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Day of Infamy at General Assembly

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 05 August 2012

  Day of Infamy at General Assembly


by Stephen Lendman


On August 3, The General Assembly ignored rule of law principles. Member states are sworn to uphold them. 


It passed a non-binding Syrian resolution 133 - 12. Thirty-one nations abstained. Cowardice defines their failure to do the right thing.


Saudi Arabia drafted the measure. It partnered with Qatar and perhaps Bahrain doing so. They're regional axis of evil co-conspirators. Compared to them, Assad is saintly.


Russia called the measure "biased and unbalanced." It was that and much more. It ignored reality on the ground. It ran cover for Washington's proxy war. 


It endorsed daily slaughter and destruction. It ignored Western/Arab League/Israeli responsibility for ravaging another nonbelligerent country. It spurned millions of Syrians.


In UN history, August 3, 2012 will live in infamy. 


Honest observers won't forget how irresponsible nations acted. At the same time, 12 courageous ones did the right thing. They include Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Belarus, Myanmar, North Korea and Zimbabwe.


Syria's UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari condemned the resolution. He called it a hysterical anti-Syrian campaign. Fundamental UN Charter and other rule of law principles were violated. 


National sovereignty was ignored. Imperial interests alone were served. Syrians were betrayed.


Western-sponsored terrorism was endorsed. Doing so ensures greater violence, mass killing and human misery.


"Some countries which waged war under the pretext of fighting terrorism are supporting, directly and indirectly, the acts of these armed terrorist groups, of which is al-Qaeda," al Jaafari said.


He added that resolution sponsors Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain are "despotic oligarchies." They're imperial partners. They're attack dogs for Washington's regional wars. They're lawless rogue states. 


They persecute, arrest, imprison, torture, and brutalize their own people. They're ruthless against anyone publicly supporting political, economic and social justice. Their regimes have no legitimacy.


They're silent about ongoing atrocities in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, and their own countries. They supported Washington's war on Gaddafi.


They helped murder tens of thousands of Libyans. They support current puppet leadership. They mock rule of law principles and democratic values. They treat people like garbage and show it.


Iran's acting UN envoy Eshagh Alehabib called the resolution "one-sided." It "will have no impact whatever. It is a piece of theater."


Britain's UN ambassador Mark Grant said it wasn't meant to be balanced. It shamelessly points fingers the wrong way. 


UN envoy Susan Rice echoed Grant's view. She skipped her usual histrionics. Doing so didn't soften her mockery of fundamental international and constitutional law.


Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin accused Western countries of hidden goals. 


The measure "will aggravate the confrontational approach to resolution of the Syrian crisis and will in no way facilitate movement of the sides toward a platform of dialogue and a search for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in the interests of the Syrian people."


Other countries voting no said Syria faces forces supporting terrorism.


Nations voting yes condemned Syria for Western-backed crimes. General Assembly language mocked legitimacy and fairness. It endorsed wrong over right. It gave fig lead cover for greater Western intervention.


It "deplor(ed) the Security Council failure." Doing so took direct aim at Russia and China. So far, their vetoes prevented full-scale war. 


At issue is for how long. Washington has longstanding regime change plans. All means are employed. Body counts don't matter. Imperial priorities take precedence. They include unchallenged regional dominance to Russia and China's borders.


Hypocritically the resolution expressed grave concerns for human rights violations. It lied saying Syria uses heavy weapons against its own people. They're used to defend them against death squad killers. 


It wrongfully claimed Assad "threat(ens) to use chemical or biological weapons."


No such threat was made. Syria admitted having chemical weapons. Biological ones weren't mentioned. Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said Syria would only use chemical weapons against external aggression. Distortion, misinterpretation, and willful lying followed his comments.


Resolution language hypocritically claimed concern for "international peace and security." It expressed "profound regret at the death of many thousands of people." 


At the same time, it ignored Western-sponsored mass killing and destruction. Alleged concern about protecting civilians ignores Washington proxy death squads murdering them.


It shamelessly endorsed fundamental human rights. At the same time, responsible parties violating them aren't mentioned.


Its call for "political transition" ignores fundamental international law. Doing so violates sovereign Syrian rights. In May, free, fair and open parliamentary elections weren't mentioned. Independent international monitors endorsed them.


Ruling Ba'ath party members won a convincing 60% majority. Repeating what's accomplished is irresponsible. Demanding it is unconscionable.


Shamelessness defined August 3 voting. Doing so perpetuates conflict. Escalation, not resolution will follow. One hundred and thirty-three nations have blood on their hands.


A Final Comment


Major media scoundrels hailed the General Assembly vote. Throughout the conflict, they endorsed imperial lawlessness. They cheerlead all US direct, proxy, and planned wars. 


A virtual unanimous hallelujah chorus expressed similar comments. Truth and full disclosure were absent. Perpetrators were absolved. Victims were blamed. 


The New York Times called the resolution an overwhelming critique of Syrian policy. The Wall Street Journal said it condemned Syria's campaign. CBS said it denounced Syria's crackdown but took little action.


AP said it tells Assad to step down. Reuters said it isolates Russia and China for vetoing Security Council resolutions. The Los Angeles Times said it condemned Syrian violence and "big power" inaction.


The Chicago Tribune headlined "UN nations condemn Syria; Russia, China seen isolated." The London Guardian said the General Assembly criticized the Security Council's failure to act. London's Independent said UN nations condemn Syria and demand political transition.


The vote came a day after UN/Arab League Syrian envoy Kofi Annan resigned. It's effective end of August when his mandate expires. Reasons given were duplicitous. Both actions on consecutive days weren't coincidental. They advance the ball for war.


Annan's Washington's man. Obama officials chose him. His "peace plan" was sham cover for imperial lawlessness. It also bought time. Escalated aggression now is planned.


On August 3, Time magazine headlined "Syrian Opposition Sees Annan Failure as Vindication of its Armed Struggle," saying:


Annan's resignation "confirmed the Syrian opposition's belief that there is no alternative (but) a military struggle to bring down the Assad regime."


Former Syrian National Council head Burhan Ghalioun said "(t)he defeat of the Annan plan means there is no political solution." Western powers must act. "We have no time to waste."


Expect continued scoundrel media unanimity. Doing so endorses war. Obama, key NATO partners, and regional allies want full-scale intervention. Only its timing is unknown. 


Prioritizing the prevention of potentially catastrophic war matters most. The entire region and beyond could become embroiled. The threat is too great to ignore.


A late July Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) report said Western intervention looks more likely. "We are not moving toward intervention but intervention is certainly moving towards us," it said.


At issue is "appropriate modes of intervention." In some respects, it already began.


It's been ongoing throughout the conflict. Now it's escalating. Annan's resignation adds momentum. Conditions "make a hands-off approach increasingly" unlikely.


Washington considers conflict resolutions unacceptable. Regime change alone matters. War all along was planned. So is subjugating the entire region. Perhaps destroying it will happen in the process. 


One country after another is ravaged. Mushroom-shaped cloud solutions may follow. Stopping this madness matters most. Imagine what’s coming otherwise.


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History repeats itself when discussing general class systems.   We are either going to learn the reasons for the failure of class history and all class states or Humanity will perish.  To understand the irrational outcome, class/empire outcome in the General Assembly on August 3, 2012, we must understand how class systems functions and fail.   It does not matter whether the class system uses religious class myths and dogma or uses secular class myths and fake social rhetoric.   What they all have in common, their common denominator is to prevent social control of civil society, at the same time convincing deluded citizens that their parasitic, class control represents the interests of all citizens.   There are generic, deformed laws which hold true for all class systems, throughout class history, from its inception with the Patriarchal class mechanism, right through Late Capitalism, which produced the first Axis of Fascism, leading up to World War II, and now has produced a second Axis of Western Fascism through unholy alliances with NATO and Israel, including religious sectarians, totalitarians whether Christian Fascists, Fundamentalists or the Sunni, Jihahidsts, Al Quaida forces in alliance with Western Fascism.

Friday's Jobs Report: More Lies From "Our" Big Brother


"The government that lies to you about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, about Iraq's al Qaeda connections, about the Taliban in Afghanistan, about Osama bin Laden, about Libya and Gadhafi, about Iranian nukes, about Syria, about Pakistan, about Yemen and Somalia, about Bradley Manning, about Julian Assange and Wikileaks, indeed about everything under the sun, also lies to you about jobs, unemployment, economic recovery, GDP growth, 9/11, the "terrorist threat," -- everything. Try to find anything that the government has said over the past six presidential terms that is not a lie.


Other than some minor insignificant detail, "your" government has been consistently lying to you about everything of importance.


"Your" government lies to you, because "your" government has an agenda that it most certainly will not tell you about, because if you knew what it is, you would revolt. Putting down the revolt would divert the government from its agenda.  It would also alert the rest of the world to the fact that the US government has an undeclared agenda of world domination, despite the costs to the American people and every other people.

World War III looms...." 


Historically, once the social agency, the Social Matriarchy lost both social control over wealth and labor, its means of production and social historical mechanism through usurpation, co option and corruption, the parasitical control of surplus wealth created by the agricultural revolution was accomplished by ruling classes and their parasitic class hierarchies.   The Social Matriarchy and its social historical mechanism was turned upside down, corrupted, into an inverted class mechanism, Patriarchy, which was responsible for the downfall of Women and their egalitarian, social relations in the Matriarchy.  First women, then Humanity were turned into property, class relations, then the enslavement of the whole of Humanity itself.    An inverted historical mechanism, the Patriarchal class mechanism, produces all manner and forms of class systems, which in turn produces its inverted totalitarian class power.   Throughout class history, class systems have been enslaving Humanity right through today, using the same common denominators, class inverting, class deforming functions, which make up class hierarchies.   These class elites ensconced in class hierarchies must use class deformed language, class myths, and fake social rhetoric to hide their class tyranny, at the same time falsely claiming social principles to bamboozle social classes.  Their embrace of false   social unity, Paternalism, results in slavery and war.  It accomplishes this generic ideological corruption through inversion, co option, substitution, corruption, leading to false conflation of partial truths that make up the Orwellian, totalitarian, class principle and its class policies:

Washington's Press is the Cabin Boy of the Political Class – Do Quote Me on That

Desperate for scraps from official Washington sources, many US reporters are now co-conspirators in an ongoing fraud


 “Here's what you can quote me on: such ridiculous, pusillanimous, deceitful attributions are a standard tool of the Washington press corps, which as a group is too caught up in its own self-importance and petty competition to understand it has become the cabin boy of the political class. In the name of supposedly informing the audience, Washington reporters are co-conspirators in an ongoing fraud. Here's what it looks like:

USA Today:"Mitt Romney is planning a bus tour ahead of the Republican national convention. A Romney campaign aide confirmed the bus trip to USA Today. The aide, who is not authorised to discuss the trip publicly, asked for anonymity because details have not yet been announced."

Oh, wait. They have too been announced. Just now. By the Romney campaign.

These are not whistleblowers being protected, or even insiders going out on a limb. The epidemic of blind quotes [when interviewees don't want to say anything on the record] is a standard way of giving a platform to officials speaking in an official capacity, yet with zero accountability. The practice is also supremely manipulative, giving the most banal information the allure of forbidden fruit.

At its worst, the game can allow the vice president of the United States to leak phony intelligence to the New York Times and later refer back to the leak as independent journalistic confirmation, leading to invasion and hundreds of thousands of deaths and a trillion dollars in squandered treasure.

On the plus side, the Times scooped everyone.

The Iraq disgrace aside, obscuring official sources might be understandable if this journalistic worst practice were in the service of earth-shaking news. It almost never is. Here are some blind quotes from just the last few days:

The Atlantic:"A former McCain staffer who saw the summary of Romney's tax data independently confirmed former Republican presidential nominee John McCain's account that there was nothing disqualifying in it, but said he was not authorised to provide more detail from the confidential report."

Associated Press:"The Democratic official would not comment on the exact language of the pro-gay marriage plank approved by the drafting committee. It was unclear if the party would call for any national action to legalise gay marriage . The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak publicly about the platform committee's decision."

Reuters:"Members of the Federal Trade Commission voted to approve a consent decree that will allow Google to settle the agency's investigation but admit no liability, said one of the sources, who was not authorised to speak on the record."

And here's the thing about epidemics: they spread. In recent days, anonymity was provided to sources in stories about investments, the courts, an NBA player trade, a shopping-centre sale in Sacramento, California and at least one huge development of historic significance: concern over Jimmy Fallon hosting the Oscars:

LA Times:"ABC has raised objections to having the late-night star from rival NBC play emcee on its Oscar broadcast, these people said, but the network has no authority to veto the choice of host. The show is put on by the Motion Picture Academy, and Tom Sherak initiated the discussions before his term as academy president ended on Tuesday, according to the people who were not authorised to speak publicly."

Congratulations, stewards of freedom, you have heroically served the public's right to know.

The blind quotes, though, are not even the worst of it. The New York Times recently revealedthat reporters are not merely working on background, they negotiate after interviews what comments may be used and send them to sources for prepublication approval. The sources routinely edit those quotes before turning them back over to news organisations.

As media ethicist Edward Wasserman so aptly put it, "At this point you're no longer talking about an interview; you're talking about a press release … And what happens is Washington becomes no different from Beijing, in terms of reporting what authorities want reported".

Once again, this turns out not to be some sort of rare practice confined to sleazy blogs. It is a sleazy practice embraced by the most venerable journalism institutions, desperate to feed on the scraps offered by official Washington, no matter how degrading and unscrupulous the transaction. One Washington Post reporter was caught sharingan entire draft of a story about Texas learning standards with university of Texas officials….”


The earliest myth of the Patriarchal class mechanism/systems was of course a religious class myth, the Garden of Eden and "original sin", which are similar to the "greed" explanations of failed human beings.  It was an attempt to hide the class tyranny of the Patriarchal class system and explain, only, the secondary effects of class systems, "original sin" and "greed" to human failures, to Human Nature. It was, however, class systems which deformed Human Nature.   Like all class myths, there is a rational kernel of truth within it, while substituting one reality for another, through false conflation.   The Garden of Eden is an admission that something more rational, human and moral existed before the rise of Patriarchy, which is of course the Social Matriarchy as both a social agency and as a social historical mechanism.  If you think about it all historical discussions related to "utopias" defines the condition of social control over civil society, unlike all class systems.  Patriarchy and later all 3 Patriarchal religions,  Jewish, Christian and Muslim histories (His story) are based on the earliest religious, class myths of the Bible which sought to justify the rise of class history, Patriarchal class tyranny.   The breakdown of all Patriarchal religions into religious conflicts and dogmatic sectarianism is really a conflict with its own contradictions, having usurped social control over civil society, it is at war with the "utopia" of the Garden of Eden, at war with a social historical mechanism, at war with a global social agency, like the Social Matriarchy, and later at war with the social ideas of the Enlightenment. It cannot resolve them within class system and therefore turns on each other as unholy alliances, much like the Post colonial states and deformed workers states:

Mad Dog Leaders Threaten Humanity


“A common thread defines Obama and Netanyahu. Their agenda threatens humanity. Both head modern-day Spartas.

Israelis very much involved in Washington's war on Syria. At issue is destroying another independent state, murdering thousands, planning more wars, and threatening the entire region and beyond.

Iranis next in line. Saber rattling combines with war by other means. It includes sanctions, subversion, instability, cyberwar, targeted assassinations, other disruptive actions, and relentless scoundrel media vilification and fearmongering.

On August 3, Haaretz headlined "King Bibi in trouble." Poll numbers show a 60% disapproval rating. It's not for institutionalized militarism and belligerence. It's about new budget cuts hardening neoliberal harshness.

Most Israelis are fed up with what harms their well-being. Their narrow definition omits likely blowback from regional wars and more planned. Conflict rages cross border in Syria. If attacked, Hezbollah can respond in kind.

Key is whether Israel plans bombing Iran's nuclear facilities. Doing so is lawless, madness, and self-destructive. Nonetheless, heated rhetoric suggests it's possible…”


The ancient Greeks understood this Patriarchal, class, contradiction and tried to break out of this religious class paradigm.  It first understood that all civil societies had in fact been class deformed, initiated by the Patriarchal class mechanism. Their attempt at democracy was to reclaim social control over civil society, to regain, the "utopia" of the hidden Social Matriarchy, in the myth of the Garden of Eden.   However, partial social reforms, experiments at democracy within a class system, ( which for ancient Greece was the Patriarchy) did not reclaim social control over civil society, but produced another class form.   When Plato, tried to reclaim the "utopia" of the Social Matriarchy, social control over civil society, his act of grafting partial democratic forms into the existing Patriarchy through his concept and work, the Republic, peoples state produced, instead, a crippled class republic, class democracy, deformed city-state, which degenerated even further into class tyrants and class Empires.   This failure, however, produced another advance in social theory, namely how to reconcile contradictory, formal categories, like (class) democracies with other totalitarian class forms, categories and link it to class deformed civil societies.    The crippled class democracy joined the ranks of other more regressive class outcomes, class forms, already named:  oligarchy and plutocracy, having failed to accomplish the goal of social control over civil society.  This was seen as an organic process, but also above all, as a degenerating class process, class cycle, that leads towards class tyrants and class empires:

Obama does Syriana


“It took Reuters quite a while to be allowed to report that US President Barack Obama had approved an intelligence finding [1] letting the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) loose in its support for the weaponized "rebels" fighting for regime change in Syria.


By now even fishermen in Fiji know about this "secret" (not to mention that everyone and his neighbor across Latin America knows a thing or two about the CIA's regime change adventures). Reuters cautiously describes the support as "circumscribed". That's code for "leading from behind".

Whenever the CIA wants to leak something it uses a faithful scribe, such as David Ignatius from the Washington Post. Already on July 18, Ignatius was reproducing his briefing,[2] according to which "the CIA has been working with the Syrian opposition for several weeks under a non-lethal directive ... Scores of Israeli intelligence officers are also operating along Syria's border, though they are keeping a low profile."

How lovely. How low profile do you get along Syria's borders? An Instagram surrounded by a bunch of grinning truck drivers?

As for the Mossad's "low profile," the spin in Tel Aviv is that Israel is able to "control" the swarm of hardcore Wahhabis and Salafi-jihadis now infesting Syria. Even if that is manifest nonsense, one juicy point is clear; Israel is in bed with al-Qaeda-style Islamists.

What this means is that the Not Exactly Free Syrian Army (FSA), crammed with Muslim Brotherhood diehards and infiltrated by Salafi-jihadis, is following the agenda not only of their financiers and weaponizers -- the House of Saud and Qatar -- but also Tel Aviv, alongside Washington and its trademark poodles London and Paris. So this is not just a proxy war -- it's a multiple, concentric proxy war.

Meet the triangle of death….”

The Social Enlightenment took this class history into account and advanced social theory beyond appeals to "Enlightenment" rulers within class systems, which itself is based on a class myth and delusion that class systems produce social control over civil society or that Elephants birth kittens.  The most revolutionary liberals were socialists and libertarians and proposed the establishment of both a social agency that would reclaim the social historical mechanism, deformed by the Patriarchal class mechanism.    It proposed the creation, as a universal, global principle, of "viable" middle classes, that would dissolve all class hierarchies, partial, divisible, subordinated, blackmailed middle layers, who are the shock troops for parasitical class systems.    It would break the back of the Patriarchal class mechanism, defeating not only the Feudal class state, but end all class systems and their class deforming hierarchies who invert reality, co opt, corrupt social demands, and betray all social classes.   The failure of the Social Enlightenment to reclaim the "utopia", social control over civil society, failing to establish this global, universal social agency, meant that class hierarchies would continue into the industrial revolution producing another class system, in new clothes called Capitalism.  The rise of Napoleon in the late stage of the French revolution signaled the failure of the Social Enlightenment to end all class systems, when new forms of class laws were passed, the Napoleonic Code of laws, and the shift from revolutionary liberals, into today's class Liberals.   The class shills of liberalism and conservatism would defend, conserve, their ideological class centers, always center right class ideologies, which all shifted, through endless class compromise, into a proto fascist processthat produced Napoleon, the first capitalist tyrant.

It would be the second one, if you include the Puritan class tyrant, Cromwell, of the English revolution), which still embraced aristocratic alliances.   This early Capitalist process degenerated even further into the first Axis of Fascism under Late Capitalism:

Towards A "Soft Invasion"? The Launching of a "Humanitarian War" against Syria


“An all-out "humanitarian war" against Syria is on the drawing board of the Pentagon, which, if carried out, could lead the World into a regional war extending from the Eastern Mediterranean to the heartland of Central Asia. The underlying scenario of Worldwide conflict goes far beyond the diabolical design of Orwell's 1984.


The Obama administration, in liaison with London, Paris, Tel Aviv and NATO headquarters in Brussels, is mulling over various military "intervention options" directed against Syria, including the conduct of both naval and air operations in support of "opposition" rebel forces on the ground.

The US and its impervious British ally are on a "humanitarian war footing."

Allied forces including intelligence operatives and special forces have reinforced their presence on the ground in support of the opposition's "Free Syrian Army" (FSA). The British Ministry of Defense is reported to be "drawing up contingency plans in case the UK decides to deploy troops to the volatile region."

Naval and air force deployments have already been announced by the British Ministry of Defense. According to London's news tabloids, quoting "authoritative" military sources; "...The escalating civil war [in Syria] made it increasingly likely that the West would be forced to step in." (Daily Mail, July 24, 2012)

An Iraq-style "shock and awe" bombing campaign is, for practical reasons, not being contemplated: "defence analysts warned that a force of at least 300,000 troops would be needed to carry out a full-scale intervention [in Syria]. Even then, this would face fierce resistance. ..." (Ibid)

Rather than carrying out an all-out Blitzkrieg, the US-NATO-Israel military alliance has chosen to intervene under the diabolical R2P frame of "humanitarian warfare." Modeled on Libya, the follow broad stages are envisaged:

1. A US-NATO backed insurgency integrated by death squads is launched under the disguise of a "protest movement" (mid-March 2011 in Daraa)

2. British, French, Qatari and Turkish Special Forces are on the ground in Syria, advising and training the rebels as well as overseeing special operations. Mercenaries hired by private security companies are also involved in supporting rebels forces.

3. The killings of innocent civilians by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are deliberately carried out as part of a covert intelligence operation. (See SYRIA: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria, Global Research, May 2012)

4. The Syrian government is then blamed for the resulting atrocities. Media disinformation is geared towards demonizing the Syrian government. Public opinion is led into endorsing a military intervention on humanitarian grounds.

5. Responding to public outrage, US-NATO is then "forced to step in" under a Humanitarian "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) mandate. Media propaganda goes into high gear. "The International Community" comes to the rescue of the Syrian people."

6. Warships and fighter jets are then deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean. These actions are coordinated with logistical support to the rebels and Special forces on the ground.

7. The final objective is "regime change" leading to the "break-up of the country" along sectarian lines and/or the installation of an "Islamist-dominated or influenced regime" modelled on Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

8. War plans in relation to Syria are integrated with those pertaining to Iran. The road to Tehran goes through Damascus. The broader implications of US-NATO intervention are military escalation and the possible unleashing of a regional war extending from the Eastern Mediterranean to Central Asia, in which China and Russia could be directly or indirectly involved.

Stages 1 through 4 have already been implemented.

Stage 5 has been announced.

Stage 6 involving the deployment of British and French warships to the Eastern Mediterranean is slated to be launched, according to the British Ministry of Defense, in "later Summer." (See Michel Chossudovsky, The US-NATO War on Syria: Western Naval Forces Confront Russia Off the Syrian Coastline? Global Research, July 26, 2012.)

Phase 7, namely "regime change" -- which constitutes the end game of humanitarian warfare -- has been announced on numerous occasions by Washington. In the words of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, referring to President Bashar Al Assad: "It's no longer a question of whether he's coming to an end, it's when."

The End Game: Destabilizing the Secular State, Installing "Political Islam"…”



It is under these deforming, degenerating class systems we see not only unholy, secular alliances developing through the Second Axis of Western Fascism, the fascist alliances with NATO nations, and Fascist Israeli Zionism. Their secular, class myths, of "free markets" turns reality on its head, as such markets have never existed, except in the social agenda of Adam Smith who tied it to social control over civil society.   Like the Nazis, the word "Freedom", like the word, "Greed" and the word, "Original Sin" are all corrupt substitutes for totalitarian class systems.   Enslaved labor in concentration camps was called "Arbeit Macht Frei" (FREEDOM), just as the class parties around the world call fascist austerity, enslavement of multiple nations, Free market solutions.    There is not much difference between fundamentalist, religious class myths of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and the secular class myths of Western class states.   All contribute to the unholy alliance and Western gangsters THAT REFLECTS ALL CLASS SYSTEMS.  It is now tied, also, to Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar, Sunni, monarchical dictators, linked to Al Qaeda religious totalitarians, which repeats the same support for "Freedom Fighters" under Reagan, opposed to the secular Soviet supported regime, which included Osama Bin Laden.   Pepe Escobar has it right, along with Stephen Lendman, Paul Craig Roberts who have it right, when they point the finger at the Fascist alliance with Israel, NATO and the UNHOLY ALLIANCE with reactionary Sunni jihadists, Al Quada fighters who are trying to take down the secular Syrian regime.   Class systems and their CO OPTING, CORRUPTING, SUBSTITUTING, CLASS FUNCTIONS have always found new forms, new ways, to circumvent old failures for new failures.  The effort to end African slavery was followed with new forms of slavery, enslavement, fascist austerity.  The effort to end colonialism was followed with new forms of Post-colonialism, economic subordination.   The effort to end, criminalize military embargoes was followed with new forms of economic embargoes, sanctions, based on lies by all class systems, including the lie that Iran has nuclear weapons.


We are at a crossroad, where these UNHOLY ALLIANCES, both secular and religious has produced World War I  and World War II, class systems which manufacture mass psychosis, fascist propaganda by the corporate media.

The corporate media promotes these collections of global gangsters, religious and secular, which threatens the whole world and challenges Russia, China, into a showdown that can only lead to World War III.    It is a room of criminals, secular and religious, class thugs, much like a den of thieves who hope that one of them comes out at the top of the heap, when the whole world, humanity hangs in balance, with the threat of global nuclear war.  All this can be attributed to failed class history, failed class states, failed class systems which produce slavery, enslavement, class patriotism, class nationalism and Western Fascism.......BECAUSE WE AS HUMANITY HAVE NOT RECLAIMED SOCIAL CONTROL OVER CIVIL SOCIETY.   This will require a GLOBAL BOYCOTT, against all class systems, class tyrants, class empires, and their class politicians.   We must reclaim both the Social Historical mechanism that once existed in the Matriarchy and the social agenda of the Enlightenment, to gain the necessary, critical social forces to establish global middle classes around the world, that can dissolve class hierarchies, class systems and break the back of the Patriarchal class mechanism, ending class history.   We must prevent A FASCIST OBAMA, FASCIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and ALL CLASS PARTIES in an unholy alliance with Western global Fascism from World War III.  We must also expose the religious class thugs, gangsters pushing China, Russia and other nations into World War III, who are  opposed to this global Fascism:

 Accounts of Syria rebels executing prisoners raise new human rights concerns

Read more here:


“Syrian insurgents fighting to unseat President Bashar Assad face a growing list of accusations that they’ve carried out executions and torture, muddying the Western narrative of a heroic resistance force struggling against a vicious regime.

The issue of rebel conduct has come to the forefront this month largely because of a video posted online showing the aftermath of apparent executions of pro-Assad militiamen during the rebels’ capture of an intelligence center in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

A reporter for the Turkish newspaper Milliyet witnessed the incident Tuesday and confirmed in a first-person account the circumstances of the killings: More than a dozen men were captured alive and then summarily executed in what advocacy group Human Rights Watch called an apparent “war crime.”

The men “were forced into a building, then brought before a court of the Free Syrian Army on the back of a pickup truck, after which they were lined up and shot at lightning speed,” the Milliyet reporter wrote.

The incident doesn’t appear to be isolated, either. A McClatchy reporter traveling with a unit of the Free Syrian Army was told that rebels had captured about 45 Assad loyalists in fighting in Al Tal, north of Damascus. Asked later what had become of the prisoners, a rebel said eight had been executed, 25 had been released and the rest were being held in hopes of a future prisoner exchange.

This week, a rebel commander in Damascus said that over the months his unit had executed perhaps 150 people it had detained on suspicion of being pro-Assad informants.

The Agence France-Presse news service, meanwhile, cited a top Iraqi security official in a report July 19 describing the rebels’ takeover of a border outpost. According to the official in the report, “they executed 22 soldiers in front of the eyes of Iraqi soldiers.”

Meanwhile, the so-called Daoud Battalion, a rebel force that operates in Jebel al Zawiyah in northern Syria, used its captives and suspected spies in an “ingenious” form of vehicle bombings against regime targets, according to a July 25 report on rebel groups by the Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think-tank that has made a specialty of studying the Syrian rebel movement.

The rebels put the prisoners in cars rigged with explosives and then remotely detonated the bombs when the vehicles approached government checkpoints.

"In videos of these attacks, the group has been careful to note that despite their appearance, they are not ’martyrdom operations,’" the report said, a reference to suicide attacks by its own members.

Taken as a whole, such incidents show the depth of the uprising’s evolution in 17 months from a protest movement against dictatorship to an all-out civil war, with both sides committing what ultimately may be viewed as war crimes.

“We’re going to face retaliation and revenge at the end because the numbers of those being killed is huge,” said Mohammad Abdallah, head of the new Syria Justice and Accountability Center, a partly U.S.-funded center for documenting atrocities. “The rebels, the protesters, maintained remarkable self-control at the beginning, but after that, the (regime’s) killing approached a level you cannot really tolerate, and everyone has the right to defend themselves in the end.”

Even the rebels’ U.S. supporters appear to be more cautious in their statements after a series of hits to the opposition forces’ credibility:purported videos of regime crimes that were revealed as fakes, exaggerations in reports of mass killing by government forces, the spread of militant Islamists in rebel ranks, U.N. claims of cease-fire violations and, now, potential atrocities such as prisoner executions…”

WORLD WAR III could be started by the Western fascist alliance and its religious gangsters trying to topple Arab regimes through manufactured civil wars, unholy alliances with Sunni , Al Qaida forces as it was done by Reagan and Osama Bin Laden, through paid mercenaries, religious thugs.   Obama has become Ronald Reagan.


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