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Bradley Manning Execution Will be Directly at Obama's Feet

By Ralph Lopez - Posted on 03 March 2011

Those Democrats who still support Obama and purport to support Bradley Manning are forgetting one thing: as Commander-in-Chief, Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ultimately determine what charges will be brought, or even who will be prosecuted. That is because in the military, the chain of command is all. If the Commander in Chief tells you, "I need this man to show me where a landing on a beach should be, to save the lives of thousands of men, let him go," you have to let him go.

Make no mistake, if this were the Bush/Rumsfeld Department of Defense trying to execute Manning, we would be surrounding the White House. That's because Bush acted like a commander-in-chief, and it was easy to ascribe the real responsibility. Obama doesn't act like a CINC. But that doesn't mean he isn't one.

Even in the civilian courts the Obama Dept. of Justice decided to not pursue telecoms for violations of the FISA law. Obama pressured the Spanish government to not prosecute the Bush Gang for torture. Most recently, Obama directed the DOJ to not defend DOMA. In military courts he has even more authority.

If Bradley Manning is executed, it will be as if Obama will have pulled the lever himself. There are no ifs, and or buts. I liked Obama, and don't blame anyone for supporting him strongly in the last election. It was a magical moment, a Black president in my lifetime. But now I can say with final certainty he is not the man I thought he would be. If Manning dies, Obama wiil be Obama the Assassin for the history books, a terrible legacy for the first Black president. This will be the first time in American history a truthteller will be killed for reporting crimes in what is not even declared officially as a war.

Primary Obama in 2012, better yet impeach him now. Anything else is Kool-aid.

Barbara Lee
Ron Paul VP


That's because Bush acted like a commander-in-chief, and it was easy to ascribe the real responsibility. Obama doesn't act like a CINC. But that doesn't mean he isn't one.

Only for disney-distracted people, who mostly are Americans, or else they're all Americans. Hardly anyone else, or anyone who paid reasonable attention to what was going on and not relying on "msm" corporate US news media, would believe that Bush really was President or CinC.

He didn't act like a real CinC. He acted like a dummy, puppet. Cheney acted more CinC than Bush did. But people wouldn't know this if they were not paying a lot of careful attention and were not relying on only "msm" corporate US "news" media, as well as many "alternative" news media. There were a few instances in which Cheney was the bulldog and not Bush, but even when Bush softened and started publicly speaking in honest terms, he was always returning to the war-pushing politics of DC. That's Bush's training; like a conditioned dog.

As President, he had Karl Rove for a "brain", and Cheney had documents that were supposed to go to the President redirected to the VP's (his) office, instead; first, that is. It wasn't Bush who decided he'd make a trip to some elementary school in Florida for the morning of 9/11. It wasn't Bush who sent out a warning that caused around 10 Pentagon or CIA officials to cancel their flights the morning of 9/11 only the day before and because of being warned that commercial airliners might or would be hijacked to be used as weapons. When then NTA head Norman Minetta later testified before the 9/11 Commission about having witnessed interceptor stand-down orders the morning of 9/11 for AA 77, he wasn't talking about Bush. He's talking about Cheney. And like Ray McGovern said in an interview, I believe on TheRealNews, or maybe Alex Jones Show, some program anyway, if 9/11 was really an inside job, then look to Cheney. Ray McGovern expressed his suspicion of Cheney and it was unmistakably expressed. He wasn't sure and no one else could be, but like he said, if someone in the White House administration was complicit, or worse, then he thought Cheney would certainly be a principal suspect. We don't need even high school education to be able to understand what he said, and Ray McGovern isn't the sole former intelligence or military officer to support the call for the need for a new, real, thorough and independent 9/11 investigation. There are many others as well.

Bush was a clown and that's why he was appointed President. Oh, he may've been also appointed for some so-called "conservative vs liberal" reason or reasons, but he was primarily appointed because he's someone who can be puppeted quite easily and readily. Supreme Court "justices" appointed him, officially, but they're not the top elites and if the latter had been opposed, then Bush definitely would not have been appointed.

Both Bush and Obama are puppets, and actors. Neither is real President or CinC. And Cheney also answers to others. He was made director of the CFR for a while, but this is only public facade. He definitely was not boss there.

So Bush may've struck some people as acting more CinC-like than Obama, but that's only one perception and neither of them has been real CinC or President.

If Bradley Manning is executed, it will be as if Obama will have pulled the lever himself.

Like when Bush, as Governor of Texas, isanely signed off on hundreds of death penalties; but I wonder if the elites really want to risk putting Bradley Manning to death.

If they do that, then I expect that there'll be a very strong uproar. It would be like literally trying to move the US into civil war; not that it'd happen, but if it did, then I wouldn't be blaming regular citizens moving to violent actions.

Killing Bradley Manning or Julian Assange basically would be a clear, though unstated, declaration of war against Americans of conscience and the rest of humanity. It's already this with the persecutions of these two people, but killing them or either of them would be a definitely strong and clear signal that war is being waged against us and Truth.

Obama's a puppet. He'll do as directed.

that as CINC, he bears ultimately responsibility, whether he is a puppet or not. This is where the political cost should be imposed. The elites count on Obama as the friendly face of fascism. If he is stripped of this friendly face, they have a problem. Your argument does bring out an interesting rebuttal to the "but if we don't support Obama, we'll get a Palin or (fill in the blank, much worse). If Obama is not really is in charge, what makes anyone think Palin will be either?


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