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Bill Hughes’s Slideshow of 17 Photos of Union-Led Solidarity Rally in Annapolis, MD.

By BillyClub - Posted on 27 February 2011

Bill Hughes’s Slideshow of 17 photos of the Feb. 26, 2011 Union-led Solidarity Rally, held in Annapolis, MD, in support of the Wisconsin Protests.


But I think protest demonstrations are going to need to become much larger in order to have any possible influence on Washington and state governments. And police and firefighters will hopefully join everywhere there are demonstrations even when they are not threatened; just like police and firefighters in Wisconsin have been doing.

If only a small segment of a state's population demonstrates for their rights, then governments surely won't perceive any need to alter course. Everyone who's a worker or is of a family dependent on working people should join even if they are not presently threatened. If the governments and money elites get their rotten way with public sector workers, then the elites imposing austerity measures will probably apply austerity measures against workers who haven't been affected yet and who aren't already "cheap labor".

They create economic booms, recoveries, as well as depressions, profiting every time; or so some people have said is historically verifiable to a considerable or great degree. Where I first learned this is with the documentary film entitled, "The Money Masters". The makers of that film have made a more recent one related to economics and I haven't viewed it yet, so am not sure if there are any corrections in it for things said in the first film.

"History of the Federal Reserve (Money Masters)" (3:36:06)

"The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America" (3:35:19)

"The MoneyMasters Part 1 of 2" (2:00:57)

Part 2 (1:35:02)

"The Money Masters (Part 1 of 22)" (10:00)

Doing a Youtube search for the 22 clips posted by the same Youtube user to be able to get an idea of the total length, they're all roughly 10 minutes each; all between 9 and 10 minutes.

The film might be a little outdated now, since the release of their second film; seeming to recall having read a little about their newer film and if recalling correctly, then the text said that the new one is to replace the above one.

Wikipedia says that the above one is, "a 1995 documentary, produced by attorney Patrick S. J. Carmack and directed and narrated by William T. Still".

Maybe I'm confusing this a little. It's perhaps Money As Debt II that I was thinking of and it's after Money As Debt I.

Ellen Brown, who many people know excellent writings on economics by, recommended both "The Money Masters" and "Money As Debt". The latter one is apparently available at the above Web site, and part I was at Google Videos, also.

These elites likely aren't going to be satisfied with only harming public sector and union workers' rights. They are surely following the plan established at the G-20 summit in Toronto last summer and TheRealNews has several or more good videos about this at Youtube. Paul Jay said in one or more of the videos that the plan agreed to by the elites consists of around 27 or 28 plans for what governments are to do, as obedient servants of the top money elites. From what I recall having read about worker protest demonstrations in Europe last year, the governments were to impose serious or severe austerity measures against public sector workers, but this'd be only a first step; if it was "successful", then private sector workers would surely also see austerity measures that'd be applied to them as well. And I believe that that is not only for private sector workers who are unionized. Other workers could or would also have their benefits and possibly wages cut.


"‘Global Economic Crisis’ exposes plans for a global military dictatorship"
by Rady Ananda, Feb. 27, 2011

The article is a review of, "Review of: The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century", edited by Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall. It's a book "organized into five sections comprising 20 essays by fifteen different authors".

Based on the review, I don't think referring to what the essays are about is properly called "global military dictatorship" as much as global economic dominance achieved through and enforced with the use of global military dominance and martial law; as well as corruption of civilian government(s). The review is short, but what it describes of the book is dominance by the money elites using corrupted governments and military forces. And this is what "War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler also tells readers; and he's certainly right.

He refers to the book as "GEC" and says, "The last book to get me this angry was John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Like Confessions, strategies to circumvent and overturn the globalists’ plans are offered in GEC". As he says about the solutions described or explained in the book, it's going to take more than the kinds of actions presently happening with protest demonstrations. People need to do that, but local economies need to be developed or redeveloped, then maintained, and still more needs to be done.


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