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Clinton Resign: Hillary Shows Her Contempt for Free Speech, Silent 71 Year-Old Veteran Roughed Up

By Ralph Lopez - Posted on 17 February 2011

Last night, Hillary Clinton had just delivered the line "and then they pulled the plug" during her speech on freedom of expression in Egypt, and smiled slightly, when the two security goons pounced on 71 year-old Ray McGovern, who had been standing with his back turned to her no more than 20 feet away.  McGovern was wearing his Veterans for Peace t-shirt in silent protest of the wars, uttering not a single, solitary word.   Taken aback by the suddenness and violence of the assault by the two smirking young thugs, one in a uniform, McGovern managed to call out as he was manhandled out of the room: "So this is America?'  McGovern was then double-handcuffed, jailed, and left bruised and bloodied from the encounter.

Clinton never broke stride, paused, or even batted an eyelash.  Her demeanor was such that she could have been drying her nails.  

Even John Kerry, during the famous "Don't taze me bro" incident, tried to intercede on behalf of a young man who was grabbed by police after he had finished his question, saying "no, no, let me answer the question..."

The chilling display of sang froid as an American's First Amendment rights were brutally violated right before her eyes casts Hillary Clinton in an entirely new light to a world in which downtrodden people are casting off their dictators, and the U.S. is criticized for saying one thing and doing another.  This incident, in view of the entire world, renders her unqualified for the office of Secretary of State, which must play a crucial and delicate role in ushering in the new era launched by the sacrifices in the streets of the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples.  

The shocking clarity with which American hypocrisy is put on full display in this incident demands the Secretary of State's resignation.  The Secretary has made an embarrassing mockery of US pronouncements about freedom of expression, and, in a fatal hindrance to the performance of her duties, she can never be taken seriously again on this issue.  As well, a call for her to step down can do much to reverse the contempt for all dissent into which we are sliding, as shown by the Obama administration's persecution of  peace activists in St. Paul and Chicago  who are now under subpoena to explain their political views.  A swinish McCarthyesque era is upon us, and we can put a stop to it right now.  

Who is Ray McGovern?

Ray McGovern is a 27-year veteran of the CIA who served seven US presidents, which included presenting morning intelligence briefings to the White House.  He was Ronald Reagan's daily intelligence briefer from 1981 to 1985.  He also prepared daily intelligence briefs to VP George HW Bush, and  the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  After the invasion of Iraq, McGovern came out vociferously against "pre-emptive war" and Bush administration foreign policy, at one point confronting Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in a press conference.  He reminded Rumsfeld that he had told the American people there was "bulletproof evidence" of ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.  McGovern pointedly asked Rumsfeld  if that was "a lie."  McGovern is now a leader in opposing U.S. wars, and now fiercely condemns the organization he was a part of.

McGovern told OpededNews today:

"At the same [Rumsfeld] speech, there was a courageous guy who stood with his back to Rumsfeld the entire speech. They left him completely alone and he walked out at the end, unbothered. Four years later, things have changed.

Of his injuries McGovern said later "The guy in the suit was the one who did the damage. He was brutal."

On this eve of a congressional vote to further fund the war in Afghanistan, citizens can show their solidarity with McGovern by demanding their congressmen co-sponsor the resolution  put forth by Rep. Barbara Lee , which will stop all further funding of military operations in Afghanistan except those necessary to effect an orderly withdrawal, beginning immediately.

The White House
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

 Contact Congress

"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire


McGovern v. Rumsfeld


Hillary might also be inclined to lecture the world on corruption. Unfortunately, Hillary's own State Department cannot even do a simple glassware contract without it being both no-bid and padded. Are we sure that she is qualified to reprimand corruption in other countries? It would seem not.

Hey kidz!!! "Vets For Peace" demand apology from Hillary "Ice Queen" Clinton . . .

. . . for allowing brother Ray McGovern to be beaten up by her thugs for turning his back on her in silent protest during her "Freedom Of Expression" speech.

(clipped headline and article from Veterans Today)
"VETS FOR PEACE DEMANDS APOLOGY FROM HILLARY CLINTON - VETERANS’ GROUP DEMANDS APOLOGY FROM SECRETARY OF STATE - Veterans For Peace is proud of our member Ray McGovern, whose simple, dignified action speaks volumes about the power of non-violence."

(full story)

Hmmm, looks like OUR Military isn't happy about how this 71 year old veteran was treated . . . under "her watch" . . . ;-)

(clipped text from above Veterans Today article)
"We also deplore the indifference of Secretary Clinton who didn’t bat an eye and we demand that she apologize for her silence and hypocrisy."

Furthermore, it looks like OUR Military still remember their OATH to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution from ALL Enemies . . . Foreign and Domestic . . .

(clipped text from above Veterans Today article)
"We abhor the actions of the security personnel who reacted violently and in flagrant violation of Mr. McGovern’s First Amendment rights."

Most importantly, we see "Shades of Egypt" and the "Glimmer of 1776" in the FACT that OUR Military . . . is standing more and more with WE THE THE PEOPLE . . . AGAINST this BushCo/ObamaCo Global Zionist Tyranny.

(clipped text from above Veterans Today article)
"Most importantly, we call on the American public to wake up to the dark reality of what this country has become . . . a place where civil liberties and freedom of expression are becoming increasingly endangered, and the government’s response to every situation is intimidation and force."

Meanwhile, it looks like Secretary of State Hillary "Ice Queen" Clinton is proving by her actions where she comes down on this question of loyalty . . .

(clipped headline and article from Veterans Today)
"RAYMOND DAVIS - HILLARY’S DIPLOMATIC THUG - DIPLOMAT, DRUG MULE OR TERRORIST? IS THERE A DIFFERENCE? . . .Now our own State Department claims these thugs are diplomats?"

(full story)

Protecting murderers and drug runners while terrorizing the peaceful and innocent . . .

Doesn't that sum up our post-PNAC Zionist Foreign Policy for the past decade?

Like I said, kidz . . . This story is NOT going away . . . ;-)

No one can serve two masters . . .

Whom does Hillary "Ice Queen" Clinton serve???

"Cruella De Vil,
Cruella De Vil
If she doesn't scare you
No evil thing will
To see her is to take
A sudden chill
The curl in her lips
The ice in her stare
The innocent children better beware
She's like a spider
Waiting for the kill
Look out for
Cruella, Cruella De Vil"
- "Cruella De Vil" from Disney's 101 Dalmatians by Mel Leven



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