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The bush/gop Transfer of the Treasury

By jimstaro - Posted on 25 September 2010

To remind people, even before the tax cuts were signed the gas prices started rising, not just a few pennies a gallon but many pennies then dollars, the peoples small tax cut, with stagnated wages, went out everyone's tailpipes, as well as heating costs, as fumes on just one fill up, the rest of that transfer of the treasury into the hands of the few then became their bottom lines and corporate/investor rising wealth that They received the huge tax cuts on!


A portrait of the Bush economy



Sept. 24: In a Countdown exclusive, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston takes a look at the full economic data from 2008, which appeared in a report on

There were no investments into creating jobs, they stayed in negative job growth the whole time in power, there still is no private capital being invested in the economy, i.e. free market 'c'apitalism, greed and hoarding rule over country and growth!

It's certain that people need to be able to heat their homes, but then rising costs of heating oil would be good for getting people owning and leasing or renting such homes to support moving away from the use of OIL. It's a necessary move; both for the environment, as well as for helping to put an end to western-lead wars of aggression.

We'd still have the secret, covert wars the U.S. usually uses proxy criminal, rogue, hellish governments for, such as using the ones in Rwanda and I think it's Uganda (see Keith Harmon Snow,, and articles of his at other websites) for commtting major genocide against the Congolese in order for western corporations, and Israeli ones, to be able to steal the mineral resources from that country. But ending reliance on oil as a fuel would surely help to reduce wars of aggression for this resource, which is a serious motivator in or for the plans of U.S. elites to try to achieve global dominance.

And rising prices of gasoline for motor vehicles is a real pincher, but really for only the poor, most of whom surely don't drive much and, therefore, don't use much gasoline anyway. In 1991 I worked for an engineering and IT consulting firm and a lunch was held for a former employee back from France, where he had gone to work and got married. He said that the cost of gasoline was around $5 a gallon (imperial gallon, I expect) or for four litres. Americans paid anywhere between $1.10 to $1.30 or so. And Americans have been repeatedly said to be the biggest fuel consumers in the world; although I've also read that Canadians are, on average, very comparable to Americans in this regard even if the cost of gasoline was more expensive for them. When I was paying $1.25 to $1.33 per gallon of premium gasoline in the U.S., it was around 65 cents per litre in Ottawa, around 70 to 78 cents in Montreal, and similar in southeastern Quebec, the Eastern Townships area. One litre is 33.8 oz, whereas one U.S. quarter is 32 oz, so a U.S. gallon is 7.2 oz less than 4 litres.

Canadians, on average, however, have been said to be as bad as Americans when it comes to consumption of gasoline.

But when prices are very high, then this should certainly not be because oil companies are making a lot more profit. It should be due to taxation and the taxes levied in this way should definitely go back into improving society, as well as for developing other ways of generating needed energy, which is a part of improving society.

Taxes are necessary in western societies. The problem is when they're excessive and when the rich aren't made to pay their equitably fair share. High gasoline prices is fine; particularly because reliance on oil as a fuel needs to be phased out and total consumption drastically reduced. Probably the only thing oil should be used for is lubricants, but maybe plant oils could be used for this and then oil, the black, coal-like liquid oil could be left in the ground where it should not have ever been removed from.

When speaking of total consumption, however, plenty of people have reported that the greatest consumer of oil by volume by far is the U.S. military. But regular consumers of oil as a fuel nevertheless need to be motivated to support and push for changing society to clean ways of generating energy, as well as for putting a curbing on western-lead wars for oil. (And the U.S. military drastically needs to be reduced in size.)

And corrupt governments need to be phased out, as well as held accountable. Plenty of prison cells can be emptied to make room for the many political, military and corporate criminals who'd need to be [canned].


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