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Bahrain: European Parliament blasts Alkhalifa dictators, protesters call for arms embargo

In one of the most damning developments for Alkhalifa regime The European Parliament on Thursday 12th September issued a long and powerful resolution on the human rights in Bahrain. The resolution listed a long series of human rights crimes including the attacks on children, women, journalists, the banning of the the Special Rapporteur on Torture, the new draconian laws issued by the ruling family and rubber-stamp[ed by Hamad’s council, the repeal of nationalities of Bahrainis, the banning of foreign human rights bodies and journalists, the various repressive laws on terrorism and the continued imprisonment of political leaders, women and human rights activists. The regime’s attempts to deceive the world by establishing various human rights bodies have not fooled the world which is aware of the tactics by dictators to deflect the attention from their torture and other forms of human rights abuses. The document is one of the most powerful international indictments against the Alkhalifa rulers. It has proven the futility of the regime’s deceptive tactics and the hopeless performance of its “human rights” bodies, officials and the minister himself.

One more martyr fell in the battle of dignity. Mohammad Abdul Jalil Yousuf, 20, passed away as he was doing his duty, fending off attacks by the Alkhalifa militias and Death Squads in the town of Karbabad. He was blocking the road to stop the enemy forces from raiding people’s homes, terrorising its people and destroying their property.

In London anti-arms campaigners protested against the sale of lethal arms to the Alkhalifa rulers. From Sunday 8th September the exhibition halls of Excel Exhibition Centre at the Docklands in East London were picketed by hundreds of peace campaigners who blockaded the entrances and impeded the movement into and out of Exhibition halls. Bahrainis also took part raising their flags and chanting anti-regime slogans. Jalal Fairooz, former MP from Al Wefaq block, addressed the rally expressing dismay at the invitation of Bahraini officials to this major defence exhibition. Police arrested scores of protesters after trying to evict them from the path of the incoming vehicles. Many campaigners presented images of barbaric acts by Alkhalifa and Saudi regimes against their own people. The killing last week of Ahmad Al Muslab by Saudi forces has infuriated the public who rushed to the streets in an expression of solidarity. Bahrainis also took part in anti-arms protest outside Parliam ent on Thursday. Jeremy Corbyn, MP, talked about the grim situation in Bahrain and called for arms embargo against the Alkhalifa dictatorship.

 In a joint operation by the militia and the mercenary forces of Bahrain’s Alkhalifa regime, a young Bahraini athlete has been kidnapped and taken to an unknown place. Ammar Hassan Mansoor, 20, the handball player of Al Ittifaq Club, was taken away during a raid on his house in the early hours of Tuesday 10th September. The militias attacked the house without legal permission or arrest warrant. The family of this young Bahraini have expressed deep concern about his fate. Nothing has been heard of him since his disappearance.

Amnesty International has issued an Urgent Action in relation to the detention and torture of a Bahraini child by the Alkhlaifa regime. Under the heading “Child tortured in detention in Bahrain” it said:Bahraini boy aged 14, Ali Hatem Ali Salman, was arrested on 26 August 2013 and reportedly tortured and otherwise ill-treated during interrogation to “confess” to rioting. On 3 September the Juvenile Prosecution extended his detention for another week. AI has called for the immediate release of the child and urged its members to write to the authorities asking for his release.

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13th September 2013


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