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Exclusive Report: Evidence of Iran Nuclear Weapons Program May Be Fraudulent

Gareth Porter, Truthout: "The Obama administration says there can be no diplomatic negotiations with Iran unless Iran satisfies the IAEA fully in regard to the allegations derived from the documents that it had covert nuclear weapons program. That position is based on the premise that the intelligence documents that Iran has been asked to explain are genuine. The evidence now available, however, indicates that they are fabrications."
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Yeah, unknown source(s). So, bullshit!

In one report after another, the IAEA has suggested that Iran has failed to cooperate with its inquiry into that alleged research, and that the agency, therefore, cannot verify that it has not diverted nuclear material to military purposes.

That issue remains central to US policy toward Iran.

US policy toward Iran is accurately called hegemony and hypocrisy, extreme hypocrisy. It can also be aka double-standards policy. And, it's criminal [as hell].

So what if Iran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons; it apparently is the only reason that North Korea will not be attacked, because it has the nuclear deterrent. NK doesn't attack others, but also won't be attacked, because of having this deterrent capability. And Iran, if it succeeds in developing nuclear weapons, also will not attack others and will be able to deter attacks against itself, which is beneficial for us all, for it'd deter full nuclear war.

"War is a Racket" and that's all the US is doing and leading. It doesn't matter if Iran is developing nuclear weapons, unless Iran succeeds, in which case it will matter; because it'll save us all from the US and Israel committing nuclear attacks against Iran, which would far more extremely embroil our world in totally unjustifiable war.

So, let Iran develop nuclear weapons, and maybe the IAEA take a long vacation. The IAEA does not inspect criminal governments that the US makes sure are protected from inspections, so the US and Europe have absolutely no grounds to stand upon for trying to give Iran any orders. Iran is the innocent party in this and while I believe in the principle of "innocent until proven guilty", the West is provably guilty [as hell].

Iranian leadership would [never] use nuclear weapons for first-strike purposes, to threaten anyone, and they surely wouldn't use such weapons for retaliation to attacks that were non-nuclear, because Iranian leadership knows that Iran could be obliterated very, very quickly with nuclear weapons that might come from multiple directions.

NK doesn't make use of its nuclear weapons, except for testing, which is a use I disapprove of, but at least it's not for attacking others, and for deterrence. And it's been working. No state will attack a nuclear-armed state.

Iran has as much right to nuclear weapons as anyone else does and who cares if it's kept secret? Well, Iranian leadership wouldn't want to keep it secret once they did have functional or usable nuclear weapons, for their "raison d'etre" would be deterrence and if the weapons were kept totally secret, then they wouldn't have a deterring effect. But the development of these weapons would naturally and understandably be kept as secret as humanly assurable in order to try to prevent pre-emptive strikes, which the US is fond of committing.

Iran might be acting outside of the law on the mere piece of paper it's written on, but the US has no grounds for preaching about this. US leadership treats the US Constitution as "just a piece of paper", but, and unlike Iran, is internationally rogue, murderous, war maker, and so on.

Leave Iran alone and may Western governments stop distracting us with this otherwise non-issue that they criminally are the only ones making an issue of this. They are the sole criminals in all of this. And may all Western "leaders" walk over cliffs, soon. Amen.

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