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Humanity & the Planet Come First - Stop the Crimes of Your Gov't & NATO

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 16 April 2012

Protest the Chicago NATO meetings May 12-21,2012- sign up now! Visible Protest Needed! The US-led NATO military machine is carrying out illegitimate, unjust, and immoral wars on six countries. When we visibly protest in Chicago at the NATO meeting, we will show the world that people here do not accept the crimes carried out in our names by the principal NATO countries. International media must see thousands of us demanding that our governments stop committing these war crimes. Humanity and the planet come first.

Send a message to the people of the world, even if you can't join us in Chicago

Humanity and the Planet Come First, at all times, in all languages. As the international news will have its eyes on the NATO meetings, be a part of showing that their crimes are not in our names by donating to the production of the bold banners above with our slogan in the languages of countries targeted by NATO (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Serbian) and those of NATO countries (German, Spanish, French, Polish).

Donate today and help send multiple banners in multiple languages to Chicago. You can
"buy" a banner for us to bring by making a $60 donation. By contributing you can stand with the people of the world even if you can't stand with us in Chicago.

NATO promotes its mission as “security, cooperation among nations, and peace keeping.” In fact, it is an organization led and dominated by the world's best-armed war criminals, led by the United States. The war in Afghanistan, ‘surged’ by Obama, is prosecuted under the NATO banner. Nighttime drone attacks have killed so many civilians there even the Karzai puppet government had to object. But civilian casualties are just so much collateral damage in a war of occupation, and the killing continues. Continue reading...

Join the protest in Chicago on May 20/21 to send this urgently needed message!

Protest NATO in Chicago May 12 through 21

May 12-13:
World Can't Wait will be presenting at the People's Summit, co-sponsored by Occupy Chicago.

May 14-18:
Outreach to schools & communities in Barack Obama's hometown, where people have been propagandized to welcome NATO as humanitarian interveners. 

Orange jumpsuit contingents will expose NATO's role in the US torture-detention network
Join the kNOw drones tour of parks and shopping areas.
Join veterans of the US wars on Iraq & Afghanistan in visiting high schools.

May 18:
World Can't Wait's Evening of International Voices for Humanity & the Planet.  Details soon!

Sunday May 20:
1st Day of NATO
9 am Anti-war Veterans March
12 noon Mass March: Say NO to NATO!

Monday May 21
2nd Day of NATO
Occupy Chicago - Major Action in Formation: Watch this Space!

Talk to us at 866-973-4463.

NATO = War Criminals Alliance






Poland, and other more independent social forces are investigating, like Spain's judges the War crimes of Bush and Obama's

complicity in this Fascism.  He uses existing class hierarchies, within and between class states/deformed nation states to blackmail,

threaten, bribe judicial and human rights organizations that do not SIEG HEIL to Western Fascism.


Poland, U.N. officials, not bribed, not coerced, not threatened must prosecute NATO OFFICIALS, U.S. OFFICIALS, ISRAELI WAR CRIMINALS

for their crimes and call out an international day of MAY DAY STRIKES, other rolling national strikes to END ALL SUPPORT OF WESTERN

CLASS POLITICIANS, class parties that are complicit with these crimes AND FASCISM.   The world needs to know that their ruling

classes DO NOT REPRESENT THE SOCIAL MASSES, instead betray them, partly from their own ideological disconnect, of supporting,

corrupt class parties. 



it must end all support for class politicians that destroy Democracy for Fascism.   As the New York Times was forced to acknowledge,

the CLASS/EMPIRE ELITES OF WESTERN DESPOTISM, FASCISM have no majority support from their own people who mistakenly,

continue their own enslavement, deformation of social power into thuggish , brutish, permanent War and totalitarianism.   This protest

must be an international call to reject all ruling class elites and their fascist, military thugs, REJECTING FASCIST AUSTERITY, FASCIST


Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Greece, ALL have already started the resistance to Fascist austerity with GENERAL STRIKES. These

international strikes must be logistically linked to MAY DAY strikes, followed by rolling national strikes and opposition to NATO FASCISTS, U.S.

FASCISTS, AND FASCIST ZIONISM.   They are all closely linked to May actions, that can be organized as CUMULATIVE SOCIAL FORCES, breaking

free from the class deforming hierarchies, enslavement of the world, and ending, reclaiming, RECONSTRUCTING the historical, Patriarchal class

mechanism, deformed historical mechanism, to social power, automatic, indivisible, and independent that have deformed human nature.  We must  

We must reclaim SOCIAL CONTROL,  WORLD WIDE AGAINST ALL RULING CLASSES constructing Fascist, totalitarian alliances.

It is not hyperbole and fake rhetoric when I make serious charges against Western, U.S., NATO, Israeli Fascists.   It is well known by

concerned social activists, humanists, social theorists, that NATO and the U.S. committed War crimes, both torture and illegal aggressions.

Obama's hyperbole and fake rhetoric are so extreme, one wonders how any human being can vote for such criminal, imperial, racist, fascist class

politicians, including Obama, the trojan horse and black face for Western Fascism.   Liberals who self delude themselves that Liberalism is an open

social ideology, outlook, when it was born on the betrayal of the social Enlightenment, must now confront the fact that their class ideology, like ALL

CLASS IDEOLOGIES have degenerated into a defense of racism, fascism, totalitarianism, called Western Fascism. 


I had heard about all the cases Glenn Greenwald raised in this article, but to see the FASCIST, RACIST COMPLICITY of the democratic party and

Obama, made me think about only one metahpor, the SKUNK that stinks, destroys social principles into FASCIST TOTALITARIAN OUTCOMES.    Why

anyone would think that such corporate parties, totalitarian , Empire parties represents social majorities amounts to a collective PSYCHOSIS, not

seen since the MIDDLE CLASS ROT OF German citizens, who allowed a crippled, corrupt, Weimar republic to degenerate into Fascism.  The

WEIMARIZATION, TOTALITARIAN DEGENERATION OF Amerikan citizens, falls in line to its own enslavement, destruction by the MARRIAGE OF

CLASS/CORPORATE INTERESTS TO DESPOTIC CLASS STATES, and Obama who morphed from Fascist appeasement, into a Fascist himself.

Fascism in turn enables racism, scapegoats, whether it is against people of color or religious groups like JEWS AND TODAY'S VICTIMIZED



Personalizing civil liberties abuses



".......The federal judge who presided over the most recent of these FBI-concocted cases — the tough-on-crime, former federal prosecutor Colleen McMahon — said in open court: “I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that there would have been no crime here except the government instigated it, planned it and brought it to fruition.”....

As is always the case, the government abuses justified in the name of Terrorism have expanded far beyond the Muslim community to which they were first applied. Domestic peace activists have been targeted by abusive applications of the Patriot Act; American advocates of WikiLeaks have been legally harassed in all sorts of ways; and just last week I detailed the persecution of filmmaker Laura Poitras for the crime of producing documentaries that reflect poorly on U.S. policy.

But American Muslims have borne the brunt of these assaults for a full decade now, and — more than a full decade after 9/11 — continue to bear them in increasingly oppressive ways. And it’s worthwhile, really necessary, to be reminded of the very personal ways that these actions harm the lives of innocent human beings. Blame undoubtedly lies first and foremost with the U.S. Government for perpetrating these attacks. But it lies as well with the American citizenry that — convinced that they will not be affected — permits and even cheers them...."



fascist, racist, totalitarian intervention, through an Arab dictatorship, Yemen, supported by Obama and the West, in trumping up

false charges against a Yemeni journalist, for exposing the FASCIST LIES OF THE PENTAGON, and Obama's War crimes through

drone missiles.    Outcry forced the YEMENI DICTATOR, who is murdering his own citizens, YET SUPPORTED BY THE HYPOCRITICAL

OBAMA, as support for democracy, to release they journalist, ONLY TO GET A PERSONAL PHONE CALL, DEMAND TO KEEP THE



p.s. By the way has the President's secretary come back with any explanation of Obama's fascist , criminal action????  One which he

seemed not to know about.....while many other journalists, like Scahill, Tapper seemd to know about.


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