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Bahrain: U.S. Warns Protests Could "Break Apart", Topple Regime

The Obama administration is quietly warning that Bahrain’s ongoing internal unrest could lead to the overthrow of the ruling monarchy. Protests have continued in Bahrain for nearly two years despite a U.S. backed-crackdown that has seen the use of military forces from neighboring Gulf regimes, the jailing and beating of opposition activists, and the recent ban of all public demonstrations. In a briefing to reporters last week, two State Department officials warned that Bahrain could "break apart" if the protests continue, an outcome they say would be beneficial to Iran while detrimental to the "enormous security interests" in Bahrain, which hosts the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet. The officials gave the briefing on the condition they not be identified by name. The White House says it is calling on Bahrain to heed the calls of an independent commission that urged political reforms one year ago. At the United Nations, a spokesperson for the High Commi ssioner for Human Rights criticized Bahrain’s recent moves against the opposition, including revoking the citizenship of 31 political figures as well as sentencing medics who treated wounded protesters to three months behind bars.

Rupert Colville: "The High Commissioner urges the government to reconsider this decision, which stands in clear violation of Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that, 'Everyone has the right to a nationality' and, 'No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality.' The High Commissioner is also concerned by the sentencing of 23 medical professionals on the 21st of November, and reiterates her call on the authorities to release all individuals who have been detained or sentenced simply for exercising their right to demonstrate peacefully."

The United Nations says it will send a fact-finding mission to assess human rights conditions in Bahrain next week.

Meanwhile in Bahrain, the regime’s forces have attacked violently the political prisoners at the notorious Dry Dock prison. The vicious attack after a statement signed “Prisoners of Conscience in Bahrain” was sent on twitter.

On Tuesday the revolutionaries of Daih Town carried symbolic coffins for Bahrain’s martyrs during a religious procession. The scene was both dignified and principled indicating strong popular solidarity, love and humanity. Revolutionary slogans were chanted by those taking part in the religious processions. The people have become more resolute in conducting their religious processions in their own ways and traditions, brushing aside threats by the foreing-staffed riot police. And despite the fact that many orators and speakers had been detained and ill-treated the religious processions have become greater in size and spirit.

The UK Parliamentary Human Rights Group organised a roundtable debate to discuss the situation in Bahrain, and assess the possibility of rapprochement between the Alkhalifa clan and the Bahraini people. The ruling family sent some of its mercenaries to create confusion in the minds of those attending the seminar. Both sides presented their ideas with regards to the demands of the revolutionaries. But it soon became evident that the two sides were far apart from each other. Dr Nigel Rodley expressed disappointment at the failure of the Alkhalifa family to implement the Commission’s recommendations. He said: How can you revoke the nationality of someone who calls for change but sentence a policeman who unlawfully killed a protester for seven years? The issue of impunity is another issue that the Commissioners have repeatedly highlighted. It is an indication of the impossibility of reforming a regime the people at will and whose head of state is complicit in those crimes. His son, Nasser, has been accused by several victims of direct personal involvement in their torture.

On Wednesday 28th November members of the Death Squads operated by the dictator’s court attacked the house of Sayyed Habib Sayyed Saeed at Ghuraifa Town. After ransacking the house, they kidnapped his daughter, Munira, 27 and took her to unknown destination, where torture and rape are common place. The dictator, Hamad bin Isa Alkhalifa, is aware of those evil acts in his torture dungeons. Instead of banning them, he has “honoured” the torturers and rapists at these centres.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
30 November 2012


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