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Furious families spurn Tony

By jimstaro - Posted on 22 January 2011

Furious families spurn Tony Blair's apology for Iraq War deaths

22/01/2011 - TONY Blair finally apologised for the Iraq War yesterday – and was jeered by furious relatives of British soldiers who lost their lives.

After facing an official inquiry for the second time, the strained-looking ex-PM offered his “deep regrets” for the 179 troops killed in the conflict.

But his remarks sparked emotional scenes in the witness room.

One woman broke down in tears, then stood up and spent the rest of the session with her back turned to Mr Blair.

Rose Gentle, the mother of Fusilier Gordon Gentle, who died in Basra aged 19 in 2004, shouted: “Too late!” And as Mr Blair walked to the exit, she called out: “Your lies killed my son. I hope you can live with it.” {continued}

At his appearance before the inquiry 12 months ago, Mr Blair caused outrage by refusing to apologise for taking Britain to war in 2003. But this time, he ended the four-hour grilling by saying that although he took responsibility for the decision he “deeply and profoundly” regretted the deaths of British troops and Iraqi civilians.

Bs! Blair "deeply and profoundly" regretting? Bs.

Earlier Mr Blair finally came clean about how he had backed George Bush’s war plans from the beginning. Official documents revealed that he was told in 2002 that the threat posed by Saddam Hussein was not getting any worse.

"Iraq: 'evidence for criminal case against Blair' says expert"

Channel 4 News, Jan. 21, 2011

A leading QC tells Channel 4 News that there is enough evidence for the International Criminal Court to mount a case against Tony Blair. The former PM has faced the Iraq Inquiry for the second time.



Last year when Tony Blair gave evidence to the Iraq Inquiry, Sir John Chilcot announced there were two documents that had been declassified.

According to Michael Mansfield QC one of them is extremely important: "It predates 9/11 and what Tony Blair was saying today was that everything changed post 9/11. Wrong.

"It is quite clear in the declassified document that the United Kingdom was aligning itself with the United States of America, in a policy document dated March 2001 in relation to regime change, which doesn't allow military incursion, and direct action in relation to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

"The fact is that the US and the UK had already laid the ground work between the two Governments that Saddam had to go before 9/11."



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