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Beating the Drums Started 11months Prior

By jimstaro - Posted on 03 October 2010

More Explosive Proof of the War Of Choice Waged In Our Names to Reign Destructive Terror on another Country!!!

Britain held secret war talks with U.S. general 11 months before Iraq invasion

2nd October 2010 - America's most senior general flew into Britain for top secret talks on the invasion of Iraq 11 months before the attack on Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Details of the classified meeting, held at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, suggest Tony Blair’s Government was involved in detailed discussions about toppling the Iraqi dictator earlier than previously disclosed.

American General Tommy Franks flew in to the base in April 2002 to attend a summit meeting called by the then Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon.


Secret Pentagon documents reveal Mr Hoon asked about ‘US plans for Iraq’.


Researcher Chris Ames, who helped secure the documents’ release under Freedom of Information laws, said: ‘The memo contradicts the evidence of other Chilcot witnesses, who said British collaboration with US war plans did not begin until the early summer of 2002.’ {read rest}

Once again abit of what came out early on at the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry:

Drip, drip, drip, ""He recalled noting that: "the dog didn't bark - it grizzled." Don't forget - this 'grizzling' for regime change was 6 months BEFORE 9/11."". drip, drip, drip, ""But there was a 'sea change' in attitude after the atrocities, with former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice targeting Iraq on the very day of the outrage."", drip, drip, drip, ""George Bush tried to make a connection between Iraq and al-Qaida in a conversation with Tony Blair three days after the 9/11 attacks, according to Blair's foreign policy adviser of the time."", drip, drip, drip, ""There was "a touching belief [in Washington] that we shouldn't worry so much about the aftermath because it was all going to be sweetness and light"."", drip, drip, drip, ""Boyce mentions the "dysfunctionalism" of Washington. He says that he would find himself briefing his American counterparts on what was happening in different parts of the US adminstration. Rumsfeld was not sharing information"", drip, drip, drip...........!

Written Transcripts by Date of each session.

All of this planing for War that took place before 9 / 11 could not have been implemented if 9 /11 did not happen. Drip Drip Drip.

People who've read about then VP Richard, Dick, Cheney's Energy Task Force meeting of January 2001 could see that war on Iraq was planned more than only 11 months in advanced; and people who know related details from the 1990s could see that the war was being planned much earlier.

There's a long history behind this as can be learned at That history timeline website provides links for all or almost all supporting articles from various sources, most definitely including corporate news media, which would possibly or certainly prefer to deny the connections, I assume, but from which we can see the connections clearly enough.

If recalling correctly, then this is the website that was originally known a Cooperative-research, but whatever it was first called, it's a historical timeline and is highly based on corporate news media reports that illustrate the the actual planning started in the early 1990s.

That history definitely includes Cheney as a main architect, but not only him. When he focused the Energy Task Force meeting on Iraq in January 2001, it was nothing new for him. On 9/11, Bush Jr was in Florida, Cheney was effectively left in charge in Washington. And that's far from being the only suspect aspect or feature of 9/11. Then NTA director Norman Minetta testified about this before the 9/11 Commission, but his, like with some other people's testimonies, were excluded from the final 9/11 Commision report, which has been denounced, opposed by several former 9/11 Commissioers.


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