You are herecontent / Chicago Rally to Thank Obama for Supposedly Ending War in Iraq Turns Up 30 Speakers and 10 Audience Members

Chicago Rally to Thank Obama for Supposedly Ending War in Iraq Turns Up 30 Speakers and 10 Audience Members

Obama promised to make ending the war in Iraq his first act in office. Then he did what he could to avoid ending it. Forced by Bush and Maliki and the Iraqis to remove troops, he's keeping troops nearby and filling bases with mercenaries, while expanding ground and drone wars around the region and claiming the power to make war anywhere he likes, including having already done so in Libya. Nonetheless a hearty band of Obama-Right-Or-Wrongers planned a rally in Chicago to praise the president for . . . well, for something or other.

The rally was sponsored by Marilyn Katz and Carl Davidson and "Chicagoans Against War in Iraq," and was promoted as a big national event. I heard about the planning here in Virginia. Among the 30 speakers were the president of the Cook County Board Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman Joe Moore, and Tom Hayden. But an email report I've just been forwarded says the audience was "5-10," and "Dozens and dozens of prepared placards that said 'yes we can' were in a box, untouched."

Meanwhile, "In opposition, holding placards, were some 15 or more from March 19th Anti-War Coalition, Occupy Chicago, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice, and others. The placards included slogans "The U.S. War on Iraq is NOT Over" "Obama Does Mot Deserve Praise," "Obama is Continuing Illegal & Unjust Wars," "Obama Is Threatening Iran and Syria," "Free Bradley Manning," "No War on Iran," "Orambo," "There Is Nothing to Celebrate" and others. Hundreds of leaflets from the March 19th Anti-War Coalition entitled "The Government is NOT bringing all U.S. troops home or ending its wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or its threats against Iran and Syria and elsewhere" were distributed to passersby as well as those at the rally."

UPDATE: Story and Photo Here.

UPDATE 2: Hayden, Davidson, and Katz tell me this was no rally at all, just a press conference.  None of them can explain the placards.  They gave NBC the impression it was a rally. They gave In These Times the impression it was a rally. I'm not aware of any other press, of any press that did not think it was a rally.






Marilyn Katz

MK Communications

Activists From Across the Nation to Gather in Chicago at

2002 Rally Site to Mark Iraq War End

Determination of a few can change the world


(CHICAGO—December 15, 2011) Nine years and two months after the first large protest against the then impending war in Iraq, organizers of the now-famous rally will return there with anti-war leaders from throughout the nation to mark the end of what they predicted to be and has turned out to be an ill-conceived and costly war.

“On October 2, 2002,” said Marilyn Katz, “to the surprise of themselves and a nation still reeling from the events of 9/11, thousands of people gathered in Federal Plaza to voice our opposition to an impending war that we felt was built on lies and would cost both the people of Iraq and America thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Among the speakers that day was a relatively unknown state senator – Barack Obama, who added a strong voice in opposition when it was not yet a popular position.

“What began as a few thousand people in Federal Plaza and places like it grew to a movement of millions who opposed a war and became a critical force in electing a president who promised to end the war he had long opposed.  That movement has continued.  The promise has been kept.  We return to Federal Plaza to mourn the losses all have endured and  to celebrate the difference that citizen action can make in creating and changing  history – and to honor those whose word is their promise.”

Among those joining Among those joining Bettylu Saltzman, Marilyn Katz and others who founded Chicagoans Against War and Injustice (CAWI), the group that called the demonstration, will be Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle; Alderman Joe Moore, president of Cities for Peace; labor leader Tom Balanoff, SEIU; anti-war stalwart Tom Hayden, Progressive Democrats of America; Chuy Garcia, commissioner, Cook County Board; Bill Zimmerman, media consultant to and author of Troublemaker, a memoir of the Vietnam antiwar movement; Ryan Canney, Move; Juan Andrade, United States Hispanic Leadership Institute; Julie Hamos, director, state of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services; David Cortright, Win Without War; Bill MacInary, Lynda Deforge, William McNary, Citizen Action; Carl Davidson, Progressive Democrats for America; Adele Simmons, former president the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; representatives from VetVotes; and Ilya Sheyman, candidate for U.S. Congress.




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In the releases and advisories sent out, it was never billed as a rally.

We made up about 30 placards as media props. If it was a rally, we would have made hundreds, if not thousands.

The speakers list was 10, not 30. I was one of them, and the list was taped to the lectern. That claim alone should have raised your skepticism.

In any case, it was a good event, and successful for what it was.  But the desire for anti-Obama purity awards is so strong in some quarters, they easily get snookered by the ultraleft.

Too bad, Let's move on to increasing our efforts to end the war in Afghanistan

Hey kidz!!!  Hmmm, . . . is ObamaCo really "ending the war in Iraq"??? . . .

. . . or merely clearing a Zio-Path to IRAN??? . . . ;-)


If one looks at the map . . . the shortest path to Iran from Israel is of course

flying over Jordan and Iraq.


As long as the United States military was "offiically" in charge of the security

in Iraq, it was responsible for maintain air-space security.  Now, with an "official"

U.S. military withdrawal . . .


. . .  never mind the mind boggling number of Blackwater/Xe/Academi/Murder,Inc

assassins and mercenary thugs left behind as "private contractors"  . . .


. . . Iraq is left with absolutely no air defences . ..


And how convenient that the contracted U.S. F-16  fleet for Iraq air-security won't be

delievered until . . . later . . . ;-)


(clipped headline and article from  13Dec11 "Defense Industry Daily")

"The New Iraqi Air Force: F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters - Iraq’s military has made significant strides in recent years,

and the country is ordering more advanced military equipment to match. . . . Anxious to complete its transformation

and stand fully on its own, Iraq is pushing to begin flying its own fighters within the next couple of years – and is

looking to buy American F-16s, rather than the Soviet and French fighters that made up Saddam’s air force…

. . . Realistically, Iraq will not be able to enforce full national air sovereignty before 2016 at the very earliest –

and a number of analysts still believe it will be later than that."


(full article)


Notice also that all those U.S. Military personel are NOT returning HOME . . . despite all the Zio-Media

implied propaganda to this effect . . . but are rather just being moved to other convenient locations . .

. . . primarily to neighboring Kuwait . . . home of the infamous "Babies In Incubators" story . ..


(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)

"The Incubator Babies Conspiracy"


How convenient, eh?  Just in case they are needed.  . . soon.  Perhaps after another

Zionist "BIG LIE"  . . . or "FALSE FLAG" . . . this time with Iran and/or Syria as the "patsy".


Interesting that Iran's treaty partner RUSSIA just got accepted into the WTO (World Trade Organization)

based on some "deal" of which the EU trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht, tells us we shouldn't question

the details . . .


(clipped headline and article from 18Dec11 Russia Today)

"Russia’s accession to WTO – ‘a fair deal’? -  WTO membership will seriously hit a number of uncompetitive industries

in Russia, such as agriculture and automobiles, as well as light industry and machine manufacturing. But EU trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht, has told RT it was a fair deal.

­'These were, I believe, fair negotiations,' he said. 'I think it is a fair deal. And once you have concluded a deal, you should stop discussing the content of the deal.'

De Gucht does not agree with the widespread opinion that Russia made too many concessions to get that seat in the WTO. “You have to negotiate with your own interest in mind, but also having in mind that the other party also needs to find its own interest in the negotiation,” he said."


(full article)


General Wesley Clark told us that the Global Zionists planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years . . . a plan orginating

in Israel called "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing The Realm" and sold to the U.S. via the "Office Of Special Plans"

at the Pentagon and the PNAC/AIPAC as "Full Spectrum Dominance" and launched via their "New Pearl Harbor" False Flag

attacks of 9-11 . . .


(link to video approx. 2 minutes)

"The Plan -- according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.)"


This Zionist plan has of course been updated by the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution 2009 paper called "Which Path to Persia?"

(clipped headline and article)

"US 'Withdrawal' In Iraq Paves Way for US-Israeli Strike on Iran - Nearly every option described within the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution 2009 "Which Path to Persia?" report in regards to US-initiated regime change in Iran has been carried out to the letter. From proposals to fund and arm terrorist organizations like the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), to fomenting foreign-backed "color revolutions" in the streets of Tehran, to carrying out covert US-Israeli military operations within Iran itself, it is clear that the Brookings Institution either was writing the playbook on conquering Iran or was reading from it when compiling "Which Path to Persia?" The only remaining options left are airstrikes and invasion."

(full story)


As with "Operation Cast Lead" launched on 27 Decemeber 2009, what better time to kill lots of innocent men, women, and children (cattle)  by the self proclaimed "Master Race" than during the Christmas Holidays?

Because anyone who actually believes "War Is Over" in Iraq and the Troops are coming HOME for Christmas probably still 

believes in Saddam's "WMDs",  magick jet fuel that can melt steel beams, magick passports that won't burn in fires that can

melt steel beams, magick cell phone calls on airplanes that were physically impossible, Santa Claus, flying reindeer, and that Israel and their Zionist 5th Column minions are our "Special Friends" . . . ;-)


"Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams"

- "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Bing Crosby






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