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Dear America, Your Taxes Are Going Up 20%, Food and Gas Prices Will Skyrocket, The Federal Reserve Just Dropped A Bomb On Us

By MediaChannel - Posted on 10 November 2010

By David DeGraw, AmpedStatus -- I've been writing report after report detailing our economic and political crisis. After writing two books and getting over five million page views on my online reports, I am inspired by the response and support they have been getting from people across the political spectrum. However, I am forced to confront the fact that we are still failing to reach the people that we most urgently need to reach, the average American citizen, the people who are busy working every day trying to make ends meet and don't have the time to read through long reports.

We've begun work on a documentary, but it will take at least eight months to get it out and, given the urgency of our situation, we realize that we don't have time to spare. So we are going to start making short videos to break issues down in an easily understood manner. The goal is to have a video that family and friends can watch which explains our crisis and hopefully inspires passive people into action.

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The number of Americans unemployed and needing, seeking employment having risen to 30 million; the (many) millions of families whose homes have been foreclosed upon; the poverty rate having risen to 52%; and all of this due to the Wall Street "financial terrorist network", while their new QE 2 scheme is going to make conditions much worse! David DeGraw says that the situation already is worse than ever before in US history, and it's going to get much worse.

He clearly is definitely right about Americans all needing to wake up to reality and to strongly unite against this financial terrorism against them.

It was predictable in the 1990s and I've read of it having been predictable in the 1980s, if not '70s, that the US was on a path for major economic troubles. I could see it in the 1990s, though without having been able to know precisely how it would happen. Not being an economist, much less an expert, I could not see the details of how this would eventually happen, but could see that the US was not a society living in long-term sustainable ways. Americans wanted to live with economic comfort and wealth; didn't care about serious poverty in the country for the Americans who were poor and, therefore, didn't care about socio-economic injustice when they weren't among the citizens who were affected; supported wars of aggression and other war crimes of the US; kept electing and re-electing unvettable and criminal candidates as political representatives; and so on. This could only lead to major troubles in the US in the not distant future.

I wasn't the only person who was able to see that the path the US was on was a very bad one that could not leave well-to-do Americans unaffected for very long. But while learning the details about how the major economic destruction of the US is happening today definitely is educational and I greatly appreciate this education, it definitely doesn't bring any comfort. I don't feel vindicated. Instead, I feel very bad about the situation, and it's very much because of the hardship this is causing and the worse hardship that's coming; but it's also because this affects many other countries and is very much due to extreme greed of the elites of the US and extremely negligent voting by Americans. The USA is a curse unto itself and the rest of this world.

Anyway, there were articles posted at over the past year or more by people with very considerable knowledge of economics and what was happening and they said that the US would be a rather real third-world country by 2015, to no later than 2020. Most of these writers said 2015, if recalling correctly.

That is very much what David DeGraw says in this report. He doesn't say 2015 or any year, and doesn't use "third-world" for describing the US at present or for where it's heading; but he describes the country definitely heading to become a real third-world one.


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