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Bahrain: Two martyrs executed by police as country wide protests continue

By Bahrain Freedom Movement

Two martyrs have been killed in one week; many more detained. This is the pattern of events in occupied Bahrain. On Saturday 29th September the Saudi-backed Alkhalifa forces shot a young boy with a shotgun, causing him serious injuries, tortured him and executed him at the scene. Ali Hussain Yousuf Ni’ma, 17. was taking part in a peaceful demonstration at Sadad Town in the South of the country. His death led to country-wide protests that were attacked. Many others were injured and detained. The killing spree by the Alkhalifa dictators is continuing mainly because of the Saudi, American and British support. No word of condemnation of any state crime had ever been uttered by any those countries. His funeral was attacked with chemical gases, shotguns and tear gases.

Another young man was killed on Tuesday 2nd October. Mohammad mushaima, 22, was tortured and executed while receiving medical treatment at the military-run Salmaniya Hospital. The martyr had been suffering from sickle-cell disease and had been transferred to the hospital two months earlier. During this period he was kept secluded from the word; his family had was denied access to their son. He was tortured despite his severe health condition.

The Alkhalifa court of cassation upheld the verdicts against nine medical staff, including doctors, passed by the military court last year. The sentences ranged from one month to five years. One day after the verdict the Saudi-backed Alkhalifa forces rounded up the doctors and took them to the torture chambers which had seen them subjected to most horrific torture last year. Dr Ali Al Ekri who was sentenced to five years incarceration was defiant. He appeared composed as the verdict was announced and stated that he was ready to sacrifice for the cause of liberating the country from the Alkhalifa and Alsaud occupation.  The dual enemy of Bahrainis were emboldened to take this audacious step by the implicit and explicit American support. While almost all the international human rights world rejected the verdict and called for the immediate release of the doctors, the US State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Noland, was only “concerned”. She failed to call for the immediate release of the prisoners of conscience. Washington has drastically failed its human rights test by supporting the Alkhalifa regime which had been found by its own investigation commission to have administered “systematic” torture on detainees. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others spared no time in calling for the release of the Bahrainis imprisoned by the Alkhalifa and Al Saud army of occupation.

Meanwhile the regime militias have continued their attacks on the properties of the Shia community in the country. The supermarket chain “24 Hours” suffered the 61st attack by those militias and gangs. On 3rd October their branch at Aali Town was attacked with fire arms. The employees were forced to hand over the cash from the tills. Over a period of 19 months the chain, owned by the Jawad family, had sustained 61 audacious attacks, many of which are recorded by the CCTV. The police and security forces are seen in these recordings leading and directing the attacks, before letting them get away with money and other items.

At another level, 28movements and political parties called for the immediate release of the political prisoners who were detained for calling for reforms or regime change. In a joint statement those bodies condemned the “numerous joint security operations conducted against activists in Bahrain, that led to the martyrdom of tens of activists.

The revolution has continued unabated. Over the past week, tens of protests were conducted day and night in almost all areas from Muharraq in the North to Demstan in the South. Men and women have marched as they chanted their slogans the most favourite of which are “Down Down Hamad” and “People want regime change”. Those peaceful protests were often attached by the armed police and security forces imported from other countries. Chemical and tear gases are deployed regularly against Bahrainis causing the death of many over the past year. Homes are often targeted for retribution with gas canisters fired inside them.

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