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Asia-Pacific Working Group - Weekly Asia-Pacific Articles

By Joseph Gerson


                The combination of the Moana Nui Teach-In in Berkeley – 45 amazing speakers from across Asia, the Pacific and the U.S. – and an AFSC Asia-Pacific planning committee have delayed our sending out our weekly articles. So, quite a few follow.

                Here you’ll find articles about the Obama-Xi summit, which apparently focused more on managing rather than resolving a number of tensions: cyber intrusions, territorial disputes in the South China Seas and over the Senkaku/Dioayu Islands and the competition for influence in Myanmar, but diplomacy between the world’s dominant and rising power is fundamentally important.

                We’ve included a number of articles about China’s rising military, economic and diplomatic initiatives including its military exercises in the South China Seas, plans to build a new canal across Central America in Nicaragua, and Chinese plans to purchase the largest U.S. pork producer, with touches food security nerves.

                Articles about Japan focus on A-Bomb survivors opposition to revision of the Japanese constitution and Prime Minister Abe’s campaign for the Japanese military to adopt a preemptive strike doctrine, which is not only dangerous on its own terms, but if adopted with drive new interpretations of Japan’s war renouncing constitution, or the revision of the constitution itself.

                Three articles about Korea describe how generational changes are impacting South Korean thinking on reunification, the tragic collapse of revived North-South negotiations in the wake of this spring’s crisis, and a call initiated by an ad hoc coalition for more than 40 organizations - Peoples Action Against the War - urging negotiations to end the 63 year-old Korean War by replacing the Armistice Agreement with a Peace Treaty and for an end to provocative military exercises.

                As tensions simmer over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands and in the South China Seas, we have provided articles describing recent developments, including proposals to resolve these crises. And, finally, the U.S. is planning to transform yet another beautiful Pacific Island, Pagan in the Northern Marianas into a bombing range to maintain the murderous capabilities of U.S. and allied bombers. As we receive information about how we can support the indigenous opponents of this latest outrage, we will share that information with you.

                Work for peace,

                Joseph Gerson



China and US Vow to Build a New Model for Ties at Summit in California

Chinese Perspective #1 - A Good Start: Positive Notes from the First Obama-Xi Summit

Chinese Perspective #2 - Commentary: Xi-Obama Summit Opens New Chapter in China-U.S. Relations

US, Chinese Presidents Agree to Step up Dialogue between Their Militaries



PLA Navy’s Three Fleets Meet in South China Sea for Rare Show of Force

PLA Labels Asia-Pacific Global Center of Competition

China Army to Conduct First 'Digital' Technology Military Exercise

China's Economic Empire

China Exerts Its Surplus: The Case of Smithfield Pork

Nicaragua Fast-Tracks China Canal Plans



A-Bomb Survivors Protest Abe’s Plan to Revise Pacifist Constitution

Japan's Military Moves Toward Pre-Emptive Strike Capability

Abe, Singh Ink Statement on Nuclear Deal

Japan Pledges US$14b in Aid to Africa over 5 Years



Dreams of Korean Unity Fade

North Korea Calls Off High-Level Talks with South after Row over Delegates

TAKE ACTION for Peace in Korea - Request for Endorsement!




Global Times Game Lets Players Re-take Diaoyus, Kill Japanese Online

Japan and US to Conduct Major Military Exercise Despite Beijing's Objection

Taiwan Leader Urges Three-Way Dialogue on Senkaku Resources



Malaysian PM Echoes Beijing's Call for Joint Development in South China Sea



Northern Marianas Indigenous Oppose Military Activities on Pagan Island



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