembly for Human Rights/ Egypt

  23. 281-  The National Council for Human Rights – Syria

  24. 282-  The National Organization for Human Rights / Cairo

  25. 283-  The Palestinian Society for Human Rights (Monitor)

  26. 284-  The pioneers of the environment and human rights Organization f/ Egypt

  27. 285-  The right of the Egyptian citizen Association Ismailia/ Egypt

  28. 286-  The right to life/ Egypt

  29. 287-  The socialist prospects center in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra/ Egypt

  30. 288-  Today's students/ Egypt

  31. 289-  Tomorrow Mashreq/ Egypt

  32. 290-  towards a better Egypt Foundation/ Egypt

  33. 291-  Tram Radio/ Egypt

  34. 292-  treasures Bardawil Association -North Sinai/ Egypt

  35. 293-  Trustfulness hand Foundation/ Egypt

  36. 294-  Union of Arab ambassadors childhood/ Egypt

  37. 295-  United Group - Lawyers and Legal Consultants/ Egypt

  38. 296-  upward Association for Development and Human Rights/ Egypt

  39. 297-  Victory Association for Community Development/ Egypt

  40. 298-  Vinos Organization for Iraqi Women/ Iraq

  41. 299-  Voter foundation for Development and Human Rights / Egypt

  42. 300-  Women and Development Association - Alexandria/ Egypt

  43. 301-  Women's Assembly - Al qaseer/ Egypt

  44. 302-  Women's Association for the development of the local community Aswan/


  45. 303-  Women's Associationfor the future and development in Arment/ Egypt

  46. 304-  Women's Foundation for Development/ Egypt

  47. 305-  Women's Rights Foundation are the first/ Egypt

  1. 306-  Yemen organization defending rights and democratic freedom.

  2. 307-  Yemeni Coalition Against the Death Penalty / Yemen

  3. 308-  Youth and girls Tala Center Association for Social Development/ Egypt

  4. 309-  Youth liberty Society- Batma/ Egypt

  5. 310-  Youth Without Borders/ Egypt


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April 7-9: Huntsville, Alabama: 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest


April 22: David Swanson speaking in Burlington, Vermont


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