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Death of fourth person in ten days in Bahrain detention centers

Date: 2011/4/14
Subject: Death of fourth person in ten days in Bahrain detention centers

Dear Friends,

The fourth death in detention in 10 days yesterday, source: AlWefaq. Kareem Fakhrawi was a businessman who disappeared after he went to the police station to file a complaint. He was one of the founders of AlWasat Newspaper and was on the board of directors. You can see the footage of his body which shows torture marks here: The only official statement was on the Bahrain News Agency twitter account he died from liver failure complications:!/bna_ar/status/57938447310131200.

19 Human Rights Organizations Severely Condemn The Continuous Crackdown on Human Rights Defenders in Bahrain:

The President of the EU Parliament makes a statement about Bahrain: He spoke about the unacceptable deaths in Bahraini detention centers and the arrest of prominent human rights defender Abdulhadi Alkhawaja.

The whereabouts of Abdulhadi Alkhawaja and his family members as well as many detainees remains unknown. Again, all detainees are at high risk of torture and their lives may be at threat. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja’s daughter has now been on a hunger strike for 52 hours.

In alarming news, according to the Bahrain News Agency, “The UN Secretary General expressed the United Nations’ support for all measures taken by Bahrain to preserve its security and stability hailing the reform process spearheaded by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.”

EU Foreign Affairs Council conclusions on Bahrain
3082nd FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting, Luxembourg, 12 April 2011

The Council adopted the following conclusions:
"The Council reiterates its serious concern at the situation in Bahrain, and the lack of any tangible
progress towards dialogue which should address the legitimate concerns of all Bahraini people.

The Council is equally concerned at the arrest of those who exercise their legitimate right to
freedom of expression. Persons who have been detained for peacefully expressing themselves
should be released immediately. The Government and security forces have a clear duty to respect
fully the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all persons, without discrimination, as well as
upholding international standards in this regard. The Council encourages the authorities to further
investigate all recent events which have resulted in loss of life and injuries.

The Council calls on all parties rapidly to take concrete and meaningful steps enabling the start of
a constructive dialogue that will lead to real reforms."

What homes look like after security forces raid to conduct arrests:


Said Yousif Almuhafdah
Bahrain Center For Human Rights

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British Muslims condemn Bahraini atrocities against protesters

London : Over a dozen British Muslim organisations and Islamic Centres have joined together to condemn the atrocities being committed against the Bahraini people by its regime and warned about attempts to falsify the uprisings as being sectarian.

“As Muslims in keeping with our duty to aid the oppressed whoever they may be, we the undersigned condemn the atrocities being committed against the Bahraini people by its regime as crimes against the rights enjoyed by all men and women regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or any other characteristic,” they said in a joint statement.

“We see no sectarianism in the legitimate demands of the Bahraini people. The regime has shown no preference of religious affiliation in its brutal suppression of its people over the weeks,” the statement said, according to a copy obtained by IRNA.

“We believe that those that are being arrested, murdered and brutalised by security forces and foreign armies are making these sacrifices so that Bahrain may attain a just political system; where Muslims – whether Shia, Sunni or of any other affiliation – are able to enjoy the God-given rights of all human-beings,” it said.

Co-signatures included the Muslim Association of Britain, International Muslim Women’s Union, Islamic Forum of Europe and the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh said that British Muslims rejected the conscious effort being made by politicians, pundits and the Western media to “dislocate the Bahraini struggle for freedom from oppression from its Arab counterparts in Libya, Yemen, Egypt and elsewhere”.

“The ease with which the dictators of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have influenced Western politicians and ‘respectable’ media outlets to imagine that they possess a right to openly commit atrocities under the pretence of sectarianism is shocking,” Shadjareh said.

In their statement, he said that British Muslims were refusing to be complicit and have taken a crucial step by declaring that it is “immoral to satisfy the Saudi and Bahraini regimes’ demands that the struggle be viewed as motivated by sectarianism, rather than the common dissatisfaction of Muslims with their tyrannical regimes across the Arab world.”

The IHCR urged Western politicians and media outlets to !immediately cease being complicit in the campaign of violence against the Bahraini people.

The joint statement said that the non-sectarian nature of the uprising was
“echoed in the chants of the people of Bahrain that they demonstrate as neither Shia nor Sunni, but as Bahrainis” and that it was the duty of Muslims and all people to “support the struggle of the Bahraini people against their oppressive regime.”

“It is also the duty of the King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, Prime-Minister Khalifa ibn Salman al-Khalifa, and the regime as a whole to listen to the cries of the people; cease immediately their campaign of violent suppression; and allow the Bahrainis to decide their own future,” it said.

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