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Help keep World Can't Wait Strong

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 08 September 2011

This is a weekend to remember the victims of the global war OF Terror. With the 24/7 news cycle that ignores the harrowing crimes committed based on the tragedy of 9/11; many are left alienated if they do not agree with the official narrative. The past 10 years have brought death and destruction to Iraq and Afghanistan, the burial of the truth, and the demolition of whole cultures. Now is the time to connect with our friends and send a message to the world that these crimes are not in our names.
Let's re-commit to this community of resistance, join it by becoming a sustainer and let's spend the weekend talking with others about what the past 10 years have meant for the people of the world and the difference World Can't Wait makes.
Become a sustainer in honor of those lost in the global war OF terror.

This is a weekend to call your friends & phone bank for World Can't Wait sustenance. Curt Wechsler on why he sustains:

I did a little soul-searching about where my fixed income should go, and decided to cancel cable TV service and spend that $70/month on something meaningful. This is hardly a sacrifice, as I've been thinking of doing that for some time, in light of the fact that there is virtually nothing worthwhile to watch anyway. I'm clicking the "sustainer" button right now.

Hell, I may even find time to read again!

We have a donor ready to give $42/month IF we can match that by September 11! If a combination of people sign up as sustainers giving $42 collectively, we will get $84/month for the next 12 months, paying for things like this newsletter.

$32/month more needed to meet the challenge, which started Tuesday.

This will give a big boost towards meeting the goal for this weekend of $650/per month. Please sustain now.

by Debra Sweet, National Director, World Can't Wait



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