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Better than Obama: Why the Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul

By dlindorff - Posted on 27 December 2011


By Dave Lindorff



It’s fascinating to watch the long knives coming out for Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, now that according to some mainstream polls he has become the front-running candidate in the Jan. 3 GOP caucus race in Iowa, and perhaps also in the first primary campaign in New Hampshire.


Remember, we’re talking about a guy who has been in Congress on and off for 12 terms, dating back to 1976. His views have been pretty consistent, and because he has run for president several times, also pretty well known. A practicing physician who claims to have helped in the births of over 4000 babies in his career, the 76-year-old Paul is a free-market advocate, an abortion opponent, an uncompromising defender of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, an opponent of government regulation, the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and of big government in general--especially big federal government. 


What’s interesting is what he’s being attacked for: being a racist, being “anti-Israel” and being an isolationist. 


The racist bit is funny. After all, if we’re honest, the whole political infrastructure of the US is riven with racism. Just check out the public schools in any urban area, where you’ll find most of the students are non-white, or check out  the schools in rural parts of the southeast in areas where most of the students are black -- compare the condition of those schools and the class sizes to schools in the white neighborhoods. Check out the wildly different jobless figures for whites and for blacks. Check out the (very pale) complexion of the student bodies at just about any state university, check out the skin tones of the judges on the US Supreme Court, or for that matter, the whole federal bench.  Check out the racial breakdown of the nation’s jails, and especially on the country’s many death rows, where you’ll find a wildly outsized percentage of people with black or brown skin waiting to be killed by the state.


Being a racist is clearly no disqualifier for national political office. It’s just that you are not supposed to say overtly racist things, at least in public. It’s fine to pass laws and push for enforcement actions and “tough” judges that end up putting most young African-American males in prison at some point in their lives. It’s okay to promote a “War” on drugs that ends up creating a whole new slavery in the form of black men locked up in for-profit prisons. It’s okay to shortchange minority school districts. You just aren’t supposed to say you’re doing these things on purpose...


For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new Project Censored Award-winning independent online alternative newspaper, please go to:

That's what Wall Street does, freely fuck us all.

FAIR trade and business is what's needed.  Free trade is bs.

If we had had fair trade/business 12 years ago and years preceding that, then people like myself wouldn've have wound up totally homeless and bankrupt after getting college diplomas and university degrees, and years of professional experience in IT.  Instead, we were freely displaced from the marketplace in our own country, so that job recruitment racketeers and globalist corporations, as well as AIlA, the American Immigration Lawyers Association could pig out, financially, by importing foreign IT people to replace the hiring of us.

See Dr Norman Matloff at UCDavis and elsewhere on the Web about the H-1B and similiar worker importation programs that've been extremely exploited by racketeering USA'ns.  he knows what this is all about and has been leading advocate against this since Pres.  GHW Bush enacted the H-1B program.  Meanwhile, many uninformed "Americans" thought we were racist, not caring at all to get really informed before passing judgment against us.

To hell with free market bs and bring in fair market business.  But, oh no, fair is not profitable enough, for then the racketeers can't freely do as they wish.

Bitter?  Try being bankrupted for similar reasons and for many years without being able to get employment again, and then have your say; but not before walking the same path and suffering the same or similar injuries.


With that said, however, Ron Paul, unless Ralph Nader is running again, is evidently the best candidate for 2012.

Although I Have a lot of respect for ralph nader, but i'm a strict constitutionalist and i'm voting libertarian or constitution party.

he's right aside from ron paul, we have a two party dictatorship in this country and it must be stopped.

He's our last hope.


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