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Billionaires for the Bush Institute Welcome Luminaries to Dallas

By Ivana Morebucks

We were simply tickled when we heard that such icons as former president George W. Bush, Fox-News contributor Karl Rove, and Stephen Friedman, retired chairman of the Goldman Sachs Group were coming into town for the "4% Project" on "promoting free markets and economic growth ( ), so we couldn't let this wonderful seminar go by without welcoming our fellow billionaires, lauding the efforts of the Bush administration and the new Bush Center library and institute, and encouraging the attendees to promote more great make-us-wealthier policy. Some tacky "People's" group sent out this announcement, but - thank gaaawd - we kept it almost exclusively "billionaires only."

Billionaires for the Bush Institute to Greet Seminar Attendees

PA160219The Bush Institute's initiative on "Economic Growth" is holding its kick-off seminar on April 12-13 at which it has gathered experts (that is, the people who ruined our economy) to extol the virtues of the free market and and stand doggedly behind the theory of "trickle down" economics.

Among the biggest fans of this seminar are the Billionaires for Bush, a group of "billionaires" who dress ostentatiously and take every opportunity to point out the difference between the "haves' (them) and the "have nots" (you). Would you like to be a "Billionaire for Bush" or one of the peasants that they ridicule as they greet the Bush Institute seminar-goers when they turn onto Bishop Dr.? If so, email Leslie at and write BILLIONAIRES in the subject line. It's happening tomorrow, so don't wait! Several Billionaires are already on board!

Billionaires and peasants will meet at La Madeleine, 3072 Mockingbird Ln., at Noon, and will walk to Bishop Ave.

When: Tuesday, April 12, 12:30 p.m.
Where: Mockingbird & Bishop Rd., outside SMU
Contact: Email
On the day of the event, we met at a coffee shop nearby to make sure our pearls were polished and our ensembles were complete. We strolled down to the grand entrance to Southern Methodist University, a magestic tree-lined boulevard worthy of our presence, where the seminar attendees would be entering.

First, we poured ourselves some champagne, to celebrate the illustrious occasion. We greeted the attendees with a charming sign, "WELCOME TO THE MORE-FOR-ME SYMPOSIUM!" and several posters with expressions of appreciation and encouragement, such as, "WIDEN THE INCOME GAP," "LEAVE NO BILLIONAIRE BEHIND," "4 MORE WARS," "CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, TOO," and, "LET FREEDOM RING (ka-ching!)." Some of our fellow "haves" were so moved by our gesture that they asked their chauffeurs to stop in front of us so they could roll down their tinted windows, flash us big appreciative smiles, and take photographs to send home. We entertained them with a thank-you song, "Battle Hymn of the Billionaires," which started:

Rejoice and let us glory in the profits we've attained
Since Bush & friends got rid of regulations we disdained.
And no one's gonna mess with all our monetary gain.
So, Thank you Mr. Bush!

(more fun lyrics, below)

As passers-by stopped and rolled their windows down to listen, we added some appropriate chants: "TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY; KEEP OUR PROFITS HEALTHY!" and "WHOSE WARS? OUR WARS! WHOSE PROFITS? OUR PROFITS! WHOSE MEDIA? OUR MEDIA!"

Our media did, of course, show up, and the Dallas Morning News ran this lovely story about all of us, with a great pic of one of our finest, Ollie Garky:
And in the print version, they added a smaller photo with the not-quite-as-rich-as-we-are attendees: (Remind me to talk to T. Boone Pickens about his breach of etiquette ~ so not classy to be casually eating a cookie during a serious "trickle-up" planning session.)

The commoners waved, honked, and gave us thumbs-up, seeming delighted as we thanked them for paying our taxes. Only a couple of comments perplexed us: "Get a job!" to which we explained, "We're trust-fund babies ~ we don't need jobs!" Duh! And another comment: "You hippies should go back to San Francisco!" What was that all about?

Some of the peasants took photos and were kind enough to send them to us. Enjoy! And if you are a "billionaire" appreciative of other billionaires, think about getting together to greet the luxury-loving luminaries who travel to your neck of the woods.!/album.php?fbid=10150220266513694&id=664483693&aid=345948!/album.php?fbid=10150217872854283&id=551934282&aid=348605

Battle Hymn of the Billionaires
Song Text, to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Rejoice and let us glory in the profits we've attained
Since Bush & friends got rid of regulations we disdained.
And no one's gonna mess with all our monetary gain.
So, Thank you Mr. Bush!

CHORUS (sung after each stanza):
Thank you, Bush administration!
You are such an inspiration!
We are filled with admiration!
So, Thank you Mr. Bush!

We put you all in office and we bought the congress, too.
You served our corporate interests and we told you what to do.
You started wars for empire and our profits grew and grew.
So, Thank you Mr. Bush!

Nine-eleven, Abu Ghraib, Katrina, Gitmo, too
All happened on your watch, but we of course do not blame you!
You gave us no-bid contracts and reduced our taxes, too.
So, Thank you, Mr. Bush!

Those crazy, stinkin' liberals want accountability
For torture, spying, lies and waging war illegally
But we know you were called by God to spread democracy
So, Thank you Mr. Bush

Now you have a library to rewrite history,
And in your think-tank you'll come up with more great policy
To make us even wealthier than we could dare to dream.
So, thank you, Mr. Bush!


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