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Crackdown against Bahrainis intensifies to pre-empt major protests ahead

As the third anniversary of the 14th February Revolution approaches the Alkhalifa regime has intensified its crackdown on Bahrainis in a desperate attempt to stall massive demonstrations to mark the occasion. Three young people from Duraz were kidnapped by members of the Death Squads operating under the control of the royal court. Fadhel Muslim, Ali Abdul Ameer and Sadiq Al Asfoor were detained one week ago and nothing has been heard of them since. They were hit by police using live ammunition in revenge for continuing the civil strife that has exposed Alkhalifa as the worst regime in the Middle East in terms of despotism and human rights violations. Also the fate of Formula 1 victim, Nafisa Al Usfoor, is causing concern to her family. She was due to have a family visit earlier this week but the visit was cancelled and the family was told that the young Bahraini had been transferred to hospital. Together with Rayhana Al Mousawi, Nafisa was subjected to horrific torture includ ing sexual assaults after their arrest during the F1 race last year. Bahrainis are now viewing this race with contempt as it has caused enormous pain to Bahrainis over the past few years.

Arrest of Bahrainis has, meanwhile, continued unabated. Mohammad Ali Khamis from Bilad Al Qadim was arrested on Tuesday 14thJanuary. Two youths from Bani Jamra were also arrested: Ahmad Al Arab and Mansoor Al Jamri. The policy of revenge from anyone who speaks out about treatment inside the torture dungeons has continued. Abdul Jabbar Ahmad was arrested two weeks ago and subjected to severe torture. While his friends gathered in mosques to pray for him, Others called for investigating the torture he had endured. Al Wasat newspaper also dealt with his case. The Alkhalifa regime’s reaction was to order his transfer to another cell and deny him medication for his ailments resulting from torture.Two other Bahrainis have been jailed for five years for taking part in anti-regime protest. Sayed Jaffar Sayed Salman and Abdulla Ahmad were subjected to horrific treatment before their sentence.

On 14th January Amnesty International urged its members to write to Alkhalifa dictators to demand the immediate release of Ahmad Mushaima, the son of the popular leader, Hassan Mushaima. He was arrested two weeks ago in revenge from his father and family, subjected to horrific torture and detained for no criminal reason. The Urgent Action said: “Ahmad Mushaima’, who suffers from Blount's disease, a deformity of the lower legs, was taken to the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in the capital, Manama, where he was beaten, kicked in the legs, forced to insult his father and his religion, and coerced into signing documents. He was accused of participating in demonstrations in Jid Hafs, just outside Manama,” Amnesty also called for immediate investigation into allegations of torture and bring those responsible to justice.

Amnesty International also issued an Urgent Action calling for dropping the charges against Hussain Jawad since they are related solely to the legitimate exercise of his right to freedom of expression; It urged Alkhalifa officials to respect and protect the rights to freedom of expression and assembly and ensure that all human rights organizations and human rights defenders are able to carry out their work without hindrance, intimidation or harassment. Hussain Jawad, Chairman of the European-Bahraini organization for Human Rights (EBOHR), was released from Dry Dock prison on bail of 100 Bahraini Dinars (US$265) on 9 January 2014, 46 days after his arrest. He was charged with, among other things, “inciting hatred against the regime”. He is now facing trial but no dates have yet been scheduled.

Calls have also been made by  the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the OMCT for the release of Nabeel Rajab who has been behind bars for more than 18 months for opposing Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship. Mr. Rajab’s ongoing detention is arbitrary as it results from the exercise of his universally recognised human rights and as his right to a fair trial has not been guaranteed. The two organisations called upon the Bahraini authorities to immediately comply with the UN WGAD's decision and release Mr. Rajab immediately and unconditionally.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
15th January 2014



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