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Close Guantanamo NOW Message More Relevant Than Ever

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 06 June 2013

On Saturday, Day 115 of the prisoners’ hunger strike, we heard that the US had released a prisoner from Bagram, and two from Guantanamo back to their home country of Mauritania. We soon learned that only the prisoner in Bagram went home. Other than Omar Khadr (a child when he was captured and sent to GTMO), who was sent to Canada in 2012, no prisoners have been released since August of 2010. See Andy Worthington's stories of the Mauritanian prisoners, still waiting for justice.

Protesting for Bradley Manning in Seattle

Protesting for Bradley Manning in Seattle, Emma Kaplan holds up a copy of the Close Guantanamo Now ad from The New York Times. Without Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, the faces of the Guantanamo detainees would not be available to us.

It's Day 118 of the strike. Guantanamo is still open, no cleared prisoners have been released, and indefinite detention is the status quo under the Obama administration.

Our message Close Guantanamo NOW is more relevant than ever. It will appear in the July issue of
The Progressive, and this week's edition of Revolution newspaper.  We are seeking to publish it further internationally, and give blanket permission for any publication as long as is mentioned.

Fundraising progressPlease send your ideas, and your donations to make that possible.

A friend wrote:

Dear Debra,

When I saw the full-page Gitmo ad in The New York Times, I felt tremendous pride at the accomplishment of bringing it off, knowing how much effort had gone into it. There was almost a feeling of euphoria because this tremendous roster of known names had managed to break out of the Obama stupor so many had been trapped in for five years. (I know that's not fair to some of those who had already seen the light long ago, but it was great to see them all coalescing in the face of the shameful outrage of Guantanamo.)

It reminded me of the activism of Vietnam days, and of the period of mass protest in the run-up to Bush's Iraq war in 2003. It was exhilarating -- and I hope not deceptively so -- to think that we may be able to get a movement going again on the issues of Obama's wars and the security state. It was timely too, in view of BHO's big "security speech" a few days later.

It was also, as I said, very well written and laid out. Very in-your-face, virtually leaping off the page.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, did I contribute? Will do so on line.



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