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Arrested for Protesting Nukes

ARRESTED FOR OPPOSITION!!!!…as , and join HarveyW at the Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show to tell us about their sit-in at ’s New Orleans Headquarters…why they did it, how they were treated and what they are planning next as part of the on-going campaign to shut and all other atomic reactors.  Kendra, Nelia and Rennie are part of a long tradition of non-violent protest and their words on our show speak as loud as their actions.  Rennie and Nelia helped found the legendary anti-nuclear , and Rennie also works against the death penalty as explains the mission of Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights, of which he is executive director.  Listen to the whole show anytime at

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There are no parameters regarding totalitarian, ideological distortions, deformations of class deformed civil societies, since class power,

Empire thuggery, ignore Climactic tipping Warnings, ignore Fascist degeneration and Warnings, even within the Congress, where a

NARROW, EXCLUSIVE, TOTALITARIAN , PRIVILEGED, PARASITIC ELITES, threaten the very survival of humanity for their CORPORATE



Who is helping them, ENABLING THEM????,   all class ideologies, all class parties, all corporate newsmakers, including the so called

PHONY PUBLIC MEDIA OUTLETS, like NPR, a pro Fascist, pro Zionis, pro corporate propaganda NAZI machine.  I was listening today, to

Rachel Maddow being interviewed on NPR, and it became clear just how corrupt NPR and Liberals have become, ENABLING FASCIST

EMPIRE.    Rachel Maddow wrote a book on the Amerikan Empire and NEVER ONCE accused it of ILLEGAL WARS, IMMORAL, WAR

CRIMES, and only focused on CLASS DEFORMED LANGUAGE, to explain Fascist Executive power to "pedestrian" , concerns.   One of the

noticeable corruptions within Liberalism, is their refusal to take on the criminality, and Fascist outlook of Empire.   I suspect, that many

Liberal Jews, like Rachel Maddow, WHO NEVER TAKES A POSITION ON ISRAEL OR FASCIST ZIONISM, has bought into the corruption

of the democratic party which has itself degenerated into a Fascist partnership with Republicans.


Ironically, Rachel being gay, found her social voice ONLY ON THIS ISSUE, and had she not been a single dogmatic ideologist, and

extended her anger against U.S. EMPIRE, fascist foreign policies, she would have been credible, BUT SHE DID NOT.   NPR is

notorious for its CORPORATE, EMPIRE, PRO ZIONIST CHEERLEADING, which is why Rachel Maddow fit the bill in the interview today.

It was a DUPLICTIOUS, CORRUPT LIBERAL ANALYSIS, devoid of critical thinking except on the gay issue for OPPORTUNISTIC EMPIRE

LIBERALS, ZIONIST CHEERLEADERS, who are either silent on the injustice of Palestinians, but pretentious on social issues.  NPR and

Rachel Maddow do not reflect a coherent, social outlook, only corrupt class/empire opportunists, defending Fascist Zionism, Fascist

Empire and Western Fascism.   For that reason alone, it is wonderful to see Jews, Christians, Muslims who see the corruption of NPR

and Liberalism into Totalitarianism, Fascism.......THANK JUSTICE FOR GLENN GREENWALD:


Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012 11:36 AM 22:36:33 EDT

What NPR means by “reporting”



"It is well worth listening to this 4-minute NPR story from this morning (embedded below) on the grave and growing menace of “state-sponsored Terrorism” from Iran. NPR national security reporter Dina Temple-Raston does what she (and NPR reporters generally) typically do: gathers a couple of current and former government officials (with an agreeable establishment think-tank expert thrown in the mix), uncritically airs what they say, and then repeats it herself. This is what establishment-serving journalists in Washington mean when they boast that they, but not their critics, engage in so-called “real reporting”; it means: calling up Serious People in Washington and uncritically repeating what they say (see here and here for the episode when Temple-Raston voiced that basic claim to me, as she boasted of special knowledge she possessed about Anwar Awlaki’s guilt obtained when unnamed government officials whispered assertions to her in private which she then uncritically repeated: that’s real reporting).







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