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Bahrain: Support by Western backers encourages Alkhalifa torture policy

The body of Ali Aqeel Abdulla Marhoon[1], 18, carries the marks of sadistic torture inflicted on him two days ago. The Bahraini youth was walking on his own just before sunset on Tuesday 3rd December in the middle of his town, Al Sanabis, when he was abducted. Several masked men belonging to Alkhalifa Death Squads jumped out of a civilian vehicle, grabbed him and forced him into the car. Six hours later, at 1.30 AM he was dumped at the graveyard[2] of Barbar’s town, four kilometres to the West of Sanabis. His mutilated body indicated the horrific torture he had endured at a secret torture house used by Hamad’s thugs. His father took him to Salmaniya Hospital which is run by the military. The officers asked his father to sign an undertaking not to reveal anything about what had happened to his son in return for treatment. This is just one of the latest of the episodes of torture. It happened three days before the “Manama Dialogue”, organised to mask the real face of the Alkhalifa dictatorship.

A week ago a young Bahraini youth, Ahmad Abdul Ameer[3], from Aali Town, died at the same hospital. He had suffered burns to his body resulting from an exchange with the foreign-staffed riot police. His condition was not life-threatening when he was taken to the hospital. The military officials at Salmaniya are now adopting a policy of liquidating anyone who is brought to the hospital for treatment from injuries incurred in demonstrations. Because it is managed by the military, Salmaniya is the only hospital allowed to receive Bahrainis injured in clashes with the police or Death Squads. There were serious clashes both at his burial and at the end of the three days of mourning. People chanted anti-regime slogans including: “People want regime change” and “Down with Hamad[4]”.

Nabeel Rajab[5], the President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights has been denied the right to be released after serving three quarters of his two years prison sentence. On Monday 2nd December, the Alkhalifa court refused the request by his lawyers saying he was not eligible for early release. The regime is exacting maximum revenge on Bahrainis opposing its dictatorship and calling for transformation to democracy.

Last week a legal team of British and American human rights lawyers, solicitors and barristers, assembled by advocacy organization Bahrain Watch[6], filed a formal complaint with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) National Contact Point (NCP) in Korea against Dae Kwang Chemical Corporation. The company is believed to be originating the shipment. The complaint requests that the NCP respond within 7 days to clarify whether it is prepared to act to prevent exports in this regard. Dae Kwang has admitted to supplying approximately 1 million tear gas canisters to Bahrain in 2011-2012, and the Korean National Police Agency told Amnesty Korea that over 1.5 million tear gas units have been exported to Bahrain since 2011. A journalist who contacted Korea’s tear gas export authority, DAPA, was told that DAPA had recently received a request from an unnamed Korean company to export more tear gas to Bahrain. A leaked tender document released by Bahrain W atch last month shows that the Bahrain Government apparently intends to acquire 1.6 million more canisters.

On Wednesday 4th December a Bahraini youth confirmed that he had been severely tortured and forced to sign false confessions. Two years ago Ali Al Taweel[7] was sentenced to death for his alleged role in the death of a policeman. The regime failed to produce compelling evidence and the sentence was seen as another case of brutal revenge against Bahraini natives. He is illiterate but was forced to sign the pre-prepared statement. In the past two years he and his family have endured enormous pains and ill-treatment. His family blame Alkhalifa Western friends for encouraging them to commit heinous crimes against humanity.

Many people have been detained in the past few days. At dawn yesterday, Ali Al Hayki, from Bilad Al Qadeem was arrested from his home and taken to unknown location. Ahmad Falah[8] was snatched by masked militia men from his home in Maqaba town.  More than 15 people were arrested on Wednesday from various parts of the country. At least 12 were from Duraz Town.

Meanwhile the fathers of  martyr Mahmood Abu TAki[9], martyr Ali Jawsad Al Sheikh[10] and detainee Hussain Jawad[11] have been on hunger strike for the past three days. They are protesting against the increasing repression by the Alkhalifa dictators.

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