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Disqualifications narrow Egypt race to the Islamist and the 'Felool'


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Social principles and outlooks are based on outward, inclusive, universal social results/outcomes while Class principles are inward, exclusive, degenerative, parasitic results, always less than the optimal social, universal history, hence a rigged, zero sum game, negation of social power  and social control.   Early Humanity was plagued by low technical productive forces, but was compensated with social co operation, to promote optimal outcomes for Humanity, i.e. survival of the species, through its existing historical social relations and social mechanism.  Humanity under the Social Matriarchy was not enslaved by class relations, class hierarchies, and a Patriarchal class mechanism, that deformed its Human Nature.

Once Humanity degenerated from matrilineal, social relations into Patriarchal father-families, class laws, class relations were based on Property laws, which operated INWARDLY, EXCLUSIVELY, PARTIALLY, through the class deforming functions of class hierarchies and its new Historical, yet deformed mechanism.   The Patriarchal class agency operates GENERICALLY, throughout class history as a ZERO SUM game of social power, through deteriorating class cycles.  It produces paralysis and corruption of social power, through INVERSION, SUBSTITUTION, and false claims to social principles.  For this reason, all ideologies MUST make social claims, and, therefore, must also, make false social claims, in every class deformed Form, deformed civil society, deforming, enslaving, and destroying Humanity through wars.    False explanations, conflating social claims into class outcomes are the basis of all class dogmas, all class myths, whether secular or religious.

It doesn't matter whether civil society is SELF ENSLAVING itself through religious dogmas or secular ones, they all are embracing different forms for their own enslavement, whether it is EGYPT still enslaved to Patriarchal religions, ISLAM, or fundamentalist Christians and Jews, who also embrace Patriarchal slavery linked with  newer secular class forms.   The Garden of Eden mythology is a class mythology to hide the downfall of women into property/class relations, and later hides the complete deformation, enslavement of all of Humanity, through its endless forms o property /class relations and class hierarchies deforming its Human Nature.   The first class myths occured with the rise of Patriarchal, RELIGIOUS fables and later under a fully developed Patriarchal class order became more SECULAR in reasoning, though still a Secular class myth.   Partial social reformist concepts, by Enlightened, social Greek thinkers posed concepts like Republics and Democracies to try to reclaim the SOCIAL, HISTORICAL MECHANISM that existed in the Social Matriarchy, before it was deformed into the PATRIARCHAL CLASS MECHANISM.   Plato's social theories were incomplete, partial, hence his city states, based on PARTIAL notions of democracies and republics would become class republics, degenerating into class Empires.  The religious and SECUAR CLASS MYTH still anchord the continuing Patriarchy through the milleniums of class history. 

Appealing to class elites as the agency for Enlightened was linked to a contradiction between social power and class means, which required a Secular class myth, like the religious Patriarchs, that only class shills and their class hierarchies they were capable of promoting social change, A HUGE CONTRADICTION, which continues today through the same  trajectory of EGYPT, U.S. and the whole of Western class history.   Since class hierarchies both promote class power, while at the same time falsely claiming social outcomes, this FABLE, LIE, Plato's "noble lies", would be repeated AGAIN, in the POST (CLASS DEFORMED) Enlightenment, that class parties, class elites, with their class ideologies promote social power, social control, when in ALL CASES, it only corrupts, then degenerates class republics into class Empires. For this reason, Beethoven, condemned the class deformed Liberals who betrayed the social Enlightenment, by failing to dismantle class hierarchies and dissolving the Patriarchal class mechanism, WITH INDIVISIBLE, INDEPENDENT SOCIAL FORCES, SOCIAL AGENCIES, namely an independent middle class, NOT ENSLAVED, NOT DEFORMED by class hierarchies, deforming HUMAN NATURE, falsely equated as our NATURAL HUMAN NATURE.

Egypt, US. and the whole of our class deformed World ARE ENSLAVING OURSELVES with this fable, not only the false FREE MARKETS, which never existed, degenerating into class monopolies and totalitarianism, today called Western Fascism.   Partial  SOCIAL COMPROMISES, like Egypt's Felool candidate are similar to Plato's social reforms, within an exiting class deformed civil society.  It is a partial step forward againt PATRIARCHAL RELIGIONS, against religious dogma, always a class dogma, and hence a partial step forward.  But all such partial steps, social reforms within existing class hierarchies and Patriarchy can NEVER ACHIEVE FULL INDEPENDENT STATUS, so long as class hierarchies, Patriarchy continues to corrupt, exclude social power, paralyzing the one step foward, with two steps backwards, in this endless class outcome. One only needs to look at the Western world, Late Capitalism, and Obama to see how class deteriorating cycles have made all class parties, totalitarian, morphing into Fascists themselves.  

Social compromise is only NATURAL, automatic and independent when class deformed civil societies have been dismantled, as CLASS HISTORY itself. Obama, U.S. , Egypt, the whole world must reject partial social reforms if its intended goal is not to end class history. Then social change in Egypt and the rest of the world will morph instead into global fascism, global slavery, global totalitarianism:

How Obama Became a Civil Libertarian's Nightmare

Obama has expanded and fortified many of the Bush administration's worst policies.



"...But he has become a civil libertarian’s nightmare: a supposedly liberal president who instead has expanded and fortified many of the Bush administration’s worst policies, lending bipartisan support for a more intrusive and authoritarian federal government..."


Surveillance State evils




"Church also said: “I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.”

Of course, that abyss has long ago been crossed over, without even much discussion, let alone controversy. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, George Bush ordered the NSA to spy on the communications of Americans on American soil, and they’ve been doing it ever since, with increasing aggression and fewer and fewer constraints. That development is but one arm in creation of an American Surveillance State that is, literally, ubiquitous — one that makes it close to impossible for American citizens to communicate or act without detection from the U.S. Government — a state of affairs Americans have long been taught since childhood is a hallmark of tyranny. Such are the times — in both America generally and the Democratic Party in particular — that those who now echo the warnings issued 35 years ago by Sen. Church (when surveillance was much more restrained, legally and technologically) are scorned by all Serious People as radical hysterics.

Yesterday, Democracy Now had an extraordinary program devoted to America’s Surveillance State. The show had three guests, each of whose treatment by the U.S. Government reflects how invasive, dangerous and out-of-control America’s Surveillance State has become:..."





Iran and Israel must both work for a nuclear-free Middle East

The West cannot ignore its own disarmament obligations if it wants to see peacefulness triumph over warmongering


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