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Former Commander of Headquarters Company at Quantico Objects to Treatment of Bradley Manning


General James F. Amos
Commandant of the Marine Corps
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-3000

Dear General Amos:

As a former regular Marine Corps captain, a Korean War combat veteran, now retired on Veterans Administration disability due to wounds suffered during that conflict, I write you to protest and express concern about the confinement in the Quantico Marine Corps Base brig of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Manning, if the information I have is correct, is charged with having violated provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice by providing to unauthorized persons, among them specifically one Julian Assange and his organization Wikileaks, classified information relating to US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and State Department communications. This seems straightforward enough and sufficient to have Manning court-martialed and if found guilty sentenced in accordance with the UCMJ.

What concerns me here, and I hasten to admit that I respect Manning’s motives, is the manner in which the legal action against him is being conducted. I wonder, in the first place, why an Army enlisted man is being held in a Marine Corps installation. Second, I question the length of confinement prior to conduct of court-martial. The sixth amendment to the US Constitution, guaranteeing to the accused in all criminal prosecutions the right to a speedy and public trial, extends to those being prosecuted in the military justice system. Third, I seriously doubt that the conditions of his confinement—solitary confinement, sleep interruption, denial of all but minimal physical exercise, etc.—are necessary, customary, or in accordance with law, US or international.

Indeed, I have to wonder why the Marine Corps has put itself, or allowed itself to be put, in this invidious and ambiguous situation. I can appreciate that the decision to place Manning in a Marine Corps facility may not have been one over which you had control. However, the conditions of his confinement in the Quantico brig are very clearly under your purview, and, if I may say so, these bring little credit either to you or your subordinates at the Marine Corps Base who impose these conditions.

It would be inappropriate, I think, to use this letter, in which I urge you to use your authority to make the conditions of Pfc. Manning’s confinement less extreme, to review my Marine Corps career except to note that my last duty prior to resigning my captain’s commission in 1959 was commanding the headquarters company at Quantico. More relevantly, during the 1980s, following a stint as a senior estimates officer in the CIA, I played a very public role as a “whistleblower “ in the Iran-contra affair. At that time, I wondered why Lt.Col. Oliver North, who very clearly violated the UCMJ—and, in my opinion, disgraced our service—was not court-martialed.

When I asked the Navy’s Judge-Advocate General’s office why neither North nor Admiral Poindexter were charged under the UCMJ, the JAG informed me that when officers were assigned to duties in the White House, NSC, or similar offices they were somehow not legally in the armed forces. To my question why, if that were the case, they continued to draw their military pay and benefits, increase their seniority, be promoted while so serving, and, spectacularly in North’s case, appear in uniform while testifying regarding violations of US law before Congress, I could get no answer beyond, “That’s our policy.”

This is not to equate North’s case with Manning. It is only to suggest that equal treatment under the law is one of those American principles that the Marine Corps exists to protect. This is something you might consider.


David C. MacMichael

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In a closed court (state secrets) does justice ever arrive at the truth,do even the spooks care or need to know,for all we know Prvt 1rst class Manning is vacationing in French Polynesia,in an open system that would be an obstruction aka mis-carriage of deciet or treason probably not even attempted,what is it discovery seeks in pursuit of suppossed truths under arrest of a dark cloak, state secrets or empiracal lies,doubt the spooks can ever prove "it/that,true or false from where it sits on an undemocratic republics vassal interest especial via a propagandised military institute council cracy chair,open court on law day everything less is a crime and unjust

Terrorism smoothly and Arrest in secret
Tunisia before the revolution:
With this method that our people have suffered throughout the 23 years 'Ali bin' terrorism, a great people of a great country, a country that has known many civilizations whose history began in prehistoric times, since thousands of years before Christ, but never saw a black period like this, and fortunately a proud member of this people but unfortunately we've had a president thief never seen Ben Ali in Tunisia. I was one of the Tunisians, hundreds if not thousands who have been persecuted by his political system. My story began in 1990, I was among many who believed in democracy, the solidarity that brought us the statement of Ali bin request the creation of a social association for sponsorship or support adults especially those who are ill and are not under the auspices of someone. A non-profit, especially as I am nurse who specializes in this field. My application was refused but continued harassment began, they wanted to integrate into the RCD (Constitutional Democratic Rally) party politics bin Ali, my refusal was a crime for them, my refuge in the first place was the governor of Sfax, but the latter instead of helping me, on the contrary it was a great opportunity to get closer to the RCD.
I had a small restaurant and coincidentally there was a bid for the restaurants in the region from the regional hospital of Mahares (small town near Sfax), I won that appeal to provides for a simple reason that my goal was not profit with a much cheaper price that I offered to hospital officials and especially that I think it's another way to help sick and it really made me lots of fun and the service was very convincing, residents were very happy that we give as nutrition department patients. But the bizarre is that it was not true of executives and officials in the region (albeit on RCDistes) since the majority of responsibility in any area live in the country and the continued harassment continues. I will not exaggerate if I say I was very strict and honest such that any evidence I have not left any opportunity for my arrest. So the only thing left for them were my family, I had a sick wife and three small children, they have forced everyone, especially since my wife was sick and accuse me of making complaints against me that n have not any relation to reality, they tried to bring my children with all manners of minors sometimes violence to confirm the words of my wife under pressure. I took the doctor's medical certificate that confirms my wife's mental illness and may cancel such complaints since she saw her illness was not responsible for those words, but they arrested the doctor and he himself has accused several problems .
With their methods they sent someone over night at my house (of course I was not given the adverse conditions because it is past), he even dared to go in my bedroom My son saw this big, actually express all that was there so I doubt my wife and I demand a divorce.
A long history including many details I did not write, but I am writing to summarize what has been finally:
- Divorce in 1994.
- Case studies of my kids although they were brilliant.
- Two of my three children to this day are ill with schizophrenia.
- I found no shelter except a voluntarily chosen to go live away from my family and leave my area throughout 15 years.
- A prosecution policy until the end of the reign of the dictator.
- Retention of my passport throughout the 20 years until today ...
All this does not prevent me, my ambitions and instead create an association, but it was a private company for the same purpose of helping adults and support non-profit but also with my own money and I payroll taxes. I am proud of is not from this party mafia although I had to ask his aides to create a home of older persons.
All I have told you this is a summary and I have all the documents and witnesses of my words people ...................... ..!!!? khelil omrane: hela establishment to protect seniors tunisia

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