You are herecontent / Federal Judge Rules Requiring You to Buy Private Health Insurance is Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Rules Requiring You to Buy Private Health Insurance is Unconstitutional

Here's the opinion: PDF.

Difficulty for Obamabots here is that it actually makes some sense.

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What does "EX REL." mean?

Congress wanting to impose, and enforce, that every citizen Washington unilaterally declares capable of paying for a minimum health coverage determined by Washington and surely insurance cies from some insurance cies at a cost citizens don't have control over starting in 2014 certainly does not seem like an acceptable idea to me. It potentially could be very profitable for insurance cies and their, not our, but their representative members of Congress.

The title for this page at first caused me to think that this was going to be good news, and it is, for the Federal Judge's ruling against this so-called health care coverage act by Congress is good, but it's not what I had hoped it was going to be about.

How much is the min. health care coverage supposed to cost? This hasn't been determined, yet, and it will be variable, depending on how much more money insurance cies can get Washington to squeeze out of taxpayers for them?

What will the min. health care coverage cover? Bandaids and a little vaseline, only?

It could be reasonable if the coverage was good and the cost was truly fair, or better than fair, and if this was only required of citizens truly capable of affording this. But if that was and could remain guaranteed, then a law surely wouldn't be required for citizens to want to pay for such health insurance, I believe; for now anyway.

Cut the military spending, most certainly including for wars, and then provide universal single-payer health care guaranteed for every citizen and legal resident without adding any taxes to the population. The government can do this. And if any insurance cies try to get in the way, then send them packing; shut'em down once and for all. The government could also do this.

American businesses employing people in Canada to work in Canada have long supported the health care system in this country, while opposing the establishment of a similar system in the US. There's conflict of interest involved in this sort of double standard.

I have been required to purchase car insurance for over 20 years, is this also unconstitutional? In alot of cases it doesn't help to have car insurance, even if
it's the other persons fault, you end up paying plus your rates go up. So, I say
get rid of all of it! Homeowners insurance also. If you need your roof fixed 90%
of the time it is considered previous or age related damage, therefore, not covered.

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