You are herecontent / FBI heroically locks up ridiculous anarchists on May Day

FBI heroically locks up ridiculous anarchists on May Day

Feds stop inept radicals from carrying out a plot feds helped them conceive and carry out

Happy May Day, fellow travelers! If you’re not currently disrupting capitalism and/or having your wrists zip-tied for exercising your right to freely assemble, you probably read about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s latest, not-at-all suspiciously timed terror sting. The Bureau, in an inspired bit of early-20th century nostalgia, has railroaded a bunch of dangerous anarchists. (Or “dangerous” “anarchists.”) America will not waver in the face of the Galleanist threat!

Five young men from Cleveland are now in jail, accused of plotting to “blow up a bridge in the Cleveland area,” according to the FBI’s triumphant press release/criminal complaint. As is always the case with FBI terror stings, the “sting” part involved the bureau’s informant/agent provocateur mostly inventing the plot the accused have now been arrested for. In this case, the five planned to detonate smoke bombs as a distraction as they “topple[d] financial institution signs atop high rise buildings in downtown Cleveland.” But the informant (as usual, a sketchy unnamed character with a checkered past) strongly pushed the group to seriously consider different, more extreme plots. At the end, some or all of them were going to plant C-4 on the Route 82 Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


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The FBI nazis, fascists, provocateurs, set up Muslims, set up anarchist, target social movements LIKE THE FASCIST POLICE, OR THE GESTAPO OF NAZI GERMANY.  Say Sieg Heil to these corrupt, thugs, who set up SIBEL EDMONDS, shut down investigations to protect the NAZIS in Congress. They have a long history of NAZISM, FASCISM, TOTALITARIANISM..........THEY ARE COMMITTING LIES, PROTECTING WAR CRIMINALS, WHILE GOING AFTER SOCIAL MOVEMENTS LIKE MARTIN LUTHER KING, civil rights movement, anti war movemen,  who was targeted by these fascist thugs.  These fascists covered up crimes in Congress, and then went after Sibel Edmonds, with the help of the Justice Department and the Fascist State department.   Read her book .....CLASSIFIED WOMAN....AND SEE THE FASCIST ROT OF POLICE AGENCIES.

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