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Election Eve: The Search for Human Brains

By dlindorff - Posted on 01 November 2010

By Greg McKenzie

Santa Cruz, CA -- “Are you planning to vote on Tuesday?” I asked. The food checker at our local natural food store was cheerful and friendly. But she was a little befuddled by the question.

“I don’t know where to vote,” she confessed.

“Have you gotten your sample ballot yet?” I asked.

“No,” she replied. “I don’t think so.” She had voted some time back. Maybe it was for Obama. She wasn’t sure. But she couldn’t remember where she had voted, or if it was an absentee ballot.

I leaned forward. A sense of urgency was growing. “You can’t change your address now,” I told her. “It’s too late. You’ll need to go back to your previous polling place to vote. Do you remember where that was?”

“I…don’t remember,” she said.

I put my hands on the counter, trying to keep calm. “You’ve got to remember,” I urged her. “This is a very important election.”...

For the rest of this story by Greg McKenzie in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent alternative online newspaper, please go to:ThisCantBeHappening!

This article is weird, for it describes a person who is eligible to vote in official terms, but who evidently has little clue about what voting is.

The person questioned has the following answers.

*) Doesn't know where to vote;

*) Has not received the electoral ballot, or doesn't think to have received it; and,

*) Couldn't remember if she/he voted for Obama and, therefore, can't remember who he/she voted for, or even if she/he voted in 2008.

Such a citizen is evidently not very aware of reality. How can a person reasonably aware of reality not remember who he/she voted for in 2008, or if the person even voted, at all? I've heard of short memory spans, but this is stretching it.

Maybe the person didn't vote in 2008 and was just too shy to admit to this. Not knowing where to vote seems to mean that either the person hasn't previously voted, recently anyway, or the location for casting votes has changed and the person doesn't know what the new address is. And not being sure if an electoral ballot has been received might be due to someone who does not promptly open mail.

But, the person not remembering who he/she voted for in 2008, if having voted at all, now this is strange. Maybe the person doesn't want to admit to having voted for a faux politician, charlatan and/or spineless Obama. It's possible.

Whatever the reason is, people who express the same forgetfulness should be better, more carefully (and gently) questioned. It must not be to persecute them. It'd only be to try to find out why they don't remember if they voted in 2008, or who they voted for, if they voted.

These people are citizens and their views, voices are of no less value than for the rest of us, so I would want to know why these citizens don't remember this that and the other thing about elections. There are reasons for their choices, so what are these reasons?

I care, perhaps because I've mostly been an abstainer due to knowing that politics is full of bullshit; and it is. But that's very much why I care. If we had good government, then I could live without much concern for politics. But our politics are extremely corrupt and affect us all, worldwide, and that's something to definitely be concerned about.

Abstainers also have a place in this world and our views are not worth any less than anyone else's views. Abstaining can be a wrong choice, but voting also hasn't proven any better; that's for most definitely and obviously sure.

This is said with no offense meant towards Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, people who care about socio-economic justice, which is a [necessary] justice. Being for human rights requires much more than being for democracy; more important than that is socio-economic justice. It's better to have a dictatorship or king/queenship with real socio-economic justice than it is to have so-called democracy with many injustices, including socio-economic injustice!


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