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Canadians Committing War Crimes in Afghanistan

By davidswanson - Posted on 19 January 2011

JTF2 command 'encouraged' war crimes, soldier alleges
By CBC News

A member of Canada's elite special forces unit says he felt his peers were being "encouraged" by the Canadian Forces chain of command to commit war crimes in Afghanistan, according to new documents obtained by CBC News.


It's good to see that at least [one] Cdn soldier has come forward with truth. In the US, there are many thousands or tens of thousands of dissenting soldiers and soldier-ettes, and they dissent in differing manners, but they dissent. I've read and heard of, well, I guess this is the first time that I've read or heard of a Cdn soldier properly dissenting.

The military ombudsman's office told the soldier it did not have the mandate to probe allegations of criminal activity and that his file would be closed. But the staff said he could contact the ombudsman's office at any time.

Now that seems like typical bullshit! Of course real bulls don't excrete this kind of shit, but in human-figurative parlance, it seems like real bullshit.

But in an October 2008 letter sent to Canada's chief of defence staff, Gen. Walter Natynczyk, the ombudsman urged the military to investigate swiftly.

That's good, I guess, in PC terms anyway. PC is bullshit though.

Among a separate set of documents CBC News has obtained on the file is a reference in a military email chain that the soldier has repeatedly "indicated he may go public with some of his concerns, including the fact that his benefits have ceased."

That's telling; an honorably-acting soldier's benefits being cut is telling, about the (im)morality and criminal complicity of the cutters, i.e., bosses.

Those documents do not specify which benefits were stopped or why.

Shall we be surprised?

The military has never said much about the work of JTF2, although it has revealed the unit has been involved in high-risk operations against high-value targets, including Taliban and al-Qaeda commanders. The unit has also been involved in pursuing insurgents who build and plant roadside bombs, and the networks that supply them, the military has said.

Not that I personally have anything against the man, but Mullah Omar purportedly was recently hospitalized in Pakistan.

"Report: Mullah Omar Spent Last Week in Karachi Hospital

Taliban Leader Said to Have Heart Attack on January 7"

by Jason Ditz, January 18, 2011

What is he really guilty of? I don't know. All I know is what I've read and it includes that the CIA often knows what the Pakistani ISI knows; like when a CBS or CNN reporter reported the location of Osama bin Ladin on Sept. 10, 2001 and which was in a Pakistani military hospital, where he apparently would've been found on the following day, if anyone was really looking for him. This was reported by the US media very shortly after 9/11, if I recall correctly.

Mullah Omar purportedly is the leader of the Taliban, but I wonder how true this really is, because they seem to not be tied to only one individual for leadership and they should have enough experience and knowledge, by now, to not need a single leader. They should now know what they're against and not need a single leader. But maybe he is their real and sole top leader.

I don't think of him that way, but maybe he is their real and sole leader or top leader. I don't know why they'd have any need for this, but maybe they think that they have a reason.

To what real extent is he truly [the] leader of the Taliban, who number in or to what, the thousands; hundreds, anyway?

When the military spoke to CBC News last fall about the investigations, it stressed it was looking into the allegations against the soldiers and their superior officers.

"The criminal investigation is but one aspect of allegations that we investigate," said Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, vice-chief of the defence staff.

"We also look at all other aspects of those allegations, to make sure that our high standard of conduct has been met by all CF personnel when their conduct has been called into question."

Surely more bullshit, I think.


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