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Haley Barbour and the Culture of Death

By Michael Collins - Posted on 14 January 2012

By Michael Collins

  "After issuing just eight pardons in his first seven years, Barbour pardoned 208 convicts, 41 of them murderers, sex offenders or child molesters, during his last 48 hours in office." Time Jan 13

It's a big day for murderers in Mississippi, sex offenders and child molesters too! Just before leaving office, Republican Governor Haley Barbour pardoned 208 convicts in a stunning act of candor and honesty in behalf of the party and system he has served so well. (Image)

Tired of the same old script featuring religious values and law and order year in and year out by politicians you just know are lying? Your search for honesty is over. Haley Barbour is the poster boy for the culture of death that pervades the political leadership.

Why would Barbour do such a thing? In his own words, he told us: "I have no question in my mind that these men have repented, have been redeemed, have come back hard working to prepare themselves to go out into the world…"  CNN Jan 13

Go out in the world and do what? Murder, maim, commit sexual assaults against children and adults?

Barbour's confidence is not comforting to the victims and their families in Mississippi. There are challenges underway to reverse this last minute spree of criminal generosity.

Does Barbour have plans to leave the country? Does he care about the blame he will shoulder if any one of these two hundred violent offenders ends up back in jail for a violent crime? Does he even care about the outcome of his break with reality?

Who Pardoned These Crimes?

George W. Bush initiated an invasion and occupation of Iraq based on a complete lie. There was one key finding in the National Intelligence Estimate used by Bush to justify a preemptive invasion. Iraq was only likely to attack the United States if there were signs of an imminent US attack or for revenge for such an attack.

Over four thousand US soldiers lost their lives. Over a million Iraqi civilians were murdered in civil strife due to the chaos created as a result of the invasion. This was all based on a deliberate lie by Bush and his national security team. Vincent Bugliosi outlined the murder case against Bush in his book (and legal brief), The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

Who pardoned Bush?

Worldpassion can3ro55o

President William J. Clinton initiated a total blockade of Iraq during his administration. In addition, he ordered daily bombing runs that hit Baghdad and other population centers. A study from Columbia University showed that a quarter million children under five died due to malnutrition and disease that would not have occurred were it not for the total embargo.

Who pardoned Clinton?

President Barack Obama continued the Iraq War for nearly four years after assuming office. In addition to responsibility for the loss of life during that time, Obama organized and funded a NATO attack on Libya that devastated the country (a nation posing no threat to the US). NATO demolished entire cities, destroyed vital water projects, and did nothing to stop the ethnic cleansing of a town of 30,000 black non-Arab Libyans. The Libya intervention was to create a no fly zone. Instead it turned into an attack on the very people it claimed to protect.

Who pardoned Obama?

Who even tried to indict these violent offenders?

Haley Barbour's pardons have created a sense of terror among those in Mississippi who fear the acts of the criminals let loose by the former governor.

The lack of action against the three presidents listed represents a de facto pardon for the death and injury they've caused by what they like to call foreign policy.

The culture of death that forgives violent crimes on a small or large scale is a threat to us all.

Who are these people?

Where do they derive the right to commit, enable, and condone violence against others?


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