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Congress Members Engage in Routine Insider Trading; Topic Reduces 60 Minutes to Non-Corporate Media Status

By davidswanson - Posted on 13 November 2011

Here is a video by 60 Minutes all about the making of a story by 60 Minutes.  The reason is the extreme lengths the show thinks it went to to get comments from a member of Congress: staking out their public events and likely appearances, the same thing everyone else who wants to ask the important questions has always had to do for years.  The story here is not exactly as presented.  The story is that 60 Minutes has dared to address an unacceptable topic.  The topic in this case is Congressional insider trading, a topic upon which — as with most important topics — there is complete bipartisan harmony, and yet somehow no public satisfaction.


Quite a pathological liar, con, while only being able to con fools; thank goodness.  She also seems to possibly live in [witting] denial, as if knowing she's lying, but while wanting to pretend even to herself that she's being truthful, I guess.  Maybe she has a psychological weakness or handicap that prevents simply living according to and speaking the truth.

I'm trying to be nice about this, rather than solely saying she's a pathological liar, con, criminal.  If she has a psychological problem that causes her to act as she does, then it makes her less responsible.  Otherwise, she's fully responsible for her pathological lying and other crimes.

My guess is that she doesn't have this kind of mental problem, but we can consider the possibility that she does, anyway.

If we put aside being formal, PC, et cetera, though, then we could say that she's extremely "nuts", which is certainly not an offencive way to speak of someone of her criminality.

She's in "major league" criminality and I doubt that she's unaware of this.


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