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Bahrain: Massive resistance expected on 2nd anniversary of Revolution

As the preparations for the 2nd anniversary of the 14th February Revolution get underway, the field activities have warmed up extensively. At the same time supportive actions by the friends of Bahrain have risen sharply and are expected to become more widespread. In several cities around the world the pro-democracy activists have line up programmes of actions to express support to the Revolution that the Anglo-American alliance continues to target with various political and security means. The enmity of this alliance to the aspirations of Bahrain has been laid open especially the British Government dispatched several teams and personnel to help the Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship repress the people. Despite the claims by some British officials to the contrary, Bahrainis continue to suffer repression in the form of torture, and collective punishment.

The 14th February Alliance has called for a general strike on that day and has taken many steps to ensure its success. Instead of attending workplace people will participate in country-wide protests to re-invigorate the Revolution and tell the world that they are intent on removing the cancerous Alkhalifa cell from power. It is a shame for the world community to tolerate medieval style dynastical rule that has been proven by its own commission of investigation to have committed systematic torture and extra-judicial killings. Furthermore, the Alliance has called for withdrawal of deposits from the banks linked to the Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship. The stock market indicators have confirmed that in the first day of the campaign the Bahrain burse lost 10.43 points, while the banking sector index registered losses of 2.25 percent of its value.
The revolutionaries have been heartened by these figures and are aiming to cripple the economy which is one of the pillars of the Alkahlifa regime.

 Meanwhile Mr Abdul Hadi AlKhawaja and his family have been nominated by one Member of the European Parliament for the Noble Prize for their pro-democracy activities and the personal risks they have suffered in the process. Anna Gomez, MEP, from Portugal said: “I am pleased, as a Portugese Member of European Parliament to nominate Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja and his two daughters, Zaianb and Maryam, from Bahrain, for the 2013 Noble Prize. The family have dedicated themselves, despite the risks and personal harassments to which they are exposed, for the peaceful defence of human rights and political reforms in Bahrain. The three have played a peaceful role in the popular protests in Bahrain, and represented the voice of the non-violent resistance, calling on the Bahraini authorities to respect human rights and implement peaceful political reforms”. This nomination has angered the regime, and there now fears for the safety of the members of the family from a regime t hat has adopted a policy of revenge against its opponents

On another level, Socialism International has called for the immediate and unconditional release of Ibrahim Sharif and the other prisoners of conscience. The organization said, in the communiqué at the end of its conference at Lisbon, Portugal, on Tuesday 5th February, expressed disappointment at the failure of the Bahraini regime to implement the BICI recommendations issued over 14 months ago and those of the UN Human Rights Council.

On 6th February IFEX issued a petition titled “Tell the King of Bahrain free expression is not a crime” asking people to sign it. It said: Who will fight for free expression and human rights in Bahrain when those speaking out are put behind bars? Sign the petition now! As the second anniversary of the pro-democracy protests in Bahrain approaches on 14 February, ask the King of Bahrain to free all human rights defenders, journalists and bloggers languishing in jail, some for life, simply for peacefully exercising their right to free expression and assembly. IFEX member, the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR), the most vocal independent human rights organisation in Bahrain, has been particularly targeted, with past and present BCHR representatives serving prison sentences, or on trial, including: Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, Nabeel Rajab and Yousuf Al Mahafdha.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
8th February 2013


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