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Help Sustain Our Campaign. The World Can't Wait.

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 17 July 2012

Why does World Can't Wait deserve your ongoing financial support? There are a billion needs humanity has, and especially at this time, you're asked to give to charities and candidates' campaigns constantly.  Why put $5 to $200 a month to World Can't Wait as our sustainers do? (And thanks to those of you who are new sustainers, we're off to a good start on our 3 week drive for 40 new sustainers.) 

In addition to sticking to our mission to stop the crimes of our government, no matter who the president is, running on all-volunteer energy and constantly going out to the people — World Can't Wait cultivates unity, based on principle, in the movement. We bring people and groups together, as we did in May at the NATO Summit protests, and as we will in September against the Democrat's War Party Convention.

Our friend Fatima Afghan of Afghans for Peace - Bay Area is such an important voice, as one who can speak from a country victimized by the US "war on terror:"

"I have had the honor of working and organizing with Stephanie Tang from World Can't Wait in whom I not only found a great ally but a wonderful human being and friend. Over the past decade, I've become very well aware of the complexities and ideological differences amongst the various antiwar leftist groups here in the US and I've seen a lot of falling out, splintering and divisions. We don't have to agree on everything ideologically in order to come together on principles that we mutually agree upon.

For example, several groups/movements such as Afghans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, World Can't Wait and several Bay Area Occupies were able to come together in a powerful way and shutdown the US military recruitment center in Fremont as a protest to the Panjwai massacre this past March. This type of solidarity work is critical in order to stop the powerful machinery we are up against."

Read more comments from other colleagues in the movement. 

Please sign up as a sustainer
at any level, and make possible more protest actions.


by Debra Sweet, Director World Can't Wait



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