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Five California Democrats Just Killed Single-Payer Health Coverage

Did you hear about it from a single one of the groups that went ape shit over duh Public Option pretense?  Do we care that many people will die early because of this?

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What does it take for Liberals to understand??? that the original historical betrayal took place against the Enlightenment, revolutionary liberals, and the French revolution, thus enabling, continuing, the class hierarchies, with its Patriarchal class mechanism, which produced both NAPOLEON, and the Post (class deformed) Enlightenment called Capitalism, and which replicated the class degenerating cycle observed by the ancient Greeks, which corrupted, crippled republics into class empires and class tyrants.

These class deforming hierarchies invert, corrupt and co opt social, inclusive principles into exclusive class principles, like the inversion of social patriotism into class nationalism, that degenerated into an inverted totalitarianism, proto fascism.  It deformed middle professionals that first became sociopaths, class politicians and over time degenerated through endless class and fascist appeasement, into the pyschopaths, war mongering classes.   This is HOW class hierarchies,  automatically,  takes, converts and steals social votes into class agendas.  Class hierarchies are a mechanism for  wholesale, stealing, corrupting  social power and social control through this Patriarchal, class mechanism. It  ended social independence, social wealth, in the Matriarchy and produced the  millenniums of class history, class hierarchies, which enslaved, first women into property relations, then all of humanity itself.

The liberalism produced in the POST (CLASS DEFORMED) Enlightenment, class deformed civil society called Capitalism, degenerated into proto fascism, when Weimar liberals appeased the fascists, Police laws, and installed the emergency laws that allowed Hitler to legally come to power through CLASS BETRAYALS, so called socialists, where the social democratic party installed the police state and dictatorship, in the same way Obama has morphed from fascist appeasement, the "WEIMARIZATION" of Amerika, through Empire whores, Wall Street thugs, by signing off on a police state, awaiting Amerika's HITLER, making Congress, Obama, all three branches of government complicit in this FASCISM.

Time to end this charade and realize both class parties routinely steal your votes BY YOUR IDEOLOGICAL DISCONNECT, and the misuse of your votes for their despotic Empire and class agenda, now near the cusp of a nuclear war with Iran, based on lies, deception, ACTS OF WAR, with Liberals participating in the fascist foreign policies, following Bush criminality, Empire policies. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF, STOP APPEALING TO CLASS PARTIES, and vote for social agendas, social parties, Green parties that will end the CLASS/EMPIRE BETRAYALS, today's police state, awaiting war with Iran, to bring in the next NAPOLEON, STALIN, HITLER, another Holocaust created by our own IDEOLOGICAL STUPIDITY.


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