You are herecontent / Full-page ad on 99% Proposal to Create Jobs, Control Spending Will Be in San Francisco Chronicle on December 6

Full-page ad on 99% Proposal to Create Jobs, Control Spending Will Be in San Francisco Chronicle on December 6

Grassroots group in East Bay uses 'crowdfunding'  to raise $8500 for ad that is first of its kind

The effort this week by a group of 99 percenters in the San Francisco East Bay to raise funds for a full-page newspaper ad featuring solutions for jobs and the deficit, which originated with Occupy Washington DC, has succeeded.

The group raised $8500 by the Friday, December 2 deadline using the San Francisco campaign ‘crowdfunding’ firm to collect donations from 99 generous fellow 99 percenters.

Their informative and striking ad will be published in the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday, December 6. It summarizes many Occupy Washington DC proposals, refers readers of the ad to the Occupy site to read the full proposal, and a petition to sign in support of it.

This appears to be the first ad of its kind – under the 99% umbrella, offering solutions, developed by a grassroots group of citizens, and placed in a major US newspaper.

Marti Roach of Moraga, founding member of the group that has come to call itself 99 Percent SOLUTION, on November 22 put out the call on a listserv to which she belongs for likeminded colleagues and friends to join her.

She, along with those who did enthusiastically join, believes that the Occupy Movement offers important and legitimate ideas and solutions to economic issues facing the United States. She found particular solutions of substance in a piece published on the website for Occupy Washington DC (

Marti and five others formed a core group that conferenced by telephone and email to develop the content for the ad, worked quickly with a local  graphic designer and publicist, and enlisted to handle fund collection to buy the ad. A Facebook page (99PercentSOLUTION) was launched to tell the story of how the ad came about and who came forward to support it.

The ad draft is at  The final version will be sent to the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday, December 5.  ####


Who are we? How did this campaign start?

The Super Committee failed, Occupy Washington DC has a solution for the 99%.  Read about and sign on to support the 99% Proposal: How to Create Jobs, Reduce the Wealth Divide and Control Spending.

One of the Occupy Washington DC groups published a 99% proposal that presents a powerful option for addressing the US "deficit". We seek to get this message to mainstream media by publishing a full page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle on 12-6-11 or shortly thereafter. Just today, 11-21-11, the US Super Commission on the Deficit reported back to Congress and the American people that they were deadlocked and had NO proposal to resolve our economic crisis. Meanwhile, Occupy Washington DC Freedom Plaza has held "people's" hearings outside the Commission's hearing and has published a report that presents comprehensive, evidence-based solutions to the economic crisis.

This ad will highlight this report and link readers to the report and a petition to sign on in favor of it. You can read the full report and see the petition at

Who are we? How did this campaign start?

Those of us who started this effort are all part of the 99%. As individuals, we are also active in the non-violent peace and justice movement in the East Bay and many of us live in the greater Walnut Creek area of Contra Costa County. Key participants are Marti Roach, Carol Cohn, Janet Thomas, Tony Suh and Joanne Genet. When reports of the Occupy Washington DC's 99% Report to address the economy started circulating, we thought, what a great report. And realized that it had not broken into the mainstream media. We know that many in the mainstream in the Bay Area are waiting to see something concrete from the Occupy Movement and some are impatient and losing interest or disillusioned about OWS. Join us to send a message about OWS that demonstrates the movements capacity to envision positive changes that need to be made.

Why should we get this ad in the SF Chronicle?

The San Francisco Chronicle is remains the largest print newspaper and is iconic for the Bay Area. This ad will be bold, in one of the main front sections and will grab lots of attention. We will seek other publicity around this add to further awaken awareness that the OWS movement has strong analysis and recommendations that work for our country and are in the interest of the 99%.

What will happen with the ad?

When we hit our fundraising goal, we'll be able to put this as a full page ad in  the SF Chronicle after the thanksgiving holiday. Timing is important and we want to get it out soon while folks are still steaming from the failure of the Super Commission. If we don't hit our goal, you'll get your money returned to you.

Here's the current design for the ad: 

Proposed SF Chronicle Ad


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