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Help Sustain Our Campaign. The World Can't Wait.

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 09 July 2012

Join collective conscience in action by sustaining World Can’t Wait.

July 9-31 we are on a campaign to increase our sustainer community by 40 individuals so that we can ready our people, materials, and organization for the fall and beyond, when people really need to hear our message that "Humanity and the Planet Come First - Stop the Crimes of Your Government." 

Sustainers are a special group of people who donate monthly providing a reliable stream of funding in support of visual resistance to the crimes of this government. Every month when you sustain not only do you reaffirm our shared values of putting the lives of all of humanity and the planet first but you make this message visible and real in the world.

Wanted: Bold Resistance 

While the national election campaign almost compels people to be silent and accept crimes they never should accept, World Can't Wait will be mobilizing people to speak the truth and publicly resist, giving people a moral option in these difficult times. Our message must go farther, helping people see that mass resistance is what is missing from this political equation and providing a vehicle for people to act in a variety ways. We will be on the streets, in the classrooms and neighborhoods exposing the wars for empire, the torture, the whole Bush-like direction of the US to which Obama has not stopped but carried forward. 

When you sustain you make possible:

Public Education and Mass Resistance in Opposition to the U.S. Use of Drones
► A hallmark of the Obama administration has been the use of unmanned drones and a presidential “kill list,” killing hundreds of people, including children, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Somalia. World Can’t Wait is part of the kNOwdrones tour which brings replica Reaper drones to shopping areas and schools, and will be in the streets at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte NC, September 3-7.

Demonstrations Against Bush Era War Criminals & Demanding Accountability
► War Criminals Watch, a project of World Can’t Wait, tracks the public appearances of official in the former Bush administration, to publicly   expose and challenge their role in committing war crimes.  We assist students in research, and supply materials for visual protest on campus through and

Protests of U.S. Wars & Indefinite Detention
► You can count on World Can’t Wait organize protest when it’s urgently needed. As the U.S. began threatening war on Iran this year, we pulled together
people in 80 cities to protest. We produced a compilation on DVD of material about the “Collateral Murder” incident released to the world by Wikileaks which is free for group showings and school classes. Volunteers in our national office, mailings, 4 websites, conference calls, educational forums, and the production of outreach materials contribute information and leadership to people across the country, especially those who may not have a protest community where they live.

How far this message spreads and the impact it has rests in part on whether we can meet our monthly financial needs. All our actions are made possible through donations and volunteers. Our all-volunteer national office in NYC is a life-line for those that want to act. No matter who you are or where you are. No matter if you can give $10 or $100 a month you are needed.

If you want Guantanamo closed; if the lengths to which presidential power has been expanded scares you; if the record numbers of deportations of undocumented people enrages you; if you know no one is acting to stop climate change; if the unprecedented onslaught of attacks on women's right to abortion or birth control make your blood boil,  if you want to stop the continued horror of the largest imperialist power dropping bombs, sending death squads and torturers anywhere with impunity – in our names: join us in action, in truth-telling, and
sustain the work to get out the message that we must stop the crimes of our government. 


Protesting NATO Summit in Chicago

Exposing the reality of drone warfare to the streets of NYC

Protesting torture and war criminal John Yoo at UC Berkeley

Mobilizing protest against Guantánamo in Chicago

Outreach table at the American Humanist Association Conference in New Orleans

World Can't Wait - - 866.973.4463 - 305 West Broadway #185, NY, NY 10013
Send checks or money orders, payable to "World Can't Wait":
World Can't Wait
305 W. Broadway #185
New York, NY 10013

For sponsorship level donations, or if you wish to make stock donations please contact Samantha Goldman, 866-973-4463.

To make a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more in support of WCW's educational activities, please make checks out to "World Can't Wait/Alliance for Global Justice," a 501(3)(c) organization.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait



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