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The Biggest Book Ever on World Peace


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There is news that FASCIST ZIONISM, Israelis, a diplomat in India was car bombed. The Fascist ISRAELIS were quick to

blame Iran, KNOWING THAT THEIR OWN THUGS, used STATE TERRORISM, and proxy Terrorist groups to MURDER IRANIAN

SCIENTISTS.   Obama, Congress, and Fascist NATO use their global class and military alliances, class hierarchies to DEFEND



Expect more tit for tat STATE TERRORIST ACTIONS, what the CIA calls blowback, the same 9/11 counter attacks, CAUSED BY 

WESTERN FASCIST FOREIGN POLICIES. Only the removal of all parasitic class hierarchies, and its deformed class politicians

will end both WAR AND FASCISM, end class totalitarianism, through INDIVISIBLE SOCIAL, MIDDLE CLASSES around the world

not DEFORMED DIVIDED BY CLASS HIERARCHIES and fascist thugs.  The irony of Western thugs pointing out counter terrorism

while leaving out their own STATE TERRORIST POLICIES is not only hypocritical, but PROPAGANDA , Lies.

When religious Fascism and secular Fascism come together, we have the essence of Fascist ZIONISM, promulgated by both

Christian and Jewish totalitarian thugs.  Of course the class shilling, Empire whoring, Fascist appeaser, Obama supports Fascist

Zionism, Israel to the hilt.   What do religious/political fascism have in common???,  their historical link to class hierarcrhies, top down

despotism, class deformed leaders, support for parasitic classes, the whole of class history, with its ENSLAVING PATRIARCHAL/CLASS

MECHANISM.   These totalitarian class ideologues slip, degenerate into totalitarian appeasement, (liberals) and finally all class

ideologues have lost the meaning of their labels, having become outright FASCISTS:


Storm over Hebron


".....Shortly after the occupation of the West Bank in the Six-day War, a group of fanatical messianic Jews infiltrated Hebron by stealth and founded the first Jewish settlement. This grew into a veritable nest of extremism, including some out-and-out fascists. One of them was the mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered 29 Muslims at prayer in the Cave of Machpelah -- actually no cave at all, but a fortress-like building, perhaps built by King Herod..."

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