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Is the break-up of Ukraine the desired outcome?

By R Teichmann - Posted on 04 March 2014

I wrote this article for where it appeared on the 3rd of March 2014


The question of what is intended with the coup in Ukraine cannot be answered by solely looking at what is appearing on the surface as a highly dangerous powerplay between the US, the EU and Russia. There may be more to it than meets the eye.


We can safely assume that from the beginning it was clear to those behind the scenes that Russia would not tolerate a manufactured failed state on its doorstep, a possible base for terrorism against it (calls to the Chechen ‘freedom fighters’  by the putsch regime in this regard have already been heard) and another missile base within minutes of flight time. Only fools would have thought that Russia would tolerate such a situation and the potential threat to its Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol.  With the support of Russia for the mainly Russian speaking populace of Crimea and eastern Ukraine a split of the country seems to be on the cards. The coup regime in Kiev and its western supporters make no effort to go back to the agreement signed between Yanukovich and the opposition, which could have prevented a split. So what could the global power cabal gain by splitting this country? 


Natural resources


Today it was announced that the coup regime in Kiev will sign a deal with energy giant Chevron to commence large scale shale gas fracking operations in western Ukraine.  Already in 2013 the Yanukovich government signed a production sharing agreement with Shell and in November 2013 with Chevron. According to the US Energy Information Administration Ukraine has Europe’s 4th largest shale gas reserves (almost 3 trillion cubic meters). After the decision of the Yanukovich government to turn to Russia for help and cooperation instead of handing Ukraine to the global banking cabal in the shape of the infamous Troika or the IMF,  which would have had a devestating effect on the countries economy, this deal had to be protected.


While the industrial hubs of Ukraine are mostly located in the eastern parts, the western parts of Ukraine with its very rich and fertile soil have been the ‘breadbasket’ of Europe and the ex-USSR for a long time. These lands are perfectly suiting the agro-chemical monsters like, Monsanto, Cargill,  Bayer, Syngenta to implement their destructive genetically modified agriculture on a large scale. However they are only the means for the international cabal to control the food chain. To get their hands on this land is a very important objective towards this goal.  Once the local farmers have been driven off the land by making it uninhabitable by fracking it can be obtained for pennies on the dollar and then their plan can unfold.  With Ukraine under the influence of the EU it could have also been coerced to sign one of the so called ‘Free Trade Agreements’ basically surrendering its independence to the global corporations.  The Yanukovich turn towards Russia, with its opposition to genetically modified crops, and with its own trade agreements, endangered this sinister plan too.


Again the events in Ukraine have nothing to do with democracy, freedom or self-determition but with the furthering of the global power cabal’s agenda. The ‘pro-European uprising’ and the ouster of the Yanukovich government must be viewed in this context and the break-up of Ukraine could be just what is intended. The step by the Kiev agent provokateur regime to pass legislation against the use of Russian as an official language, alienating half of the county’s populace, points in that direction.


About the author:
R. Teichman is an activist living in West Cork, Ireland and is an editor with and a frequent contributor to this blog and to War is a Crime.


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