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Audio: Phonecall With Protester in Egypt Just Recorded

By davidswanson - Posted on 28 January 2011

I just phoned Tighe Barry, a great US activist with Code Pink, who has been in Cairo, Egypt, all week. Here is the audio. Tighe describes a different situation from what we get through the US media.

Very different picture after listening to the interview. Not at all what the main stream media is reporting. I believe if the Americans will stay out of this the Egyptian people, both Muslim & Christian will be able to work this out on their own.

However, I differ a little with something David says and it's that I would not make anything of some Egyptian protesters throwing mere rocks, esp. when Tighe Barry says there's no serious violence from or by protesters. I also don't blame Palestinian youth for throwing rocks at their oppressors, rapists, murderers, et cetera. Rocks are nothing compared to the heavily armed police and military. When I was young, maybe 6th grade or so, some "wild" kid took a sizable rock, maybe 1.5" or more in diameter and threw it at me as I was walking up a small hill and didn't see him. He struck me center-forehead and sure it stunned me, as well as got me a little angry, but it didn't knock me out at all and caused no real injury. Rocks aren't deadly weapons, unless struck in the temple, I guess.

It's great that by far most Egyptian protesters aren't using any serious form of violence, but a few rocks aren't going to hurt heavily armed police. Those throwing rocks in such protests usually are much further away from police persons than the kid who knocked me in the head with a rock. We were maybe 10ft, max. 12ft, from each other and the kid didn't just lightly toss the rock. It was a real throw.

Hard head, I guess. There was no need for stitches or to see a doctor at all; not really a scratch. So I guess hard head and unsoft skin, both.

I think the police and military can take some hits from rocks. If they can't, then they're awful babies.

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