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Grand Central NYC Freezes to Support Gaza & Bradley Manning

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 21 November 2012

Grand Central Memorial for Gaza Victims of Israeli Missiles - Monday November 26
Meet up at 5 pm at the NW corner of Lexington and 42nd St.  Enter Grand Central at 5:30 pm
Wear black.  Head scarves encouraged. Details at the Meet-Up.

The freeze will highlight a "surgical" Israeli missile attack on Sunday that killed 11 civilians, including 4 children, members of the Dalu family whose home was flattened by the strike.  This is one of many stories of innocents killed by the rain of missles. The children will be represented by shrouds and will be followed by mourners.

A "Freeze" is like a "stop action" photo where people are walking or acting in certain ways and suddenly stop--frozen in time--and then move on to freeze again in a few minutes..  A freeze calls attention to a message that is crucial--but where ordinary demos with shouting and chanting seem ineffective in getting the message heard or inadequate to conveying its deeper meaning.

Grand Central Freeze for Bradley Manning, Heroic Whistle Blower - Tuesday November 27

Meet up at 5 pm at the NW corner of Lexington & 42nd St. Enter Grand Central at 5:30 pm. More details at the Meet-Up.

Manning's pre-trial hearings, Nov. 27-Dec. 2, will focus on the issue of unlawful pre-trial punishment.  Manning, who has now been in prison for well over 900 days, was subjected to an extreme form of solitary confinement.  We contend, along with many psychologists and others, that solitary confinement is torture.

As part of the salute to Manning by three Nobel laureates, they say,  "The military under the Obama administration has displayed a desire to over-prosecute whistle-blowing with life-in-prison charges including espionage and 'aiding the enemy,' a disturbing decision which is no doubt intended to set an example.... We understand that no matter the cause of war, civilians always bear the brunt of the cost. With today‚Äôs advanced military technology and the continued ability of business and political elites to filter what information is made public, there exists a great barrier to many citizens being fully aware of the realities and consequences of conflicts in which their country is engaged."

The freeze will accent the following:  (1) Blowing the Whistle on War Crimes is NOT a Crime (since whistle blowing is not allowed in Grand Central--there will be large representations of whistles to carry); (2) Solitary Confinement is Torture (represented by people wearing orange jumsuits); and (3) Cardboard masks of Manning's face and flags saying "Free Bradley Manning."  Fliers about Bradley Manning will be available to hand out.


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