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Declaring Resistance

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 17 September 2011

We continue with the history of World Can't Wait this month with a fuller picture of the years of creative work to make resistance to government-institutionalized torture a reality throughout all of US society. Scroll down for the latest news of how this work continues with reports on the protests and actions of this past week, and help make it all possible by sustaining.

World Can’t Wait has led the fight against torture, making it something that people nationally and internationally associate with US government policies: the Bush Regime and Obama’s refusal to bring the Bush gang of torturers to justice and his refusal to put an end to torture under his administration. As one sign of this, pictures of our waterboarding demonstrations are almost as well known as Abu Ghraib’s iconic photograph of the black-hooded prisoner on a box with electrical wires dangling from his arms.

Declaring Resistance

Borrowing the orange that prisoners are forced to don while being detained and tortured, World Can’t Wait took the color of orange and made it into a symbol of resistance to torture recognized worldwide both in our actions and in the Declare It Now! campaign that encouraged people to wear orange (e.g., orange ribbons and wristbands.) In 2008, the year that Alex Gibney won the Oscar for Best Documentary for his heartrending expose Taxi to the Dark Side, he and dozens of others such as Best Actress nominee Julie Christie and Director Paul Haggis (who won the Best Director Award in 2006 for Crash) wore orange to show their opposition to what our government is doing. As Haggis put it:

"The orange ribbons were worn in protest against state sanctioned torture. The ribbons are the color of the jumpsuits at Guantanamo Bay, and at our secret detention camps, where prisoners are kept indefinitely, in violation of our constitution, and tortured. This is something that our government has long condemned as the heinous behavior of dictators, but something that unbelievably we now condone ... Every American of any political party should be loudly condemning this grossly un-American activity, but it is barely even mentioned anymore. The orange wristbands some of us wore said simply ‘Torture + Silence = Complicity.’ I received mine
from The World Can't Wait campaign."

by Debra Sweet, National Director, World Can't Wait



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