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Bahrain: Dictator decides to execute Bahaini youth after 3rd anniversary protests

In a dramatic escalation of Alkhalifa enmity towards Bahrain’s people, the dictator and his entourage decided to execute a young Bahraini man. Maher Abbas Al Khabbaz on trumpeted charges. He is linked to alleged bomb making and activities that led to the death of a policeman. Five others accused in the case have received five years prison sentence. One Bahraini has also been sentenced to six years imprisonment. This case resonates with that of Isa Qambar who was executed by the regime in 1996 on unproven charges. Despite the killing of more than 150 Bahrainis no person has been executed or properly jailed.

Bahrainis and their supporters are planning big campaign next month to call for an immediate end to the Saudi military occupation of Bahrain. This will include protests inside and outside Bahrain, seminars and press conferences, public meetings with participation from anti-war campaigners and lobbying of Western governments to stand up against this evil occupation and demand the immediate withdrawal of Saudi troops from Bahrain. They will also call for removal of Alkhalifa regime which had sold the country and compromised its sovereignty. The Saudis had invaded Bahrain in mid-March 2011 and participated in atrocities against Bahrainis, their mosques, doctors, athletes, teachers, men, women and children.

Following the successful campaign to reinvigorate the third anniversary of the 14th February Revolution the Alkhalifa regime has intensified its repression and crackdown against Bahrainis. On 13th, 14th and 15th the people showed the world that their Revolution was here to stay and that the ruling clan was completely isolated. On 13th February, the people observed a general strike, with most shops closed and attendance at government’s offices at its lowest. Most parts of the country came to a standstill while protests spread to more than fifty areas. On Friday 14thFebruary there were many demonstrations as many people marched to the iconic site of the Pearl Roundabout. There were skirmishes with the foreign-staffed riot police. The regime’s Death Squads fired shotguns at the peaceful protesters, causing many injuries. On Saturday 15th February, one of the largest demonstrations ever seen in the country was staged. The political societies that had organized it esti mated the participants at more than quarter of a million people. The regime’s forces attacked the peaceful protesters and battles were fought between the Bahrainis and the foreign forces until late at night.

No sooner had these activities finished than did the ruling clan start its revenge on Bahrainis.  On Tuesday 18th February at least three women were arrested during raids on their homes. Masooma Essa Naissar, Hamida Sarhan and Hala Abdul Jalil were forcibly pulled from their homes and taken to the Alkhalifa torture dungeons. Although Hamida Sarhan is disabled, her belongings including her computer were confiscated in the horrific raid at her home. On Monday 17th February, 11 years old Mahdi Ali Jaffar Shujaa, from Malikiya Town, was ordered to be detained for one week for taking part in peaceful protest. A similar sentence was imposed on 14 years old Ali Hassan Al Aali. From Bani Jamra town Abdul Raouf Al Jamri and his son Ahmed were sentenced to 10 years, while Redha Al Ghasrah to 15 years on malicious charge of possession of arms. Also the ruling clan sentenced Jaffar Ahmed Mahfoodhs and Sadiq Al Sabba’a to seven years on trumpeted charges.

The political prisoners at the Dry Dock torture centre have continued their hunger strike for the past week in solidarity with the people who were commemorating the anniversary of the Revolution. Lieutenant Hisham Al Zayyani, threatened to blow them up if they did not end their strike. But they have insisted on ending the kangaroo courts, improve prison conditions and stop torture. Detainees at sections 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 of the prison took part in the strike. Their number exceeds 400.

In the past week Amnesty International issued two statements. The first was a warning to the Alkhalifa clan not to use force to crackdown on the proposed protests marking 3rd anniversary of the Revolution People must be allowed freedom to congregate, protest and express their demands freely without fear of attacks or retribution. The ruling Alkhalifa clan did not heed the call. Many Bahrainis were injured either by shotgun pellets or chemical gases used extensively by regime’s forces. The second was about Zainab Al Khawaja who was released this week but awaits dictator’s decision in other charges against her.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
19th February 2014



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