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BS from the BLS:Things are a Lot Worse Than They are Telling Us

By dlindorff - Posted on 08 November 2010

By Dave Lindorff

Many Americans simply assume that the government and politicians lie when they are talking about things like cutting taxes, or eliminating waste. But somehow, we tend to believe official government reports about things like economic “growth” or unemployment rates, or even cost-of-living increases.

The truth, sadly, is that the government is lying about these things too.

Take jobs and unemployment. Right after the election, the Obama administration’s Bureau of Labor Statistics proudly trumpeted that the economy had added 151,000 new jobs in October. President Obama, about to head off to India, land, where many American jobs have moved for good, made it sound like maybe the American economy had finally turned a corner. The news led to a jump in the stock market and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, because finally, we had a number that was greater than the 100,000 new jobs that we have been repeatedly told are needed “just to keep pace with the new workers who join the labor force every month.”

Only the number is a fraud. It turns out that this job number is a fictional construct created by BLS statisticians who are using outdated estimates for the number of new small businesses supposedly created every month, and also outdated estimates for the number of small businesses that go bankrupt every month. The reality is that in this deep recession, few new businesses are being started. No surprise there. It takes capital to start a business, and banks aren’t lending these days, especially to risky new start-ups. The reality too is that existing small businesses are folding at a high rate. The pace of bankruptcies of small companies is down from the record 2009 level, but is still extremely high by historical standards.

The real story on employment is told by the BLS’s household survey, which is taken every month and looks at 60,000 randomly selected households. That survey shows that far from the US economy adding jobs, 330,000 jobs were lost in October...

For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent online alternative newspaper, please go to: ThisCantBeHappening!

Here's a new and important article by Dahr Jamail. It's relatively short, but important.

"BP blamed for toxification"
by Dahr Jamail for, Nov. 8th, 2010

A lot of Americans have also given me the impression that they don't realize that the war Administration and military commanders have been constantly lying about the present wars. They said some truths, but none that are really of any serious significance. The relatively few truths have been rendered basically meaningless because of the constant and extreme lying.

They also lie a hell of lot by omission and a very strong example of this is with covert US-lead wars in African countries for stealing African natural resources, as well as for expanding US military power, globally. These war-making elites constantly blame bad people in all of the countries where the US has been leading extreme and supreme international crimes, while it's really these elites who make or manufacture these wars and constantly try to cover this up with endless lying; and the "news" media regularly is used for spreading all of these lies without doing any real journalism.

They also lie in pretending that the US is not the leading terrorist state; that the US supposedly respects human rights both internationally and nationally; and so on.

The government and the elites controlling it wilfully lie so extremely and constantly, through stated lies and by omission, that this renders whatever they provide that is truthful virtually or nearly uncountable. It's good when they say something truthful and do something ethical that's of importance, but we get extremely little of this, packaged with a hell of a lot of extremely criminal lies.

Don't ask what the government and its controlling elites lie about, unless wanting a short-cut answer like, f.e., "everything" or "very nearly everything". Otherwise, it'd take a long time for the question to be well answered; it'd be broad and would have considerable depth regarding the lies and what they're really about.

Much quicker is to simply ask and explain what the government and its controlling elites do not lie about. This wouldn't take long at all.

"Big Lies, Little Lies"
by Paul Craig Roberts, Nov. 8th, 2010


... After examining the government’s report, statistician John Williams ( reported that the jobs were “phantom jobs” created by “concurrent seasonal factor adjustments.” In other words, the 151,000 jobs cannot be found in the unadjusted underlying data. The jobs were the product of seasonal adjustments concocted by the BLS.


The relevant information, the information that you need to know, is that the level of payroll employment today is below the level of 10 years ago. A smaller number of Americans are employed right now than were employed a decade ago.


During two years from December 2007 - December 2009, the US economy lost 8,363,000 jobs, according to the payroll jobs data. As of October 2010, payroll jobs purportedly have increased by 874,000, an insufficient amount to keep up with labor force growth. However, John Williams reports that 874,000 is an overestimate of jobs as a result of the faulty “birth-death model,” which overestimates new business start-ups during recessions and underestimates business failures. Williams says that the next benchmark revision due out next February will show a reduction in current employment by almost 600,000 jobs. This assumes, of course, that the BLS does not gimmick the benchmark revision. If Williams is correct, it is more evidence that the hyped recovery is non-existent.

Discounting the war production shutdown at the end of World War II, which was not a recession in the usual sense, Williams reports that “the current annual decline [in employment] remains the worst since the Great Depression, and should deepen further.”

... Discounting the war production shutdown at the end of World War II, which was not a recession in the usual sense, Williams reports that “the current annual decline [in employment] remains the worst since the Great Depression, and should deepen further.” The 9.6% reported rate is a concocted measure ....

Another fact that is seldom, if ever, reported, is that the payroll jobs data reports the number of jobs, not the number of people with jobs. Some people hold two jobs; thus, the payroll report does not give the number of employed people.

The BLS household survey measures the number of people with jobs. The same October that reported 151,000 new payroll jobs reported, according to the household survey, a loss of 330,000 jobs.

The American working class has been destroyed. The American middle class is in its final stages of destruction. Soon the bottom rungs of the rich themselves will be destroyed.



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