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Briefing on Iran Warmongering on Capitol Hill

Avoiding Disaster: The Consequences of Attacking Iran, and its Alternatives

- A Briefing on Middle East Security and Global Terrorism -


·  Paul R. Pillar, Georgetown University, Professor and Former National Intelligence Officer

·  Geneive Abdo, The Century Foundation, Director of the insideIRAN project

·  Jamal Abdi, National Iranian American Council, Director of Policy

·  Heather Hurlburt, National Security Network, Executive Director

·  Alejandro J. Beutel (Moderator), Muslim Public Affairs Council, Government & Policy Analyst


Monday, January 30, 2012

12:30–2:00 PM

121 Cannon HOB

- Lunch will be served -

Dear Colleague:

Rising tension with Iran has led some in Washington to wonder if the United States is inevitably sliding toward war. Iranian officials recently threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, a vital waterway for nearly one-fifth of the world’s oil, and an Iranian nuclear scientist was mysteriously assassinated in the fourth such attack in two years.

Sometimes lacking from these discussions is serious consideration of the potential consequences of a preemptive military strike against Iran. Many believe that such an attack could quickly escalate into a regional war.

In order to discuss the potential consequences of a military strike against Iran, the Muslim Public Affairs Council is hosting a briefing with some of the nation’s top Iran and U.S. national security experts.

Would a military strike eliminate Iranian ability to develop a nuclear weapon? How would an attack affect regional and U.S. security? What would be the effect on oil prices and the global economy? How would an attack affect the Iranian regime and pro-democracy activists?



Keith Ellison                                                Barbara Lee

Member of Congress                                    Member of Congress

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I now watch all media reports concerning these smaller nations near the middle east with some large grains of salt. Gaddafi, who was demonized, held up in much the same way as Hussein was before going into his country (leaving tons of depleted uranium there btw), doesn't match the facts about what he has done in his country.  Free healthcare, royalty checks from a nationalized oil market, free housing, free education, an independant currency (free from a central bank like the IMF), and a desire to "regreen" Africa by bringing fossil water through a multibillion dollar water pipeline that was underway ("Hey; what do you MEAN you want to supply water so nations can grow their own food:  better to keep them in debt!").  He also wanted to create an African union the way HE envisioned it, not the way others might have wished.  Recently he was named Man of the Year by his own people via Amnesty International, an honor that the same org took down because it was not convenient to the larger story of how bad a guy he was.  All of this, and he  had to be gotten rid of.  Que Bono?  I suspect that we will see that Libya will now be indebted to the same bankers that gave loans to other African nations who now shudder under the yoke of crushing debt.  Its really just about money.  its not about freedom, not liberty, nor safety.  If it was, the United States would have been sanctioned for dropping nuclear bombs on Japan.  We did it, but no one else can HAVE them. Hmmmm.

So now its Iran.  It was Iraq, and before that, Afghanistan, where we fought a covert war to oust the Russians.  Then we left, messing up the endgame in the process as was described by Congressman Charlie Wilson who spearheaded the effort back in the 80's.  Then the radicalized factions came pouring in when we refused to make the place a little better with a few roads and schools.  No wonder they hate us...its not for freedom but because of how we meddle and make a mess of things and then leave.  They know we don't really care about them, about human rights, or about freedom and democracy. What a terrible mirror we have lifted up to them over the years!  Iraq has a legacy of radiation from depleted uranium which we use in our bullets, which we put there.  Areas in that country will be wasteland, and birthdefects common now.  And so now Iran. 

As I look out across the landscape of presidential hopefuls I do not see anyone who has had a record of reversing this failed policy we have been working at for some time now of intervention and policing the world.  I do however see one candidate who is not a progressive (I have been this my whole life) and things are so bad now, I am considering this man.  For years he has predicted bubbles and collapses. He predicted the problem with the housing bubble, as well as problems related to our currency.  He is also for getting ourselves out of these foreign entanglements that have only served to make enemies, not friends, of these small nations.  His view is we should trade with them, increasing everyones opportunities economically instead of placing harsh sanctions that only serve to hurt the people.  This same man was against sanctions on Iran as he saw children suffer and Americans themselves sanctioned for trying to get much needed medicine to the civillians there during the 90's.  I think its time that people wake up and look at those people who have a consistent record on doing the RIGHT thing.  The thing is, this guy has had the establsihment seeking to demonize him in any way possible.  Sound familiar?  Corporate media.  Gotta love it.  And yet his numbers continue to grow even as the media tries hard to ignore him, even when polls have shown he is neck and neck with our president (yes!).  Like Gaddafi, the truth or the facts simply aren't convenient.  Its easier to beleive the lie because at least it makes us feel like we are in the right and powerful as a nation (we are sliding fast folks, don't pull back the curtain!).  So he is a kook, a weirdo fringe guy.  If that is the fact, then please:  I am a kook!  The man I am talking about is Ron Paul.  Most who respond do so in knee jerk fashion.  But isn't that the result of propaganda?  Take a fresh look.  We are in some deep doo-doo in this country.  Spending wont work, and neither will countless wars.  We cant afford it.  Start backing candidates who want real change.  For a change. 

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