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Bahrain: Saudi terrorist role exposed, South Korea cancels controversial deal

The arrest and subsequent execution of a prominent Saudi terrorist in Lebanon has awoken the world to the murderous policies of the Saudi regime. Majed Al Majed, the head of Abdulla Azzam battalions, which is affiliated to Al Qa’ida, was arrested by Lebanese authorities on 26th December. It is widely believed that he worked for the Saudi intelligence networks. His group had claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut last month that claimed the lives of at least 23 people. But before the Americans or the Iranians could question him, he was swiftly liquidated after Saudi Arabia paid $US billions to the Lebanese government. This is one of the most outrageous episodes of espionage, terrorism and corruption attributed to the Saudi regime. Al Majed would have become the “smoking gun” that would have implicated the Saudis in the terrorist campaign which is being waged in the name of Al Qa’ida. It is clear that the world is now pay ing the price of its silence on the Saudi invasion and occupation of Bahrain in mid-March 2011.

In a major setback to the Alkhalifa dictators, South Korea decided to stop the shipment of tear gas canisters to Bahrain[1]. South Korea’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration, which oversees the country’s military trade, told two companies that sought approval to export to Bahrain in October and November to suspend shipments. Lee Jung-geun, a spokesman for the defence agency, said the decision had been made because of the “unstable politics in the country , people’s death due to tear gas and complaints from human rights groups”. Bahrain’s interior ministry in June solicited bids for 1.6m tear gas projectiles, 90,000 tear gas grenades and 145,000 stun grenades, according to a tender document leaked to Bahrain Watch, an advocacy group. The order would have been of a similar magnitude to the 2m tear gas projectiles that activists estimate were fired by the security forces since pro-democracy protests swept the strategic island in Februa ry 2011. “This is also a clear message to any other countries considering supplying tear gas to Bahrain that profiting from repression is unacceptable,” Bahrain Watch[2] said in a statement.

Despite the international rebuke of the Alkhalifa regime, it continued human rights abuses at an alarming rate. In the first week of the New Year 40[3] Bahrainis were arbitrarily detained without arrest warrants, according to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. On Monday 6th January Mohammad Jawad Me’raj[4] and his brother, Ali[5], were arrested during a raid on their home. The same day Abbas Ali[6], from Maqaba Town, was arrested and taken to the torture dungeons. He had just been released last month. The regime decided to detain the well-known athlete, Ahmad Hamza[7], for sixty days, at the Dry Dock torture centre, pending investigation. He is a member of Bahrain’s National Volleyball team. On 2nd of January, Mohammad Kadhem Al Halwachi[8], was detained as he landed at the airport, and taken to an unknown location. Sayed Ali Sayed Hadi[9] was also detained at the airport.

Among the detainees in recent days are: Abdul Nabi Hassan Mahdi[10] who was detained at a checkpoint near his town, Sadad. From Hamad town Hussain Al Mesbah[11] and his brother, Amin were arrested yesterday. From Jannusan, Fadhel Ali Abdul Aziz[12] was taken by members of Death Squads to the torture chambers. From Duraz Town, 12[13] youths were arrested on Monday including; Aamer Baddao, Ahmed Mohammad Habib, Jalal Al Anfooz, Ali Al Matrook, Mohsin Al Marzooq and Hassan Alao. Images of their homes show extensive damage inflicted by Alkhalifa agents during the raids. They did not only arrest the youths but wreaked havoc on their homes. Under international pressure[14] The Juvenile Prosecution ordered on 26 December that 13-year-old cousins Sayed Tameem Majed Ahmad Majed and Sayed Hashim Alwai Ahmad Majed should be released on bail. Both are still facing charges of “illegal gathering” and “throwing Molotov cocktails at a police patrol”. But he replaced t hem with two other children; Jihad, 10 and Abdulla, 13 who had to remain at the torture centre until 6th January.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
8th January 2014






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