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Are War Criminals Coming to Your Neighborhood?

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 06 February 2011

By Jim Cook
From Irregular Times

World Can’t Wait has created a clever database called War Criminals Watch that discloses the times and places where the war criminals of the previous Bush administration will be appearing in public events. It is only just that these Bush administration officials, who ripped away Americans’ privacy and presumption of innocence while demanding secrecy and unaccountability for themselves, be geolocated so that protesters may assemble nearby to remind Americans what the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Jay Bybee, Karl Rove, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton and Michael Mukasey did to undermine democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law.

When you click through to the War Criminals Watch website, however, a video will automatically begin to play that exposes a blind spot in the project. You’ll hear the testimony of a signatory to the Crimes are Crimes No Matter Who Does Them statement, someone like Joyce Kozloff:

My name is Joyce Kozloff. I’m an artist. When I received the statement and read it, I completely agreed with it. I just reread it this morning and I still agree with it. I don’t know why there’s been so little criticism of Obama from the left. I think that so many people had such high hopes for him and so many people worked so hard to get him elected, and it’s been very disappointing. These wars continue and there’s very little activity in the peace movement since Obama was elected. Partly people are burned out and depressed and disappointed, and partly I think a lot of people feel that we can’t get any better than Obama and if there is a great deal of opposition we might get someone even worse. So he’s kind of had a free ride.

I’m particularly upset about the drone attacks, the ongoing drone attacks, and about aerial war in general, and the massive loss of civilian life. It doesn’t seem to be ending; quite the contrary, it seems to be escalating. I wish there were more opposition.

I wish there were more opposition, too. As of today, nearly a year after the Crimes are Crimes campaign began, only 2,770 people across the country have signed the statement along with Kozloff. Kozloff is right: something is wrong on the left.

I laud the creation of the War Criminals Watch database. I urge World Can’t Wait to include the appearances of relevant Obama administration officials on this list as well, because World Can’t Wait is right: crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them.


It's about the Pentagon's DARPA. These people are war criminals and they're extremely insane. Bush et al types of war criminals are very criminal and insane, as well, but they're temporary, they come and go. Pentagon and DARPA remain, continue, never stop, and they employ universities, which are supposed to be "schools of higher education", but forgot that education doesn't mean creating criminals and being complicit with other criminals.

Future Weapons, Future Wars, and the New Arms Race

by Nick Turse, Jan. 31, 2011

I laud the creation of the War Criminals Watch database. I urge World Can’t Wait to include the appearances of relevant Obama administration officials on this list as well, because World Can’t Wait is right: crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them.

Maybe some people would sign but don't out of fear of possibly losing jobs due to adding their names to such campaigns or petitions. I don't know if that outcome can really happen or how often this could be the reason for not signing petitions, but many people work for large corporations, many others have government jobs, and maybe their jobs could be at risk if they signed on to endorse petitions that anyone can read the list of signers' names from.

As for the "left" being silent since Obama became President, maybe disillusionment is part of the reason, but I think the more evident reason is that these citizens aren't true or serious activists for human rights, et cetera. Serious activists are mature and, therefore, can admit when they've been wrong and act to try to correct the wrong. They will be disappointed when they've been wrong about important issues, but they won't let disillusionment prevent their thought processes. They will continue as activists for needed change(s). Serious activists have to be realists, they have to see reality for what it is, but many of Obama's supporters weren't realist; many were liars and relished flaming Ralph Nader and his supporters. NO true activist would ever do that, but many Obama supporters did. There were people who supported him while having doubts about him. They doubted, but also hoped Obama would live up to his campaign words. But Obama's cheerleading supporters were/are infantile and infants don't make serious activists or citizens. They're infantile adults who spend much time living in wilful denial.

Bad results don't stop serious activists. However, if the job fear factor is real and serious, then maybe it's the case for many people who'd like to sign but fear that doing so could put their jobs at risk; perhaps especially in the police, surveillance state that the USA is today. People who don't have employment/income concerns of this sort can readily sign activist petitions, but there are surely employers who could make employees' work lives difficult when workers use their real names for signing activist petitions.

And maybe some citizens fear the "security" state forces visiting homes of activists.

I don't know if any of this fear stuff is real when it comes to people not signing activist petitions or campaigns, but Obama's [cheerleading] supporters certainly weren't honest and critically objective enough to even doubt him. They blindly treated him like a messiah; lacking the ability for critically objective thinking, learning and discussion, qualities that are necessary for being a serious or real activist.

Hey kidz!!! War Crimes . . . No matter WHO does them??? . . .

. . . even our "Special Friends"??? . .. ;-)

Jim Cook from Irregular Times writes:
"When you click through to the War Criminals Watch website, however, a video will automatically begin to play that exposes a blind spot in the project."

Oh, I definitely see a big ol' blind spot in this action, kidz.

While Mr. Jim Cook does list Michael Mukasey in his list . . .

. . . and "The World Can't Wait" does have an unlabeled picture of Paul Wolfowitz on their "War Criminals Watch" action page, . . .

. . . this ol' fool from North Cackilacki still says The Anti-War and Peace Movements have a MAJOR "blind spot" when it comes to "connecting the dotz" and "naming names".

My question after reviewing this "War Criminals Watch" action is pretty much the same as the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate Group" watch actions . . .

. . . why are certain people and groups listed while others are conspicuous by their absence? . . . ;-)

Where are all the folks from "The Office of Special Plans" that planned these illegal Wars based on cooked intelligence? I don't see Richard Pearl, Douglas Feith, or Paul Wolfowitz's names mentioned anywhere.

Where are all the folks from "Project for a New American Century" like Daniel Pipes, Scooter Libby, etc.

Where are all the "experts" from our Academia that made the cases like David Horowitz and Alan Dershowitz?

What about all those trusted sources that kept feeding the media cooked intelligence like Michael Ledeen and Rita Katz from SITE?

Where are all the folks from the Zionist controlled media that fed us all these "expert" lies and propaganda to goad us into supporting these illegal wars like Bill Kristol, and the seven Zionists that had death grip control of the American Media at the time: Gerald Levin,Michael Eisner, Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Edgar Bronfman, Jr.,Sumner Redstone, Dennis Dammerman,Peter Chernin . . . well, eight if you count Rupert Murdoch?

Where are the operatives that carried the "False Flag" Terror operation that started these illegal wars and those that covered it up like Michael Chertoff, Lucky Larry Silverstein, Ehud Barak, those "Dancing Israelis", and everyone that was aboard that FULL Israel bound El Al jetliner that left JFK airport at 4:11 pm on 9-11 when supposedly all air traffic was grounded in this country?

Yes, I agree with Jim Cook, the PEACE MOVEMENT definitely has a big ol' blind spot . . .

I cannot believe how few people have put the EFFORT into getting past this blind spot as evidence by the low numbers of WE THE PEOPLE that have actually watched what those of us who were backstage at the time consider to be THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK of the 9-11 TRUTH and PEACE MOVEMENT to date:

(link to documentary - approx. 2.5 hours)
"War By Deception - 2011"

Yeah, it's rough, fast, choppy, and low budget, but so was "Louie Louie" . . . ;-)

. . . but there is a A LOT more TRUTH in this Ryan Dawson project than that slick 2004 "Fahrenheit 9/11" piece of misdirection and lies by omission from Michael "Rahm Emanuel's Brother Is My Agent" Moore that made over $220 million worldwide, not to count the DVD sales.

North Carolina patriot Ryan Dawson decided to release his film for free viewing and has received only ad homenim attacks, sophomoric production quality jabs, and death threats for his efforts . . . oh, and total lack of interest from the Anti-War and Peace Movements . . .

All because of this conditioned fear of being "Politically Incorrect" . . . our conditioned "blind spot".

(link to RT video - approx. 4 minutes)
"Let It Bleep: America overdosed on PC?"

What are WE THE PEOPLE so afraid of? Being judged as "bad" by these folks and their 5th Column? . . . ;-)

(link to BCC documentary - approx. 1 hour)
"Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists"

No, you won't see a documentary like this in AMERICA because we have a big ol' blind spot . . . by design.

Of course folks like Michael "Rahm Emanuel's Brother Is My Agent" Moore and Steven "Everything In This Film Is True" Spielberg can get awards, your hard earned cash, and our full attention . . . with their BIG LIES . . . ;-)

(link to video - approx. 2 hours)
"The Last Days of the Big Lie"

. . . because their BIG LIES don't conflict with our BLIND SPOTS.

So, we can all be happy and smug that we are "good" people as we go after all these BushCo/ObamaCo "Shabbat Goyim" scape goats that "War Criminal Watch" is pointing us to . . .

. . .while our "Special Friends" just never seem to get on "the list" . . . ;-)

Perhaps Bertrand Russell was right when he said:

"Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so."
-Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society p50, 1953

"I don't think you're happy enough.
That's right.
I'll teach you to be happy.
I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!
Now boys and girls, let's try it again!
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy"
- "Happy Happy Joy Joy" from The Ren and Stimpy Show



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