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Discussion After Premier of "Wartorn 1861 - 2010"

By jimstaro - Posted on 13 November 2010

DCoE - Defense Centers of Excellence


11 November 2010 - Military leaders, vets discuss invisible wounds of war and getting help after viewing HBO documentary about PTSD



HBO's Wartorn 1861 - 2010

DCoE Call Center Helps Troubled Troops

November 11, 2010 - Troubled troops, veterans and family members have a round-the-clock, free resource for locating the help they need to deal with psychological health problems and traumatic brain injury.

Lolita O’Donnell, DCoE acting director for clearinghouse, outreach and advocacy, said callers can use the telephone, e-mail or online chat to get help for and information about everything from administrative discharge to combat stress signs and symptoms to the latest treatment options for psychological health concerns and brain injury.

“We don’t want to turn anyone away, that’s why we established what we call a ‘warm handoff transfer’ with the VA crisis line,” O’Donnell said. “Both of us helping our servicemembers who are in crisis — we feel like we’re more effective.” {read rest}


The link for "HBO's Wartorn 1861 - 2010" in the above article doesn't work for me. It returns a 404, "page not found" error.

But I did a Web search and found the following index page.

I'm not seeing a video in the above page, so I checked to see if the video is available at any other Web sites.

"HBO Films "WARTORN 1861-2010" Pentagon Premiere" (8:31)

WhcInsider, Nov. 2nd, 2010

"HBO Documentary Films: Wartorn 1861- 2010 Pentagon Panel Discussion (HBO)" (30:03)

posted by HBO, Nov. 5th, 2010

At the Pentagon premiere of HBO's Wartorn 1861-2010 playing to an auditorium of top military brass, a candid, no-holds-barred discussion took place following the screening. HBO's Wartorn 1861-2010 will debut on Veterans Day, November 11 at 9:00pm. For more, go to

HBO's video page: The following provides the video for the panel discussion as well.

I wonder how the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are dealing with PTSD. Better send in the docs.

I imagine many have PTSD, but also SD that is not only [post]-traumatic, for their situation continues to be trauma after trauma, endless new traumas compounding the traumas many Iraqis have already suffered. Once foreign forces suffering from TSD are withdrawn, then they have PTSD, but Iraqis remain in continuously traumatized Iraq.

Violence continues. There've very recently been a number of covert op. attacks against Iraqis and perhaps the worst of these attacks were those against Christian Iraqis. We don't see reporting of this here at, but I posted a link to an article about one attack in which over 50 Christian Iraqis were killed and more injured, unless the 50+ number includes both killed an injured. And a few days later, another violent attack against them happened, killing 17 or so and injuring more, unless, again, that number includes both killed and injured. But there've also been attacks on other Iraqis.

I find those reports at, which is probably one of the best sources to look for daily or nearly daily updates on the situation in Iraq, including the political situation. But the above kinds of attacks will be used to benefit who? Washington, the West's war makers and profiteers, who standardly claim that these types of attacks are Iraqi sectarianism and/or civil warfare, which is another of the war makers' list of many lies. Absolutely no Iraqis who are opposed to the foreign occupation of their country and/or opposed to Nouri al-Maliki being continued as (puppet) PM can benefit from attacking other Iraqis; but the war makers profit from making us all believe that Iraqis are attacking each other, the old deception to try to get us to support continued US occupation of Iraq.

All of this and more surely is continuing trauma for Iraqis. Their country [is] destroyed and their government is puppet of the war makers and profiteers of the USA. Even if Iran has influence with the puppet regime of the US in Iraq, the US nevertheless remains dominant. The US operates in manners to try to diminish the obvious reality of US [dominance] there, but it's observable with sufficient reading. And it's not difficult to intelligently guess that if the US is still there, with the strong forces, military and mercenary, that the US has there, then the US, with its historical track record, is surely dominant in Iraq. To consider that track record is especially helpful when we don't consider only theater wars of the US. If we add non-theater, so very covered-up and extremely underreported histories, then we can guess with great certainty that the US is dominant in Iraq over Iraq's affairs.

Medical, educational, and other civilian infrastructure hasn't been restored and this [is] because of the US. Iraqis continue to traumatically suffer from this and from the politics, in addition to continuing violence.

Never-ending trauma.

Are doing What, outside of sitting in front of a computer writing senseless and obvious to those who know replies like the huge majority that constantly whine???

Doing so under useless user names as you search out something to reply to and pat yourself on the back thinking you made some 'intelligent?' point!!!

I think you are getting angry at the wrong people. It is true that we did not stop the attack on Iraq from happening and we have not ended the occupation. We have tried every means that we could think of to make our representatives follow the laws but have been unsuccessful. We are very sorry. Please don't be mad at us.


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