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Bahrain: Campaign to arrest dictator’s torturer son as repression intensifies

The arrest, torture and abuse of a young University girl student by the men of John Timoney and John Yates have shaken the country to the core. Zahra Al Shaikh, 21, from Karbabad, was arrested for taking part in an anti-regime peaceful protest. She was subjected to horrific treatment, stripped and indecent images of her taken by the security forces. She is accused of anti-regime activities and is threatened with long term prison sentence. Bahrainis have been horrified at the treatment of this young Bahraini girl and have vowed not to accept Alkhalifa rule and to resist it at any cost.

As the Alkhalifa regime intensified its crackdown against Bahrainis, Mohammad Al Buflasa has been arrested and taken to the torture chambers. Mr Al Buflasa is a young Bahraini who was the first to be imprisoned after the Revolution following a speech at the Pearl Roundabout in February 2011. He remained behind bars for ten months before being released. He comes from Sunni background and his participation in the people’s revolution has angered the Alkhalifa who have been trying to present a sectarian argument to explain the Revolution. Several NGOs have issued statements demanding Al Buflasa’s immediate release, but, to date, Mohammad is still in incarceration at the Alkhalifa torture dungeons.

One of the Alkhlaifa courts has issued ruling against re-building the mosques that had been destroyed by the Al Khalifa/Al Saud joint forces. The Alkhalifa’ ministry of Justice has considered their rebuilding at the h ands of the citizens as illegal. Thus a new War of the Mosques has thus developed and more Shia mosques may are being targeted for demolition. The Bissioni report was critical of destroying religious symbols of the native inhabitants.

The death of Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz has led to a political mayhem in Saudi Arabia which fears of political vacuum after his demise. While Bahrainis have not expressed any sign of sorrow arguing that Nayef had been responsible for the invasion of Bahrain by the Saudi troops, the general mood is against continuing attacks on Bahrainis by Saudi and Alkhalifa forces. The Saudi role in Bahrain has been disastrous and had led to many deaths and injuries.

The situation in the prisons has been described as becoming harsher following the threats by the dictator against Bahrainis. Kumail Al Manami, a 30 years old young Bahraini is languishing in underground dungeons of the Alkhalifa jails. His family has confirmed that his health is deteriorating and he is gradually losing his eye sight. Since his arrest on 31st March 2009, Mr Manami has been subjected to continuous torture, held in solitary confinement and denied access to daylight except for one hour each day. Several other Bahrainis have been languishing in Alkhalifa torture dungeons for years as Washington and London supplied the regime with men of torture and repression. This is one of the underpinning causes of the ongoing Revolution that has become impossible to defeat or contain. Native Bahrainis (Shia and Sunni) are determined to rid the country of minority rule (confined to Alkhalifa members who occupy more than half the cabinet posts).

Meanwhile the campaign against allowing Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the notorious torturer who is also the son of Bahrain’s dictator has started in earnest. On 14th June the Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson (representing North Cornwall) asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what consideration he has given to the human rights records of members of the Bahraini government who plan to visit the UK during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. Alistair Burt (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Afghanistan/South Asia, counter terrorism/proliferation, North America, Middle East and North Africa), Foreign and Commonwealth Office; North East Bedfordshire, Conservative) said:

The Government has been clear that regardless of the country concerned where there is independent, reliable and credible evidence that an individual has committed human rights abuses, the individual will not normally be permitted to enter the UK.

On 21st June the Guardian newspaper published an article titled: “Britain urged to ban royal head of Bahrain Olympic committee” in which it said: Son of Bahrain’s king set to visit London 2012 despite being accused of violating athletes”. There is now a campaign to arrest the Alkhalifa torturer upon his arrival in London.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
22nd June 2012

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It is clear to most of the world, except Amerikans, that America re established Western Fascism, Fascist Capitalism, fascist foreign policies which gave lie to their Liberal propaganda that class systems and their degenerating totalitarian class cycles, and its first Axis of Fascism under Franco, Mussolini, Hitler and Japanese class nationalists was not related to Capitalism.  They  falsely claimed that Fascism and Capitalism were separate systems when in fact they were intimately linked.    This explains why liberal professors could only hold tenure in major universities, promoting one of many class myths, a class dogma, lie and propaganda, that Capitalism and Fascism are not linked, separate systems.

The failure to realize that once class systems or a class mechanism is in place, it deforms, subordinates, ALL nations, as failed, class deformed outcomes meant  that NO COMPARISONS could be made, so long as SOCIAL CLASSES OR ANY CLASS STATE was independent.  In fact, by definition, ANY CLASS STATE is not only a failed state, but cannot claim to be independent having failed to achieve social control over wealth and labor, the means of production.  Once the generic, Patriarchal class mechanism was in place it usurped social power and control, the defintion of class and parasitical control.   All failed class states and their parasitical ruling classes establish the inverted totalitarian, class principle, Orwellian inverted, fantasy, class myth and claim of having established  a paternal, social outcome.   Real social outcomes for civil societies would mean that they would have re established, achieved social independence, social control over wealth and labor, the means of production. It would mean that social comparisons have as their historical mandate to establish independent, indivisible middle layers, around the world, free from class corruption and its totalitarian class cycle.

Like the social Matriarchy whose social historical mechanism was usurped, co opted, corrupted, inverted, the Social Enlightenment, too, was co opted, corrupted, inverted by its failure to achieve their social agenda for global independent middle classes.  Once the existing class hierarchies, and its generic class mechanism was allowed to exist, to continue, going into the industrial revolution, a new class system called Capitalism deformed, made dependent, ALL social classes, all nations producing colonialism, apartheid, and the first axis of Fascism under Hitler, Franco and Mussolini.   Nothing changed with the Western allied military defeat of Fascism, since all the same elements were in place after World War II, when the Amerikan Empire re established a deforming class system, Capitalism, thereby re establishing Western Fascism, with its   fascist clients through the fascist  CIA and Fascist U.S. Empire.  This also explains why no post colonial state, no Stalinist bureaucracies ever achieved social independence, subjected instead, to the dominant class powers and their degenerating, deforming class cycles and totalitarianism, reproducing the ground for a second round, a SECOND AXIS  of  Western Fascism under Israel, NATO and U.S. Empire.

  It reproduced the same, PARALLEL TOTALITARIANISM, Fascism and Stalinism (mislabled Communism), HENCE THE FALSE COMPARISON, FALSE EQUIVALENCE, FALSE ASSUMPTION that any class deformed state was independent from Western Capitalism and Western totalitarianism, Fascism. THEY WERE ALL FAILED CLASS STATES LINKED TO FAILED CLASS SYSTEMS that over time degenerated into multiple forms of deformed class tyrannies and parallel totalitarianism.   Asking one to compare Late, monopolistic, fascist Capitalism, dominant around the world to supposed independent states, even through false socialist comparisons, is to fail to understand that ALL DEFORMED OUTCOMES ARE BUT THE SHADOWS OF ALL FAILED CLASS SYSTEMS.    LATE CAPITALISM PRODUCED THE SHADOW OF ITS DEGENERATING,  SECOND ROUND,  AND AXIS OF WESTERN FASCISM.

Amerika, after world War II SUPPORTED ALL MANNERS AND FORMS OF FASCIST, TOTALITARIAN DICTATORS TO SERVE FASCIST CAPITALISM AND EMPIRE.  A Free world with its totalitarian clients, fascist military juntas represents the classic inverted, upside down class myth, up side down reality, of deformed, class outcomes, that uses class deformed language and deformed terminologies to hide the UN FREE WORLD.  These deformed realities, shadows, self created parallel totalitarian outcomes are much like Plato's cave and shadow analogy,  theoretically constructed to point out that reality was hidden, co opted, corrupted, and invered falsely, and that there was a universal underlying reality, that existed outside the cave, an independent reality.  When writers discuss dark outcomes, it is the degenerating totalitarian class cycle, which today is the global  FASCISM, that was reconstructed through the failed class system of Capitalism.   In turn it produced all failed class states, completely dependent on a global class hierarchy, global Matrix, all of whom embrace the fascist austerity, Fascist Capitalism of dominant Western, parasiticial ruling classes. 

Nowhere else does one see this enslaved, fascist, class hierarchy of nations, than in the U.S. EMBRACE OF COLONIALISM, APARTHEID, FASCIST CLIENTS ITSELF, especially the failed class state of Israel, in 1948.    ISRAEL ON DAY ONE OF ITS CLASS EXISTENCE, CLASS STATE, EMBRACED THE VERY NAZI,  FASCIST ETHNIC CLEANSING, which produced the Jewish Holocaust, but was used to drive the Arabs, Palestinians "into the sea", which  they falsely claimed, inverted the reality, victimization of  Arabs and  their fascistic propaganda.   BOTH AMERIKA AND ISRAEL DEGENERATED INTO THE SECOND ROUND, SECOND AXIS OF FASCISM, linke to all failed class states, which have been reproduced since the generic class mechanism, Patriarchy, up ended the social historical mechanism of the social Matriarchy. Humanity has been  enslaved by class systems, failed class, rogue states since Patriarchy and class hierarchies reproduced degenrating , totalitarian class cycles  including  the FASCIST FOREIGN POLICIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF EMPIRE, which resulted in retaliation, blowback of 9/11,  AND IS USED, CO OPTED,  TO CONTINUE MORE FASCIST FOREIGN POLICIES, WHICH IN TURN WILL PRODUCE MORE RETALIATIONS, AND TODAY'S GLOBAL FASCISM:

 Capitalism and the Mad Uncle in the Attic


"....Ah, but we – plutocrats and people alike -- all beg, can’t we keep this damned Uncle locked up for just a little more time.  Maybe until this election is over.  Or until we’ve extracted a little more money from a fossil-fueled economy based on greed and exploitation. Or until … oh, I don’t know … until we’ve bled the last iota of money from the 99%?  Or at least until … I get mine?

Can’t we pretend for just one more generation that capitalism – pure, unconstrained capitalism, the kind Reagan promised us would bring morning to America – isn’t instead bringing mourning to America, and to the world?

Can’t we just pretend, for one more generation, that the whole infinite growth on a finite world thing isn’t just a giant, tragic Ponzi Scheme designed to sell out the future?

Can’t we pass this problem onto them?

Can’t we use buzz words and sound bites to drown out the lunatic?  Words like socialist or redistribution or – most dreaded of all – communism.  Can’t we keep pretending that capitalism is the necessary handmaiden of Democracy, the only path to prosperity, our only source of happiness?

No. We can’t.  Because deep down inside, in places we don’t like to visit, we know the Mad Uncle is right. 

What we’re doing now isn’t making us all rich.  It’s impoverishing us...."


Rahm Emanuel Still Hates Democracy



"This past April I published a piece here I wanted to call "Rahm Emanuel Hates Democracy." Cooler heads in the front office prevailed, and the piece ended up being called "Rahm Emanuel Has a Problem with Democracy." Here's the sequel: Every time I gave a radio interview in Chicago and mentioned my original title for the piece, some newsroom guy just about kissed me.

There have been innumerable articles about Mayor Rahm Emanuel in national publications. Mine, I learned, was the only one anyone could think of that had been critical. Fawning, should-know-better journalistic big shots praised Rahm, at Rahm's word, as a model of democratic openness. Which made the guys I was talking to - guys used to having mayoral flacks feed them questions for the mayor while they were live on the radio interviewing him - just about ready to spit.

Sequels: For today's installment, a few more. I've been writing a column in this space for over five months now. My subjects - Romney, Rick Santorum, Rahm Emanuel, the NATO 3 and Cleveland 5 and Florida white supremecist Marcus Faella - where are they now?...."



The alliance with Saudi Arabia makes the Muslim world, but not Americans, skeptical of U.S. rhetoric on freedom


“I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family” – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, March 2, 2009.

* * * * *

For all the righteous talk about human rights oppression and violent assaults on democratic protesters in the Muslim world, any honest ranking would place Saudi Arabia near or at the top of that list. This week, the long-time head of the deeply repressive Saudi Interior Ministry, Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, died. Prince Nayef — in addition to having been one of the hardest-line religious conservatives opposed to internal reforms, having been accused by Sen. Chuck Schumer in 2003 of having a “well-documented history of suborning terrorist financing,” and having blamed “Zionists” for plotting the 9/11 attack — was one of America’s closest and most loyal allies in the region.

Befitting the importance of the Crown Prince to the U.S., the Obama administration sent a high-level delegation to Saudi Arabia yesterday that included Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Obama counter-terrorism chief adviser John Brennan, former CIA Director George Tenet, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and former Bush Homeland Security Adviser (and current CNN contributor) Fran Townsend (who, like the Crown Prince, is also known for supporting Terrorists):

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offered his condolences and “best wishes” to the newly selected Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on the death of the Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, while leading a delegation to Saudi Arabia this week.

“The president wanted me to express his personal regrets at not being able to be here, but wanted all of us in this delegation to convey to you not only our sorrow for your loss, but also our best wishes to you in your new position and to reaffirm the great relationship and partnership that the United States has with the great nation of Saudi Arabia,” Panetta said Wednesday. . . .

“I was deeply saddened to learn of the crown prince’s passing over the weekend. During his nearly four decades as Minister of Interior, Crown Prince Nayif worked tirelessly for the protection of the Kingdom and the Saudi people. His visionary leadership and courage were instrumental to the gains we have made together against terrorism and extremism, and helped save Saudi and American lives,” said Panetta in a statement released Tuesday.

The Defense secretary also praised Nayef for his role in strengthening the relationship between the United States and Saudia Arabia.

Panetta there is lavishly praising one of the region’s hardest-line autocrats in its most oppressive tyranny. President Obama spoke yesterday with Saudi King Abdullah and similarly “expressed his appreciation for Crown Prince Nayif’s many contributions over decades of service” and hailed “the enduring partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia.” It is often the case that “the President and the King reaffirm[] the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia.” This close partnership is consistent with the ongoing U.S. arms shipments to the regime in Bahrain even as they continue to repress their nation’s democratic movement with all sorts of shockingly abusive measures (and even as Hillary Clinton angrily denounces Russia, inaccurately as it turns out, for shipping arms to Syria).

Of all the self-flattering delusions permeating American political discourse, I think the most obviously false one is that the U.S. is sternly opposed to repressive regimes and seeks to defend the human rights and democratic freedoms of citizens of that region and the world. If one wants to defend the close U.S.-Saudi alliance on grounds of material self-interest — they have lots of oil and the alternative to the current heinous regime would be sympathetic to Al Qaeda (even more so than the current one) — one can rationally do so.

But it never ceases to amaze that every time there is some new American Enemy to rail against or attack — in Iraq, in Iran, in Syria, in Libya — and defenders of American militarism claim to be motivated by opposition to human rights abuses and repression of freedom, there are hordes of people willing to believe that these noble, magnanimous considerations actually drive U.S. policy. What else would the U.S. have to do to prove this is false? The people in the region — whom the American media loves to patronizingly scorn as propagandized — have no trouble watching the close U.S-Saudi alliance or Hillary Clinton’s close family friendship with the Mubaraks and seeing the emptiness of American rhetoric about freedom and democracy. Perhaps it isn’t they who are the ones drowning in propaganda...."








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