On  August 19, 2013, three defendants charged with disruptive and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, were convicted in a jury trial in DC Superior Court.  David Barrows of Washington, DC, Mari (Toby) Blome of San Francisco, CA, and Joan Nicholson of Kennett Square, PA, were each charged with one count of disruption of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence confirmation hearing for CIA director John Brennan, on February 7, 2013 in the Senate Hart Office Building.  The three stood trial before a jury of 12 DC citizens, in a trial overseen by Associate Judge Patricia Broderick.
            David Barrows and Joan Nicholson were arrested before the hearing formally began, and yet were convicted of disrupting the hearing.  They were arrested by US Capitol Police before Committee Chair Diane Feinstein (D-CA) had gaveled the committee to order.  Subsequent acts witnessing before the committee ensued.  About 20 minutes into the hearing, Toby Blome stood on a chair, holding a doll which symbolized the children being killed by drones in Pakistan and other countries.  She spoke truth to her Senator, California Democrat Diane Feinstein, saying that “the CIA will not even tell Congress which countries they are killing children” in; she was shocked that Congress could not or would not, do its job!
            The three stood trial before a jury in DC Superior Court, before a diverse jury of citizens of Washington DC.  Over the course of three days, they told their compelling stories, along with other witnesses who were also at the hearing.  The witnesses described that often those attending a hearing, can hold signs and can speak to Senators or even call out loud, before the hearing begins.  Yet, these three were arrested (along with five others) and charged with disrupting the confirmation hearing of CIA Director John Brennan.
            John Brennan was third in command of the Central Intelligence Agency during the presidency of George W Bush, and was complicit with the CIA program of torture.  In the Obama Administration he joined the White House National Security Council staff, overseeing “Terror Tuesdays,” when White House officials decide who to assassinate by killer drones. Those assassinated have included American citizens, including a 16-year-old boy, the son of Anwar Al-Awlaki.  White House spokesman explained the killing, saying the boy “had the wrong father.”
            During the course of the trial, Defendants were prevented from describing in detail the killer drone program, as well as mentioning international legal principles such as the Nuremberg Principles. Such evidence was ruled “irrelevant” to the charged disruption.  The three defendants conducted the trial as "pro se" attorneys, assisted by their legal advisors, attorneys Mark Goldstone and Ann Wilcox.
            The three will be sentenced before DC Superior Court Associate Judge Patricia Broderick on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, in Courtroom 112.  The convicted intend to appeal the jury verdict.


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